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Q: What are some theme statements for Chapter 9 of The Chrysalids?
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What are some of the symbols in the Chrysalids What do these symbols mean?

nothing nothing

What are some evil sources in the chrysalids novel?

Inside all of them

What are some motifs in The Chrysalids?

'Actually there are no motifs with in the chrysalids but I will advise you to read the book than to take someone's wrongful judgement.' ..are you kidding? motifs are ideas or themes that are constantly present in a book. EVERY book will have motifs. some of The Chrysalids' motifs include fear, blaspheme, intolerance and telepathy.

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Some good essay topics might be The advantages and disadvantages of diversity Expressions of freedom in a harsh future The value of a life in the Chrysalids Zealanders: Saviors or Mass Murderers? Would telepathy save our society?

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Uh, did you READ THE BOOK? That's a good start on getting quotes and summaries...

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