What are some things seen in a dorm building or dorm room that start with the letter g?

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  • gum,
  • guitar,
  • graduate students,
  • golf clubs,
  • geometry textbooks,
  • girls,
  • glasses,

Can i get a free dorm room on zwinky?

no it does not work i tried im sorry indiana. Yes apparently you can, this is wat a friend told me anyway... all you need to do is go opnto the screen where you purchase room

What is a dorm room?

A room in a dormitory. Generally, one would find a dorm room at a college, where one or two students would sleep and study. It is a place for a student to live away from their

How much is a dorm room at ULL?

It varies based on which year you are on, which building you would like, how many roommates you prefer, and which meal plan you select. The website in the related links below

Does Sullivan University have dorm rooms?

Yes they do. Sullivan bought a Holiday Inn, refurbished it, andadded 200 rooms. Check out the website below in the related linkssection.

What is the largest dorm room?

ang pinakamalaking o largest dorm rooom ay nasa bisig mo lanmg.di mo ba alam na nasa tabi mo lang siya.ito ay napakalaki talaga di mo iisipin na maliit ito dahil malaki ito ka

Do colleges have dorm rooms?

It depends on the college, but yes, many do. You may want to check college websites to see what type of housing options are available on campus.
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Are there dorm rooms at Ouran academy?

Sorry, but no. Ouran Academy is a normal rich persons school, not a rich person's boarding school. The host club resides in an abandoned music room, more specifically, the thi
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What makes your dorm room messy?

Majorly clothes and books make the dorm room messy if left unorganized.
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What are dorms?

Places that college students that left the house live until they can afford a good house.