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What are some tips for Internet auction sellers?



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If you want to sell anything on the Internet it is essential you learn how to advertise yourself and your items.

Begin by starting a blog. Sign up with Google and write your own free blog on Blogger. Place free ads on Oodle and similar sites. Join and participate in forums that help online sellers.

Of course you must learn how to write great titles and descriptions for your items, as well as supplying many excellent and relevant photographs.

Hope these few points get you started on a successful career as an online seller.

When setting the minimum bid for your item, choose the lowest price which is fair and which you are willing to accept. Compare prices other sellers are listing for minimum bids on items similar to yours. You want to be competitive and fair. Also, post the types of payment you accept.

Never ship until you get paid. Never accept a payment marked as a gift and always ship with a tracking number.