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What are some tips on building an Elemental Hero deck that can win a tournament?

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2010-03-22 12:24:08

Try focusing a deck around "Skyscraper 2 - Hero City," Stratos,

Ocean, Wildheart, and cards to use the discard fodder you will be

creating. That is currently considered the strongest elemental hero

deck, and is called "Big City." -Dragonheart91*

There is another E-Hero based deck call "Little City" because it

functions a bit differently than "Big"; it centers on "Skyscraper"

and can vary from there.

here are examples of Big City and Little City decks:

Big City-






- BK90

And also if you have those cards but still under the 60 card

maximum try cards that helps warriors and alsothe spell card

"solidarity" which also helps a WHOLE lot when you only have one

type (in this case warrior) of monsters on the feild

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