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Try focusing a deck around "Skyscraper 2 - Hero City," Stratos, Ocean, Wildheart, and cards to use the discard fodder you will be creating. That is currently considered the strongest elemental hero deck, and is called "Big City." -Dragonheart91*

There is another E-Hero based deck call "Little City" because it functions a bit differently than "Big"; it centers on "Skyscraper" and can vary from there.

here are examples of Big City and Little City decks:

Big City-


- BK90

And also if you have those cards but still under the 60 card maximum try cards that helps warriors and alsothe spell card "solidarity" which also helps a WHOLE lot when you only have one type (in this case warrior) of monsters on the feild

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Any Yugioh fans out there if there are any I need tips to make a tournament worthy Elemental Hero deck can anyone help?

Tournament worthy elemental hero deck. Ha. Ok. Use a destiny monarch deck instead, or a diamond dude turbo, you could find these on tcgplayer

What is the best elemental hero deck?

there is not just one good elemental hero deck it is the way you play it

What deck is better a plant deck or a elemental hero deck?

It depends in what they contain in experience a elemental hero deck is better as long as you can fuse them together.

What cards are in an elemental hero fusion deck?

fusion elemental hero absolute zero elemental hero shining elemental hero flame wingman elemental hero great tornado elemental hero giga elemental hero thunder giant

How do you make a Yu-Gi-Oh elemental hero deck?

Easy Just Find Elemental Hero Cards And Put Them Together And Presto You Have Your Own Elemental Hero Deck.Happy Dueling

How do you get jadens deck?

go to eBay and write elemental hero and buy all the elemental heros u need then write: cocoon neo-spacian elemental hero jaden deck destiny hero than should do it

Is a six samurai deck better then an elemental hero deck?

elemental hero deck it gots stronger people than the six samurai deck and they both look cool actually i cant tell which one is better

Any Yugioh fans out there if there are any I need tips to make a tournament worthy Elemental Hero deck can anyone help me out?

well if i was to make an elemental hero deck i would include many upgradeable magic cards and curse-traps have many monster renewal cards if you lose 1 hero you can lose a large fusion monster. elemental hero thunder giant for his effect to wipe out any monsters with weaker ATK points. elemental heros also have many evasive effects like wild heartelemento hero decks are usually not so good for tournaments so i would suggest 2 things. thing number 1 . add neo spacians , evil heroes and counter traps.However, if you want just E-Heroes, here's a good deck recipe.Hero CallMonsters:(23)Elemental Hero Avian x3Elemental Hero Burstinatrix x3Elemental Hero Sparkman x3Elemental Hero Clayman x3Elemental Hero Bubbleman x3Elemental Hero Wildheart x3Elemental Hero Ocean x2Elemental Hero Stratos x1Elemental Hero Bladedge x1Elemental Hero Necroshade x1Spells:(21)Polymerization x3Miracle Fusion x3Fusion Gate x1Skyscraper x1Bubble Blaster x1Bubble Illusion x1Spark Blaster x1Burst Return x1Feather Shot x1H-Heated Heart x1E-Emergency Call x1R-Righteous Justice x1O-Oversoul x1HERO Flash!! x1Hero's Bond x1Fifth Hope x1Fake Hero x1Traps:(6)Hero Signal x2Hero Barrier x2Clay Charge x1Mirror Force x1Fusions:(12)Elemental Hero Flame Wingman x1ORElemental Hero Phoenix Enforcer x1Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman x1(if your deck contains flame wingman)ORElemental Hero Shining Phoenix Enforcer x1(if your deck contains phoenix enforcer)Elemental Hero Thunder Giant x1Elemental Hero Rampart Blaster x1Elemental Hero Tempest x1Elemental Hero Electrum x1Elemental Hero Wildedge x1Elemental Hero Mudballman x1Elemental Hero Steam Healer x1Elemental Hero Mariner x1Elemental Hero Darkbright x1(very rare)Elemental Hero Necroid Shaman x1The object of the deck is to bring out your fusions with polymerization, miracle fusion, fusion gate, etc.

What was the deck of Jaden in Yu-Gi-Oh GX?

He had an Elemental hero deck.

What are all the cards in jaden yukis deck including all elemental heros and neo spaciance and all the spells traps and effect cards?

ELEMENTAL HEROS I NEED: Elemental Hero Poison Rose Elemental Hero Heat Elemental Hero Lady Heat Elemental Hero Voltic Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman Elemental Hero Stratos Elemental Hero Darkbright Elemental Hero Divine Neos Elemental Hero Mariner Elemental Hero Prisma Elemental Hero Rampart Blaster Elemental Hero Phoenix Enforcer Elemental Hero Wildedge Rare Elemental Hero Wild Wingman Elemental Hero Dark Neos Elemental Hero Necroid Shaman Elemental Hero Grand Neos Elemental Hero Plasma Vice Elemental Hero Storm Neos Elemental Hero Steam Healer Elemental Hero Ocean Elemental Hero Magma Neos Elemental Hero Gaia Elemental Hero Shining Phoenix Enforcer ElEmental HERO GLOW NEOS ELEMENTAL HERO GRAND NEOS ELEMENTAL HERO AIR NEOS ELEMENTAL HERO MARINE NEOS ELEMENTAL HERO MUDBALLMAN Elemental Hero Electrum Elemental Hero Chaos Neos ElEmental HeRO absolute zero ELEMENTAL HERO TERRA FIRMA ElEmental HeRO TEMPEST elemental hero great tornado Elemental Hero Ice Edge Elemental Hero Flash Elemental Hero The Shining ElEmental HERO NOVA MASTER ======================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================== DONT KNOW IF THESE ELEMENTAL HEROS EXIST : Elemental Hero Edge wingman Elemental hero Flamedge Wingman Elemental Hero Silver Grandedge Elemental Hero Tempestade Elemental hero Coração Selvagem. Elemental hero Stardust Neos Space Elemental Hero Neos Knight elemental hero black shadow dragon Elemental Hero Ikaris Elemental Hero Crusader ElEmental hero shado nija Elemental Hero Captain Airman ========================================================================================================================================================================================================================== NEO SPICANS ANDS OF OF THE NEO SPACIAN TRAPS AND SPELLS: Space Gift Reverse Contact Polymerization H Heated Heart E Emergency Call R Rightous Justice O Oversoul Hero Flash Pot of Greed Spark Blaster Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab Neo-Spacian Grand Mole Neo-Spacian Glow Moss Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin Neo-Spacian Dark Panther Neo-Spacian Air Humming bird

What cards are in jaden yuki s old deck his old elimental hero deck?

Jaden's cards from duelist pack1:Elemental Hero AvianElemental Hero BurstinatrixElemental Hero ClaymanElemental Hero SparkmanWinged KuribohWinged Kuriboh LV10WroughtweilerDark CatapulterElemental Hero BubblemanElemental Hero Flame WingmanElemental Hero Thunder GiantElemental Hero Rampart BlasterElemental Hero Steam HealerPolymerizationFusion SageThe Warrior Returning AliveFeather ShotTranscendent WingsBubble ShuffleSpark BlasterSkyscraperBurst ReturnBubble Shot BlasterBubble IllusionA Hero EmergesDraining ShieldNegate AttackHero SignalFeather WindClay Charge

Cards in Jaden Yuki deck?

I don't know many cards in his deck but I know that he has an "Elemental Hero" deck. Eg. Elemental Heroes: Clayman, Sparkman, Burstinatrix, Bubbleman, Avian, Wildheart, Necroshade.

Need help make a Elemental Hero synchro deck?

i really do not think that elemental heros go well with synchros, unless it is an absolute zero deck. he is coming out in January.

Were do you get polymerization in yu gi oh gx spirit caller?

you have to get the elemental hero deck

In which booster pack can you get elemental hero avian?

Dark Revelation Volume 3Duelist Pack 1: Jaden YukiElemental Hero Collection 1Starter Deck 2006Starter Deck: Jaden YukiThe Lost Millenium

Should i make an e hero deck?

It depends on what you like, and what you are going to use it for. I have not been to a tournament in a while, but I am pretty sure that Absolute Zero decks are dominating at tournaments. But, if you are going to run an elemental hero fusion deck, it might not be a very good choice for a tournament, since they can a bit slow (I have one myself). But, they are cheaper to build and are pretty fun to use, so in the end, it depends on what you like.

How do you build a yu-gi-oh deck?

this is my deck it doesn't cost too much and you can get the cards very easyyou will need to buyjaidens starter deckyugioh 5ds starter deck 1yugioh 5ds starter deck 25ds booster pactsinvicible fortress ( you can by this sturcter deck and dinosaurs rage really cheap on amazon)Extra deck cards from eBay ( most of them )NormalElemental hero bustinatrixElementel hero avianElementel hero caymanElemental hero sparkmanEffectNitro synchronTurbo SynchronElemental hero wild heartElemental hero necroshadedark tinkerjunk Synchron x2Elemental hero bubblemanX-saber airbellumspeed warriorx2road synchronelemental hero bladedgestardust dragon/Assault modearcane apprenticeQuillbolt hedgehogspelljunk barrageE-emergancy calla feather of the phoenixmonster rebornswords of revealing lightsynchro changeassault teleportdouble summonde-Synchrofusion gateTrapsassault mode activatedust tornadotrap holemagic cylinderordeal of a travaler x2synchro strikeurgent tuningrobbin goblinultimate offeringsrap-ion scarecrow x2give and takeFusionElemental hero marinerElemental hero necroid shamanelemental hero thundergiantelemental hero wild wingmanelemental hero flame wingmanelemental hero plasma viceSynchrogia knight the force of earthX-saber Urbellumcolassal fighterstardust dragonroadwarriornitro warriorjunk warriorarmory armturbo warriorthis deck has some forbiden cards in and should not be used in official tornamentsjust for completely destroying your friends

What deck comes with elemental hero flame wing man?

none, but you can get one in the jaden 1 pack

Where to buy elemental hero deck?

You can buy it at any of your local yu-gi-yo selling stores.

Is your elemental hero deck good?

i don't have one, but some of my friends say it sucks, but only the fusions

Can you have three elemental hero alius while having three elemental hero neos?

Yes. Alius only changes his name to Elemental Hero Neos when his gemini effect is activated. This in no way changes deck construction, which is the only time ever when the 'three cards of one name' rule applies.

How do you make a destiny hero deck?

Yes you can as well as many other type of decks such as crystal beast, elemental hero, lightsworm and so on. Fun

What cards come in the Jaden Yuki Starter Deck?

The cards in "Starter Deck: Jaden Yuki" are:Monsters (21):Elemental Hero NecroshadeCyber-Tech AlligatorGemini ElfDark BladeSonic DuckElemental Hero AvianElemental Hero BurstinatrixElemental Hero ClaymanElemental Hero SparkmanPoison MummyMask of DarknessExiled ForceLittle-WinguardMataza the ZapperNinja Grandmaster SasukeChiron the MageShadowslayerElemental Hero BubblemanElemental Hero BladedgeElemental Hero WildheartCybernetic CyclopeanSpells (11):Rush RecklesslyGiant TrunadeLightning BladeHeavy StormBanner of CourageSmashing GroundNecklace of CommandMonster ReincarnationLightning VortexR - Righteous JusticeLucky Iron AxeTraps (8):Dust TornadoTrap HoleMagic JammerSakuretsu ArmorCompulsory Evacuation DeviceDraining ShieldNegate AttackMagic Cylinder

Can you help me make an evil hero deck that focuses on using elemental and evil heroes?

Well I would say that you need to look up the evil heroes and see which ones you'd want. I would recommend all of them except Dark Gaia, because it needs a rock and a fiend. A good Evil Hero deck would have plenty of fiends but no rocks. The 2 main cards for this deck is Dark Fusion and Dark Calling. Next, all of the Evil Hero fusion monsters require Elemental Heroes as fusion material monsters. These are the Elemental Heroes that you should use. You should use the non-fusion evil heroes just in case of cards like non-fusion area. No Evil Hero deck is complete without 3 of Evil Hero Malicious Edge and Elemental Hero Stratos.

When you fusion summon Elemental Hero Dark Neos. Do you return the Fusion Material Monsters back onto your field when Elemental Hero Dark Neos returns back to your Fusion Deck?

No, nowhere on the card does it even imply that happens.