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It depends on what class the projects are in. Here are some suggestions: History- 1. Do an in-depth study of someone you're studying. Make some posters about them or dress up like them and give an oral report. 2. Make a timeline. 3. If you're studying a certain civilization, you can do a variety of things. Hold a fashion show with how they dress, cook some foods that they eat and bring some in, or research some general information about it and make posters for each mini-topic (such as food, home, family life, etc). There's really a lot of things that you could do. Science- 1. Make a dirama of the solar system and include lots of facts about each of the planets. 2. Do a report on an animal. Find out its habitat, what it eats, its predator and prey, life cycle, etc. You could make a poster and have pictures of it. 3. Do research about a speicfic disease and talk about its cure, the bacteria that causes it, symptoms, and things like that. 4. Go with the classic and make a model volcano. 5. Research a certain scientists and have lots of different facts about their life and what things they invented or discovered. 6. Pick an element on the Periodic Table and tell about it. You could include things such as its Atomic Mass and weight, number of protons, electrons, and neutrons, state of matter, uses, and when it was discovered. 7. Interview different people about their feelings on animal testing. 8. Write an essay about whether global warming is happening or not. 9. Research about a certain biome and give the different facts about it. You could include the plants and animals that live there, the weather, location on the globe, and things like that. 10. Make a poster about a colony of ants, beehive, or termite hills. Show all the different jobs that the animals have. 11. Make drawings of different types of telescopes and explain how they work. 12. Draw a picture of the human body and label all the major organs. Write a report telling about each organ's and system's purpose. 13. Design an experiment to see if plants really do grow better when you talk to them. Form a hypothesis before you start. Keep a data table. When you're done, write a short summary of what you did and discuss if your hypothesis is correct. *There's really a lot that you can do for science. Be creative and think of something. Almost anything could be considered science. You could even research the mathmatics and science behind playing a sport. Writing- 1. Write an essay or story about something that interests you. 2. Make a fake newspaper, complete with articles, opinions, and classifieds. 3. As long as it involves writing, you probably could do just about anything. Reading- 1. Do a report about an author. 2. Make up a story or write a poem *A lot of ideas for this and writing are interchangable.

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Q: What are some topics for projects?
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