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What are some traditions for Texans?

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* Tex-Mex Food, Barbecue and a tiny bit of Jalapeno is never enough. * Steak twice a day is never enough. * Two bowls of Chili will do if it is hot enough. * Pretend that Breakfast Burrittos are better then Corn Flakes. * It helps if you go to church every Sunday and own no less then one gun. * Celebrate Cinco de Mayo and the Fourth of July with equal vigor. * It isn't important if you don't own a cow. At least pretend. * Drive your pickup like there is no tomorrow. * If no member of your family died at the Alamo at least pretend. * Go to Fredericksburg for Octoberfest. * If no member of your family was in the First 300 at least pretend. * You must own at least two pair of boots even if you never wear them. * If you don't Christmas shop at Nieman-Marcus at least pretend. * Talk like Molly Ivens and Ann Richards even if you are a Republican * Love the Dallas Cowboys Texas A and M and the Texas Longhorns.

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