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There were many triumphs that occurred in the life of Jane Addams. She created Hull House, a place where poor women could get away from abusive spouses and receive help with childcare. Furthermore, she worked for women's suffrage and was one of the most progressive reformers during the Progressive Era.

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She had some form of cancer.

she was a women. and the war was going on...

Jane Addams was not overtly religious. She held membership at a Presbyterian church in Chicago, however she most frequently attended a Unitarian one. Some of Addams' famous quotes are criticism of religion-based oppression of women.

Jane Addams was not overtly religious. She held membership at a Presbyterian church in Chicago, however she most frequently attended a Unitarian one. Some of Addams' famous quotes are criticism of religion-based oppression of women.

mother teresa, dalai lama, jane addams, emmeline pankhurst, and joan

some include mother Teresa, dalai lama, Jane Addams, emmeline pankhurst, and joan of ark

She succumbed to some form of Cancer. her viewing was held at one of the parlors of the Hull House.

Jane Addams claimed her biggest obstacle was the nature of humans. She tried to help everyone no matter their religion, skin color, gender, or other factors and to fulfill her desires as a writer, but she met a lot of opposition, including some from her own father.

Jane Addams founded Hull House in Chicago with her friend Ellen G. Starr for a place for women to get outside of the home and have influences in multiple clubs and organizations within the "House". She also was the first American women to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

She opened a settlement house to help immigrants and working families

While in a sense global in scope ( l93l Nobel Peace Laureate) the humanitarian Jane Addams confined most of her activities to the Chicago area where she superintended the noted settlement house ( still extant)- Hull House. She did not built or design the house- which was previously existing as some commercial structure.

Some , but not all , of the Addams' family suffered from 'Monsterism' .

Jane Adaams was never married. there is some evidence she was living with another woman as a businesss partner at the Hull House -her settlement house and main base of her humanitarian activities. In other words, she was a ( closet) Lesbian.

It has been established she died of some form of cancer in l935, Her funeral and viewing were held at one of the parlors of the Hull House, which is certainly fitting.

This is something which may or may not be a myth. Some humanitarians have had various handicaps- some of which they hid from the Public at large. The Girl Scout"s foundress, Juliette Gordon Low, had a hearing loss problem, but this is a handicap that, unlike some others, does not so to speak, photograph. Reading biographical sketches on Addams in history books as a child- I got the impression she had something wrong with her- but it was kind of evasive.

Jane Addams first visited Toynbee Hall, the world's first settlement house, which is located in the East End of London, in July, 1888. She had hoped to visit with her friend Ellen Gates Starr. Starr had agreed to help Addams co-found a settlement house in Chicago. In the spring of 1888 they were traveling together in Europe. But Starr was earning some of the money she needed to travel by chaperoning some students from the girls' school in Chicago where she was a teacher. In July she needed to be with the students in Italy. Addams planned to stay in London, however, and to visit Toynbee Hall again when Starr could join her, later in the summer. But that plan did not happen either. Addams's stepbrother, George Haldeman, was suffering from some sort of mental challenge. That summer, he wandered away from home and no one could find him. His mother -- Addams's stepmother -- was frantic, and Addams's sister Alice thought Addams should come back early from Europe because of the crisis. Addams departed London before Starr arrived.

Good vs Evil. Good always triumphs in the end.

No, she came from well-off circumstances, was a college graduate and for some reason felt obligated to gravitate towards social settlement work- battling slums, social problems, etc- eventually this expanded into an anti-war movement, and Miss Addams was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize- late in her life and career., Most of her activities were based in Chicago.

As was the case with some other humanitarians- such as GSA foundress Juliette Gordon Low, she did not have biological children. It has been rumored that Miss Addams ( spell it right) had some sort of physical health problem which may have precluded a normal social ( eg Marriage) life. what the problem was was never specified, but hinted at in biographical short stories in history texts used in the schools, etc. There was a hint she had some problem, but it was not visual impairment, obviously.

Jane Adams was a sociologist and key advocate of women suffrage and women empowerment. At a tender age, she had tuberculosis of the spine, and this affected her mobility. This caused low self esteem as she felt ugly. She overcome this during her late teen years, and had corrective surgery. Jane was disgusted by the unsanitary conditions in the city that led to the spread of typhoid fever and other infections. She struggled to bring sanitary reforms during the famous 'garbage wars'. Jane also advocated for women to vote and vie for elective posts in the municipal council. The women would scale up their efficient house keeping skills in the council.

No, and she was never married. it is interesting to relate in some states, married women were not permitted to be employed as school teachers! Imagine such as silly law today. One cannot fathom a reason for this statute. Ms. Adaams was not in the teaching profession, but did have educational functions at the Hull House such as English classes for immigrants, etc. Let us face the facts, Ms Addams was a Lesbian.

There were allusions that Morticia was a vampire of some sort .

actually she didn"t the house- originally some form of either Large Manor house owned by a big family- or more probably an apartment house- was taken over, leased or purchased by Addams and her organization- probably called the Hull House ( name of the building) settlement association, organization, fund, etc. She did not build the structure or create it- but adapted it to social service purposes.

Jane Adams, the second First Lady of the United States, exemplified the feminist movement that would sweep the free world in the late 1800's and early 1900's. She laid out some of the crucial arguments for this movement in a letter to her husband in a effort to have the framer add sections of gender equality legislation to the Constitution of the United States.