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heterogeneous mixture, homogeneous mixture, mechinical mixture and solution

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What are the two types of mixtures for atoms?

Two types of mixtures-homogeneous and heterogeneous

How many types of mixtures are there?

There are actually posited to be an infinite number of types of mixtures.

What are the types of mixtures?

There are 3 types of mixtures... - Solution - Colloid and - Suspension

2 types of mixtures?

Heterogeneous and Homogeneous mixtures

What are two different types of mixtures?

heterogeneous mixtures and homogeneousmixtures

Name two types of mixtures and describe how they are different?

Name two types of mixtures and describe how they are different?

What are the types of mixture?

types of mixtures are solid/solid mixtures liquid/liquid mixtures - these are called emulsions. Thery are often oil and water type emulsion.

2 Kinds of mixtures?

The two types of mixtures are homogeneous and heterogeneous.

How can you tell the difference amoung types of mixtures?

Mixtures may be homogeneous or heterogeneous.

What are five types of mixtures?

4 types of mixtures are Solutions, Suspensions, Colloids and Emulsions. The fifth one I dont know...sorry

What properties do you use to separate mixtures?

Some of the types of properties that can be used to separate mixtures are:FiltrationDistillationChromatographyMagnetismFloatationExtractionCrystallizationMechanical Separation

What are some examples of suspension mixtures?

what are some suspension mixtures

What is a mixture is science terms?

Mixtures are compounds that are not chemically combined. Mixtures can be separated. There are 2 types of mixtures Heterogenous mixtures do not appear to be the same throughout. Homogeneous mixtures are very well mixed. (Solutions)

What types of mixtures can be used by gravity separation?

These mixtures must have large differences between densities.

What two main types of mixtures?

Homogeneous (mixtures that have equally proportionate components throughout) and heterogeneous (mixtures with unequally proportionate components throughout).

What are two types of mixtures?

homogeneous and heterogeneous.

What are the two types of mixtures?

Homogeneous & Heterogeneous

What are the 2 types of mixtures?

heterogeneous and homogeneous

Do stamp mixtures usually include only US stamps?

Depends on the mixture you purchase. Some are world wide mixtures, some are specific country mixtures, and some are US mixtures.

Why are some mixtures easier to separate than others?

Some mixtures are easier to seperate than others because some mixtures are heterozygous mixtures. These mixtures are easier to seperate then others because you can see what is in them so you would know how to get them out.

What are the three types of matter?

The three types of matter are elements, compounds, and mixtures.

Two types of mixtures?

The two types of mixtures is heterogeneous and homogeneous. Heterogeneous mixtures are two or more substances combined but not chemically. You can see the two substances. Homogeneous mixtures are two or more substance that are chemically combined. You are not able to see the different substances; they appear as one.

What are the 2 types of mixtures and how are they different?

The 2 types are homogeneous and hetergeneous. They are different because homogeneous mixtures are well mixed mixtures that make the look like pure substances(eg.....milk, corn syprup, etc.) and hetergeneous are mixtures that are not well mixed, mixtures that you can obvisiously tell its a mixture(eg....Sandwhiches, soup, etc.).

Do components in mixtures maintain their own characteristics?

It is true that components in mixtures maintain their own characteristics. The two types of mixtures are homogeneous mixture and heterogeneous mixture.

What are some types of mechanical mixtures?

Pizza that has different types of toppings on there. Ex:Cheese pizza with mushrooms,pepporoni,olives,andgreen peppers.

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