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cauliflower is off-white

celery root is off-white


kohlrabi is white once you've removed the green peel

parsley root

potatoes, after peeling, are white

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What are 4 white vegetables?

Potatoes, white corn, cauliflower, and horseradishes are white vegetables.

What vegetables are white?

Parsnip is the only white vegetable i know. ;-)

What fruits and vegetables begin with w?

White radish and wasabi are vegetables. Watermelon is a fruit.

What fruits and vegetables start with W?

White turnips and watercress are vegetables. Watermelon is a fruit.

Are flavons white pigment in vegetables?

No, Flavons are in yellow pigments, not white

What are some examples of white root vegetables?

Potatoes Parsnips turnips Carrots beets celeriac sweet potatoes

What is the nutrient difference between green vegetables and white vegetables?

White vegetables have a higher glycemic load. This means they raise your blood sugar more than green vegetables do. The higher glycemic load results from the high starch content of the foods.

What are the vegetables in kuru fasulye?

White Beans

What makes vegetables white?

crest toothpaste

What makes the dark veggies better?

white vegetables like white people are best

Vegetables starting with K with a white inside?


What Pigments contained in white vegetables are?

Flavons <3

Is there salt in vegetables?

Some vegetables contain salt.

What color is pasta?

White Some pasta is yellow. Some pasta has vegetables included that makes them pink, green, or orange. Whole wheat pasta is tan.

What were some of Princess Diana's favorite things?

Fruit and vegetables, black coffee, her children, Wales, her metro car and white roses.

What are some American vegetables?

some American vegetables are carrot, corn, peppers, brocolli,

What vegetables do cats eat?

Be cautius with some vegetables - some vegetables like onions and garlic are toxic for your cat. On the other hand, some vegetables, like carrots, are fine, but cats do require meat to survive.

What vegetables has sugar in it?

Some common veggies are.......... Corn, potatoes (and in the same family), water melon, cantaloupe, rice (brown or white or sweet rice), all fruits, carrots, all vegetables actually except for green leafy vegetables, green leafy vegetables ..... maybe more but that's all i found on Internet

Which fruits or vegetables are white on the outside and yellow on the inside?

banana is yellow on the outside and white on the inside.

What are some fruits and vegetables that begin with the letter w?

· Watermelon · Wasabi (Japanese horseradish) · Watercress · Water Chestnuts · Water spinach · Welsh Onion · White Cabbage · White Radish · White Turnip · Winter Purslane

What vegetables are starchy vegetables?

Some of the common starchy vegetables are potatoes, beans, peas, and corn.

What are savory white sauces used for?

this can be used for meats and vegetables

Did Iron Chef use vegetables from the White House garden?


What is a food with a white inside belonging to the vegetables group?


Can vegetables turn white?

If something happens to the chloroplasts then i would assume it would make some sense that the plants color would differentiate.