What are some volcanoes in Barbados?


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There are no volcanoes in Barbados

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LMAO! Barbados is one of the few islands in the Caribbean that are 100 percent coral island. That means it was formed from old coral reefs and not volcanic eruptions. So no there arent any volcanoes in barbados

The 2k green movement is an example of the social movements in Barbados.

No because there are some volcanoes that have a lava flow but no explosions. There are some that are extinct volcanoes or sleeping.

Yes, the country of Argentina has volcanoes. There are a total of 35 volcanoes in Argentina, some of which are active and some that are extinct.

some volcanoes are extinct and some still erupt

Underground volcanoes don't erupt as much as aboveground volcanoes and some of the volcanoes are extinct.

Some Volcanoes erupt while some don't because there are alot of different volcanoes but they all do the same thing.

volcanoes are mostly located in hawaii

yes. 75 to exact. this webiste right here -> but yes there are some hotels in barbados. i hope i helped you in your question. thankyou for reading

Some islands are formed by volcanoes, but not all.

They are different because some are extinct and some are active volcanoes extinct ones don't do anything but active ones erupt.

Yes, many deserts have volcanoes. Some are active, some are dormant and others extinct.

Most volcanoes are underwater volcanoes which means they are under water. But some are in Hawaii, United States, Europe, volcanoes are all over planet earth.

because they are some volcanoes near trenches.

Some islands may be built by undersea volcanoes.

some of Hawaii is made of volcanoes. but not all of it

becuase volcanoes have plates under them.the places that dont have plates under them don't have volcanoes

Yes. All volcanoes have erupted at some point in the past. Otherwise they would not be considered volcanoes.

names of some volcanoes from map of the world

No, because some volcanoes cause pyroclastic flows, ash storms, mud flowsand some just have smoke coming out their top.

Yes - in fact Mars has some of the biggest mountain volcanoes in the world! And to my knowledge, there are mountains on the moon as well. Venus has some volcanoes, of course!

The Barbados Advocate is a local newspaper for Barbados which not only presents the local Barbados news but also provides readers in Barbados with world news that may affect Barbados.

Barbados has several miles of lowlands, they are not a very mountainous country. They are also home to the Animal Flower Cave.

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