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she would go with you whereever you ask . but be sure a nice place. she ''ll like to hang out with you. she will be there with you in your problems. help you anytime.

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What are some ways you can tell if a girl likes you?

she looks in your directionwhile smiling if shes got your numberif she texxts yo all the time

How do you tell if a girl likes you-?

A girl may like you if she looks at you alot, finds ways to be near you, and wants to hang out.

How do I know if an older guy freshman likes me 7th grade girl?

There is a few ways to tell if a guy likes a girl. You can tell if the guy smiles at you a lot, talks to you or about you, touches you or tells you.

How do you know if a girl likes you by random hugs all the time?

If a girl is randomly hugging you all the time, it is possible that the girl likes you. However, you can also tell if she likes you if she flirts in other ways or talks to you a lot.

How can you tell if a girl likes you what are signes and like how can you tell if she likes you and is just playing hard to get?

you can tell if a girl likes you by what she is doing. is she suddenly talking to you more often? she likes you. is she laughing at things you say? she likes you. is she twiddling her hair? she likes youjust simple actions like that shows that the girl likes you!hope this is alright!If a girl is shy then she'll probably just stare at you alot,she might ask around about you,or she might just get one of her friends to talk to you for her. But most girls will not shy away from letting you know that that like you,they just have different ways of showing it.

What are the ways through a girl can show her feelings to a boy she really likes?

Ask your bestest friend (who won't tell your secrets) to text the guy you like and ask him if he likes you. If he says yes tell him that you like him.

If you like your best friend how can you tell if she likes you?

Some ways you can tell if your friend, or any girl likes you is if they: smile at you a lot they play with their hair when they are around you they laugh at almost everything you say, even if it's not funny if they follow you around or always want to be around you flirt with you alot wrestle with you joke around with you and sometimes make fun of you Just be aware that these do not apply to EVERY girl. Every girl is different and flirt in different ways. Some are mean to a guy when they like them. She may treat you bad if she likes you, but if she does, don't just assume that she likes you because some girls are mean to guys if they hate them aswell. hope this helped !

What are some ways you can tell your crush likes you?

there are lots of ways that you can tell if a crush likes you. for one they would flirt with you a lot. another would be if they always want to be around you there are lots of ways but if you think they like you take the plunge and ask find out the worst they can do is say no.

How do you tell if a boy still likes you?

Actually you cannot really tell because sometimes some boys tells that he likes you yet he doesn't show that he likes you, some boys will do the other way around he may not tell you that he likes you yet he shows in many ways that he likes you but here's the thing there are boys that are born so sweet that you may tend to see it as he likes you yet it was just the way he is. So the easiest for girl can do is to talk to the guy and then observe and then decide what to do. it's up to the girl if she really blinded about the guy but the girl should think a million times and have a self respect for her self. Girl there are many fish in the see. You can always move on to the other guy as if he is the only one.

What are some ways you can tell that a boy likes you or not?

Talk to him; sounds simple but it's as easy as that. That's the only way you can tell and if you feel that you like him, tell him

If a girl likes a guy how to tell him?

if a girl likes a guy [1] you can always write a secret admire letter [2] in valentines day you can also write it to him [3] if your a strong girl you can go up to him and say you like him [4] tell your friend to ask him weatheir he likes you or not, then when you find the answer go up to him, there are so many difrerent ways if you be yourselfe it will work out he might like you for who you are then he might tell you first then you know what to do.

What are some ways that you can tell if a girl is a virgin?

I would question why you would be wanting to know this????

What are ways to know if a girl likes you?

she will flirt with you & act flirty

What are some ways a girl trys to get a guy jealous and how can you tell if a girl you like likes you without talking to her or having your friends talk to her?

For jealous she probably would try to talk to another guy when your around. How you can tell she likes is either by her looking at you and can't stop, or she talks and probably wants to touch you when your around and makes you walk slower to spend more time with you in that brief moment

How do you tell if your guyfriend likes you over texting?

There are a number of ways to tell if your guy friend likes you over texting. Some are more obvious than others, but simply ways to tell are a lot of smiley faces or winky faces, he goes out of his way in every conversation to see how you are doing or if you want to "chill", and probably the most obvious is if he asks you for some "pics".

What are some ways to tell if someone likes you?

1. they stare at u a lot 2. try and tease you 3. impress you

You like this girl but she doesrnt know what should you do?

BE HONEST but that depends on how the girl is..... there are different ways a girl likes to be confronted.

How do you ask a girl if she likes you?

If you don't have any romantic interests in this girl, then you have no right to ask her if she likes you. However, if you do like/love her, the best approach would be to tell her that you like/love her; this usually prompts women/girls to confess their feelings for you. However, if you don't think that she is the kind of girl who would let you know how she felt about you if you told her how you felt about her, you should ask her if she likes/loves you after you tell her your feelings. One of the best ways to get a girl/woman to tell you how she feels is to promise her that whatever she tells you, you won't tell anyone else. However, you need to get close to this girl/woman before you tell/ask her. It always works out better when you are friends with her before you tell her. Good luck!

How do you tell if girl likes you?

If a girl likes you, Then when she looks at you her eyebrows would raise slightly. And her pupils would dilate. Also if you are sitting together. If her legs are crossed, and the leg is facing you. This is an unconcious movement which means she also likes you. There are lots of ways to tell. Looking away suddenly when you look at them. Playing with hair. Biting their lip. But the best way of all. Ask her out. hope this helps :)

Here a 14year old boy likes 13year old girl and girl doesnot like him that way now what she should do?

(codester here) if your the boy you walk up to her and tell her how you feel and if she still wants to be friends that's what she wants.if your the girl you need to tell the boy that you just want to be close friend and see were it leads. both ways if some one likes you you'll tell by eye contact or she act werid around you or just ask her/his best friend. piece bitches

How do i tell if a boy likes you?

There is many ways, for each boy, it is different.

Signs a shy guy likes you are?

There is a few ways you can tell when a shy guy likes you. You can tell by the way he looks at you, smiles, sets near you or touches you.

Ways to get a girl friend?


How can you tell if a teasing girl likes you?

haha easy she will unexpectedly be like oh i like u and then u will know she will eventually stop her teasing ways and spill her guts

What are some good ways to pleasure her?

the best way to pleasure a girl is to tune into what she is feeling. that way you can tell what she wants without her having to tell you. it really turns a girl on when you know what she wants.

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