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There are some schools that offer high school diploma courses online. It's best to check with a local guidance counselor at a community college or University to discuss what is available.

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An online diploma is received if you are attending an online high school. An online high school unlike a public high school costs money. An online high school diploma is like a GED which in some areas provide free service.

There are a few accredited sites that will help one get a high school diploma online. Some of these sites include 'High School Diploma Online', 'Aberdeen Academy High School' and 'Excel High School'.

There are many courses available to get a high school diploma. Many of them can be got online and the diploma are shipped free of cost. Some institutions that offer a diploma are Madison Falls High School and GED Online.

One can go to several different online institutions to enroll in courses for a high school diploma online. Some of these include: High School Diploma, GED for free, and ICS Learn.

At, you can get a high school diploma online. You can call them online, toll-free, and request a free school brochure if you want it.

Getting your high school diploma online is fairly easy now a days as there are so many websites that offer online education. Some websites to heck out are: Highschooldiploma dot org and excelhighschool dot com.

You can get a GED quickly but GED is not a high school diploma and it does not get as much value as a high school diploma. There are some online high schools that offer high school diplomas on the basis of work experience and prior learning. Beware of scam though, remember private schools need accreditation to issue a high school diploma so if this Adison high school offers an accredited diploma then you are probably safe.

For some reason, I had to drop out of high school during my time there. I want to know where I can find a way to earn a high school diploma online. sanagt right in kuala Shiite university. there in tanggani by professional faculty who are to come from various regions.

You can find information about high school diplomas from home on any online school that offers them. It works just like a regular high school diploma except you do the work at home instead of in a school.

By graduating from High School. ......or u can go to some sort of adult school in your town and work out a high school diploma there

yes in some schools you can but some schools might reject you

You do not necessarily need a high school diploma to enroll in online college courses or even attend some community colleges.

The places to find information on diploma programs online are many. Some of the more popular choices include: High School Diploma , GED Online, Open University and many more.

An online high school is a way to earn your high school diploma or your GED while usually at home here are some good websites to check out.

Online schools can be great for a child like yours, but they are not too well submerged in education yet. Some colleges will not accept a diploma from an online high school.

A number of online academies provide online high school diploma programs. They include K12, Penn Foster, Ashworth College, Provost Academy and many others. With the rise of the acceptance of homeschooling, people wishing to complete high school at home have many choices in terms of types of academic programs providing diplomas.

Some education system allow an ex student to obtain a copy of their diploma either free or at a nominal cost. Contact either the school that you attended, the school board, or the education department covering the school.

Yes, but you must make sure they are legit. Some online school can be a scam. If you speak to your school board in your area you maybe able to work something out. Good luck with the baby.

go to your nearest school center and take some special classes to have your high school diploma. maybe it would take at least 1 year in class. its not a problem you can do it.

A GED is a test that you take as a substitute of your diploma. Usually it is used by students who are not able to graduate high school for some reason. A diploma is simply the document you receive upon graduation from high school.

Fill out applications to colleges, get some interviews, and hope you are accepted.

Although passing the General Educational Development (GED) exam results in a high school equivalency credential, it doesn't always offer the same opportunities as a high school diploma. This article explores some of the differences between the GED and a high school diploma that you should consider when making your decision.

Keystone National High School allows you to earn your high school diploma online. They also offer credits that can be transferred to local high schools. The website is You can find a list of accredited online schools at Some of the most popular ones are Penn Foster and Kaplan University. You can also try University of Phoenix for online courses.

Getting a basic high school diploma is the best way to begin on that road to job and career success. There are now more people than ever before who are getting their school diploma online through distance learning. This makes it easier for just about anyone to earn a high school, college, or trade school diploma online. Tuition fees for getting a high school diploma online fall in the range of $250.00, some programs cost a bit more. Thousands of people earn a high school diploma every day from online schools. Distance learning is a recently developed concept that allows students to take courses when time and schedule allows. For the most part, online courses typically allow students to learn at a certain self determined pace. Some folks who get their school diploma online are those whose health or work requires that they remain at home, may not be able to work in a traditional classroom setting, or for any number of other reasons. Finding just the right online school for one's particular needs may be difficult but it pays to keep at it until the right online school is found. Be aware that a number of these so-called online schools make some big claims when it comes to just what they will deliver for their students. There are basically two choices in online high schools available. Public online high school and private online high school. Public online schools are required to follow a strict set of regulations placed on them by state and national governments. Be sure to use an online school that offers diplomas that are internationally accredited and accepted anywhere in the world. One of the main accrediting agencies is the IACOOS (International Accreditation Committee of Online High Schools). Most online schools now use e-books or other online materials making learning and studying without traditional books and papers a breeze. Online schools will typically provide all necessary reference and study guides designed to help students in the course work. Usually when those materials have been thoroughly studied, the student can take an online equivalency test. Once that test is passed, diploma is sent through the traditional mail.

Has to be at a testing center locally. You can't get a GED online but you can get a high school diploma online but make sure it is accredited regionally. has some really great schools that are affordable and can be done from home 100% online.

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