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The best way is to avoid introducing anything foreign to a fresh operating system. Never connect it to the internet, and do not transfer any files, programs or otherwise, to it by any other means--never connect removable media (CD, DVD, Flashdrive, etc.). However, since this would make your computer almost useless in the modern world, here are some steps you can take to protect a networked computer:

  1. Install an anti-virus program (like AVG, Avira, or Avast)
  2. Install an anti-malware program (like Spybot Search and Destroy or Malwarebytes)
  3. Update both of these regularly (like once a day for the first, twice a week for the second) or schedule this to be done automatically in the program settings.
  4. Scan now and then, or set it up to be done automatically. (once every few weeks is probably fine)
  5. Always check to make sure that programs you install are from the developer's website. For example, if you want to install Disk Image XML, get it from "runtime", rather than "DIXML-free". Using a program which gives website ratings like Web of Trust ("mywot") will help you identify the genuine website.
  6. As you install a program, always select "Advanced" install, rather that "Recommended." As you click through the installer, watch carefully for any other programs it is trying to sneak on to your computer. Make sure to uncheck or "Decline" all programs but the one you actually want.
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Q: What are some ways to protect a computer from viruses?
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What are some ways to protect a computer against viruses?

There are many different ways to protect a computer from viruses. One of the most common ways to protect your computer is to install an antivirus software. It is also important to only download from trusted sources.

What ways are there to protect your computer from viruses when purchasing stock online?

One way to protect your computer from viruses when purchasing stock online is to download virus protection software. Some examples of this kind of software are Norton and MacAfee.

What are ways to protect your computer from computer viruses?

Anti-Virus Software Many Low Cost Solutions Are Available, A Good Free One Which I Use On Some Of My Computers Is AVG Free.

Can viruses cause a lot of damage to a computer?

ofcourse dear viruses damage a computer a lot .... coz there are no ways to damage any computer without any viruses ........ viruses came from unauthentic sites ... so u can use antivirus for protect your computer from can download free trial version from net ..... thanxxx

What are some ways you can prevent computer viruses?

you get spy ware or any type of program that will block it

How does a computer virus affect your desktop computer?

There are hunderds of ways it will make your desktop differ. For example: - Computer Viruses could disable all programs you have. - Computer Viruses could turn off your Anti-Virus. - Computer Viruses could block Internet from you.

What are some ways that viruses can be spread?

2 ways: Viruses and diseases could spread by touch or airborne.

What are some ways viruses are helpful?

they can kill you

What sites can cause viruses on your computer?

Adult sites are one of the easiest ways to get a virus.

The way to prevent a computer virus from infecting your home computer is to?

There are many ways to protect from viruses but seeing that you asked this question on Wiki answer, i would suggest for you to buy a good firewall and LISTEN TO WHAT IT SAYS, DON'T GO BY PASSING IT'S DIRECTIONS.

How can one make the computer faster?

There are several ways a person can make a computer run faster and more efficiently. Some of these ways include detecting and repairing disk errors, speeding up access to data, and removing spyware or viruses.

How do you secure a file in the computer?

One way to secure a file on your computer is to protect it with a password. Other ways to protect personal files is to encrypt them or editing permission settings on your computer.

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