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You say that you are really a closet gay and you want to go enjoy your new life. if she is bi or a leisbian and has a polish dick. you should consider buying some Viagra or some dildos to satisfy your needs. or find Michael Jackson to get a blow job.

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Q: What are some ways to tell if your girlfriend is planning on breaking up with you and what are some ways to tell if she is cheating?
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What is classed as cheating?

Anything your girlfriend (assuming you are a guy) would not want you doing with the opposite sex. Basically, if you are doing something with someone that you would not do in front of your girlfriend, then you are cheating. Cheating has to do with violating your girlfriend's trust. Some girlfriends may not care if you give another girl a massage, while some may. If your girlfriend is in the latter category, then you are cheating if you do it.

What are things that can deeply hurt someone?

Breaking up with someone, especially is it is for no reason. And cheating on someone.

Why is it that you dream your girlfriend is cheating on you?

maybe because you never give the girl some space

Your girlfriend introduced you to her parents and acts like she is cheating?

AnswerIf your girlfriend has introduced you to her parents around the same time as it seems like shes cheating then its more likely that shes not cheating.. But If this is at 2 different times, and your sure shes cheating you should sit her down and ask her why.. she could be scared of commitment or just want to be with some one else Hope this helps

What should you do when your best friends girlfriend is cheating?

What I would do is tell him that she is cheating and give him some good proof and if he dosent want to believe you then that's his choice. Hey! You warned him!

How do you catch a cheating girlfriend?

check her phone....and if theirs some guy on there u dont kno....then u will kno

What are some signals of your girlfriend cheating on you?

not talking to you and ignoring you completely or coming back late and telling you some stupid reason for beeing late

What are signs of your girlfriend cheating?

The main signs are when your girlfriend stops talking to you, and when she says "we need some time apart". That doesn't mean she wants to be wit you after that "time" it means "its over".

Why do girlfriend cheat?

ANSWER:When you say girlfriend, not all girlfriend do cheat. For those who do cheat, there were given some reason why they do. No one in their own right mind will just cheat because she felt like it. Talk to your girl and maybe you will find out why she is cheating on you.

If your boyfriend secretly tells some one else there fit and tells them not to tell you there girlfriend of 3 years is this cheating behavior?


Is Phil tayag still with his girlfriend 2012?

no they broke up last month because he was cheating on her with some other movie star

What do you do when he's cheating on me?

You Tell Him Your Breaking Up With Him If You Really Loved Him He Would Respect That But I Guess He Really Doesn't Care So Tell Him Its Over Cause it Should Be Over If He's Cheating On You And Really Get Some Payback

How do you know if your girlfriend is cheating?

If she is gone all of the time, also if you call her and she cant talk... There are many signs to notice. you catch them. But seeming you are not married or engaged their is no real such thing as cheating because unless you are in a committed relations there is no boundries. Also have you tried talking to her maybe she will be honest with you Okay first of all, cheating is cheating. Even if you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend and you guys are commited to anything and you go off and do something with some else, its cheating. There are so boundries to all relationships no matter if you commited to anything.

If your girlfriend wants to take a break does it mean she is cheating on you?

No it doesn't necessarily mean she's cheating, but I would think that she probably has her eye on some one else. At least, that's why I've used it in the past. Sorry!

Does it count as cheating if you have a boyfriend and a girlfriend?

Of course that counts. I believe that if it feels wrong it is wrong. If you are calling someone your boyfriend then you shouldn't be pushing the limits. Some people believe flirting is no big deal even if your in a relationship and that is a personal opinion but kissing or even holding hands I think, is breaking the boundaries for sure.

Why your girlfriend cheat on you?

Some girls think it's fun or exciting to cheat; or, they may be punishing you for something .... such as cheating on them. What goes around comes around.

Is your long distance girlfriend cheating?

she had already cheated by sleeping with my best friend and still she is black mailing me with the support of some powerful rich woman's.

How do you save a girlfriend from her cheating secret boyfriend?

It is time you gave your head a shake and realize your girlfriend has no respect for you; is cheating without caring about your feelings. Some women just like the 'bad boys' and it appears your girlfriend is one of them. It is time to sit down with her and let her know you don't share you girlfriends with other men! Then you need to take time out to figure out right from wrong and when people are disrespecting your feelings.

If you have girlfriend but are going to a musical with another girl who your girlfriend doesn't like but you're going to see you're girlfriend in the musical as a surprise is this considered cheating?

Answer:-Not of course, it depends on the relationship situation. If she knows you aren't dating that girl and that she was just tagging along, and that you were coming to see HER, then it isn't cheating at all! You are coming to see her after all!-On the other hand though, if she thinks you two could be cheating, and you come to see her she may interpret that as cheating, it just depends on the woman! Some see it differently than others, and you should be able to tell if you have been dating a little while.

What do dreams about cheating on your girlfriend mean?

The dream could mean that you are unhappy in this relationship. However, it could also use your girlfriend only as a metaphor, actually referring to discomfort in some other commitment in another part of your life.

If you like some one and they have a girl friend and you kiss them what will happen?

His girlfriend will find out some way or another that her boyfriend was cheating on her...and then nothing good at all will happen. Definitley NOT a good idea.

What are some signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you?

You can tell because she won't answer your phone calls. Another sighn is if she will never spend time with you. If she does break up with her right away!

Is spying good?

Depends. Here are some examples. Good: When your trying to spy on a bad guy and spoil his plan. Bad:When your spying on your girlfriend to see if she is cheating on you.

How tell if girlfriend is cheating you by danceing with someone else?

She might be cheating on you., but you can't know. The guy maybe just asked her to dance, and because she wanted to be polite, and accepted. If it's not a slow dance, then it might not mean anything. Even if it was a slow dance, there are some chances that she isn't cheating on you. You can't exactly know.

M dating a guy who has a girlfriend abroad he loves his girlfriend but is with me too?

make him choose. its not fair to you and definitely the other woman as she probably doesnt know about you so is planning some sort of future with him. Would you like it?