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If you care about him then visit him show him you care, write to him, tell him you miss him.

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Do you stay with your boyfriend if hes in jail?

Do you love him and want to be with him? If you do then remain faithful and wait for him.

how long should I wait to tell my mom about my boyfriend?

You should tell her! She will probably have good advice. If youre worried - just wait until you and your boyfriend are more serious.

How long should you wait til you kiss your boyfriend?

You should wait like a week or soo after your "going out"

If your boyfriend breaks up with you for being clingy how long should you wait to talk to him again or should you wait for him to talk to you?

you should wait for him to talk to you :) <3

Why does a girl friend some time tries to make his boyfriend wait longer?

They sometimes try to make their boyfriend wait when their boyfriend uses poor grammar.

What should you do if you love a girl and she loves you but she has a boyfriend?

wait till they breakup.or you should tell her to breakup with her current boyfriend if she does not have feelings for him.

My boyfriend and I want to get married the only problem is he's in jail and I'm not sure for how long should i wait till he gets out or should we just take the plunge now?

well maybe you should re think your decision to marry him. If you dont know how long he is going to be in jail for why would you even want to marry him.

What should you do you want a baby but your boyfriend doesnt?

You wait until he is ready.

How to tell your boyfriend you love him?

If i were you i would wait for the right time .I know some people just come right out and say it but you should wait to say it when the time is right for you.<3333XD

Is having a boyfriend at ten to early?

yes, you should wait until you are at least 13 or 14 to have a real boyfriend

11 and want a boyfriend?

i think u should wait !! 2 young

How long should you wait before moving in with your boyfriend?

Round about 6 Months

Should you let your boyfriend eat you out?

No! Wait until your married, the do whatever you want.

Your boyfriend wants a baby what should you do?

Discuss it together and find out if you are both ready or if you should wait a while

Should I wait for my ex boyfriend when he said he needs some time and will call you in the near future?

No, you should not wait for your ex boyfriend whenever he decides to enter back into your life in the future and you should show him how independent you are and start getting back into the dating scene and if he should come around soon after make him fight for your attention and do not make it too easy for him to come back into your life.

Should I wait on my boyfriend to get out of jail?

That depends entirely on why he is in there, and for how long you will have to wait, and a myriad of other things which are part of your personal life. Generally, if he is there because of an accident or something beyond his control, waiting for him will be a good idea. If he is there because of a deliberate or major crime, you are better off moving on with life.

Should you have a boyfriend at 9?

Well when I was 9 I didn't have a boyfriend so I wouldn't yet wait in til your 10 then it would be okay.!

You like this girl but she has a boyfriend?

If she has a boyfriend and is in love with him you should back off and wait for her or if you are mean and don't care.. try to get some information on this guy (that's Bad) then spill it out on herAnd if your a geek JUST LET IT GO!!

How should you ask a boy to be your boyfriend?

you say, "Hey, you want to go out with me?" and wait for an answer. That simple.

After a fight with a boyfriend of 18 months how long should you wait before you call him?

you should call him in two days

Should a sixth grader be determined to get a boyfriend?

No a 6th grader should not be determined to get a boyfriend, she should be more focused on school and passing 6th grade. Finding a boyfriend is not that important, and if you really want a boyfriend wait until you are in high school for that. You are still young and boys are not that important

You are 13 and you love your boyfriend and want to please him should you lose your virginty or wait?

WAIT! trust me u'll want to wait till ur married its alot better

What should you do if a girl says she would go out with you but she has a boyfriend?

wait till she and her boyfriend break up and if she still says she wants to go out with you, go for it.

How do you get your boyfriend to kiss you we talk about it but after you both agree to it nothing happens?

If you really want your boyfriend to kiss you then you shouldent wait for him to kiss you. You should kiss him!

Your boyfriend is 24 and im 15 n might b pregnant what can happen?

he could go to jail, your bbaby can be taken by the dcfs forever. wait for a life