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Q: What are some weakness of the red panda?
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Do they have panda's that resemble raccoons?

Some people think the red panda resembles a raccoon. See image above of a red panda.

Why is a red panda called a red panda?

The red panda is called the red panda due to their color fur.

What are the biotic and abiotic factors that affect the ecosystem of the red panda?

The biotic factors (derived from living organisms) that can affect the ecosystem of Red Panda are for example bamboo because they cannot live without eating it, as it gives them their nutrition and health supplement to live. Some animals can also be a biotic factor to the Red Panda, as they can be predators to the Red Panda. The biggest predator of the Red Panda is the Snow Leopard. When the Red Panda is scared

How is the giant panda and the red panda the same?

The giant panda and the red panda are in the same family, but are not really the same, as the red panda is believed to be closer to the raccoon than the giant panda.

Is the red panda the smallest panda?

Yes. The red panda is the smallest panda.

To what age can a red panda live?

On an average, a Red Panda can live for 8-10 years but some of them can live for 15 years!

Is the red panda a real panda?

Yes the red panda resembles a red raccoon.

What are some physical characteristics that help a red panda survive?

they are red

Is a red panda as big as a normal panda?

a red panda is a lot smaller that a normal panda

Is a red panda predator or prey?

Both. Some animals will eat red pandas and red pandas will eat other animals. For example, the red panda will sometimes eat bird eggs.

Is that a red panda on the telus commercial?

I think that it is a red panda.

Is there a difference between a panda bear and a red panda?

yes a red panda is much smaller and is red a panda is black and white and very large but they are both from china

Is the red panda related to the giant panda?

No, it is not related to the Giant Panda. The Giant Panda is a bear. The Red Panda is believed by scientists to be more closely related to the skunk or raccoon.The name "panda" is derived from the Nepalese word "poonya" which literally means "eater of bamboo." The Red Panda was given this name before the Giant Panda.They live in Asia, high up in the mountains, and sleep in trees.Yes it is but some say that the red panda is part of the raccoon familiy and the giant panda is related to the bear family.

What is the difference between a red panda and a giant panda?

A red panda is smaller and it's red. A giant panda is black and white and it's very large.

What is a red panda's order?

what are red panda's order

Is the Red Panda a bear?

no the red panda is not a bear

Where can you get a red panda?

It is illegal to have a red panda as a pet.

Is the panda a raccoon?

Some scientist think the panda is a raccoon because of the red panda which is a raccoon. But others think they are bears because of DNA relations

Why are red pandas called red panda?

Red Pandas are called Red Panda due to the color of their fur. Scientist have been going all around thinking of what animal class this animal should be in. Some say Racoons and others say Pandas. But now their in the Panda class.Because of the markings. It is a reddish brown colour, thus the name "red panda."

Who would win out of a red fox or a red panda?

red panda by far.

Who would win out of a red panda or a red fox?

red panda by far.

What is the name of the animal with red panda's structure or looks but black grey in colour?

A racoon has some visual similarities to a red panda as does a cacomistle (or ringtailed/miners cat)

What are some panda species?

red pandas and giant pandas

What are some of the red panda's unusual behaviors?

chasing a cat

Why does the red panda have red hair?

I think it might be because it's a red Panda.