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What are some words that begin and end with the letter H?


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three (3) letter word:

hah. heh. huh.

four (4) letter word:

hash. hath. heth. high. hush.

five (5) letter word:

harsh. hatch. heath. hitch. hooch. hunch. hutch.

six (6) letter word:

hadith. hallah. haunch. health. hearth. hookah. hootch. houdah. howdah. hurrah.

seven (7) letter word:

hagfish. halakah. hashish. hawkish. hellish. hogfish. hoggish. hogwash. hottish. huffish. hutzpah.

eight (8) letter word:

haftarah. handwash. hawfinch. hawkmoth. headfish. helminth. herewith. hiccough. hierarch. hyacinth.

nine (9) letter word:

hairbrush. haircloth. hemstitch. hiplength. holograph. homeopath. homograph. hopscotch. horsefish. hoydenish. hundredth. hydrolith.

ten (10) letter word:

hallelujah. hectograph. heliograph. henceforth. hieroglyph. horsecloth.

horseflesh. horselaugh. horseleech. hotchpotch.

eleven (11) letter word:

heterotroph. homestretch. horseradish.

twelve (12) letter word: