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octopus and ovulation.


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Some words that start with the short vowel sound "i" would be: ibidem, ibidine, icarian, icarus, ichnolite, ichthyoid, if, is, in, into, inter, and intermediate.

Some words that begin with the short 'i' sound are: information intuition inability invariably

The I is short in I words such as bid, hit, sip, and wig. The Y has a short I sound in rhythm and myth. The E can have a short I sound as in began and repair. The EE has a short I sound in been.

Umbrella, under, unbearable, and every word that can the prefix un- on it.

The word said is always a short E sound. In some pronunciations, certain and captain do, but they can also have a short I sound for the AI. Other AI words with the short E sound are again and against.

The A has a short a sound, as in pass and task. (the short A says ah in some words, but not in short words such as cab, am, an, and mass)

The word 'king' has a short i sound. Some other words with that same sound are ring, bit, and pick.

No, "flute" does not have a short vowel sound. To have a short U sound, it would have to rhyme with mutt or nut. To have a short OO sound, it would rhyme with foot or put. The word flute has a long U or long OO sound (floot). The long YOO sound appears in some long U words where the consonants provide a Y sound. Examples are cute, mute, mule, fuel, and feud. The YOO also appears in some words that start with U, such as uniform and unique.

Many words that begin with an A followed by a consonant will have the short A sound. Some examples are: abstract, act, add, after, alchemy, amnesty, and, apt, as, at, avid, azimuth --- Some words will have a long A : able, amen, anal Some words will have an unstressed schwa sound instead: about, allow, apply Some words with have an AW sound: all, awl

Yes the word 'them' does have a short e sound. Some other words with the same sound are bet, hem, and deck.

The word 'let' does have a short e sound. Some other words that have the same short e sound are sled, head, and deck.

There are compound words such as paymaster that have both a long A and a short A. Also some words with a short A plus a long A formed by a silent E, such as activate and accelerate. Other words that have both a long and short A: ashtray (short/long) playback (long/short)

The short O sound is an "aah" sound as in the words odd, bomb, knob, mom, lock, and shot. Some A words have the sound : ma, spa, waffle, watch, swab

These are some words with a short "u" sound: bud, cuff, dub, fun, gum, hub, just, love, must, nun, pub, rum, some, and ton. Note that some of them do not contain the letter "u" but still have a short "u" sound.

Yes, the EA in some words has a short E sound. These include head, breath, and endeavor.

No. Some words spelled with -all have an AW/OR vowel sound (caret O), and rhyme with awl. Ball is a homophone of "bawl." * note that some words, such as ballast and ballet, do have a short A vowel sound.

No. The EA pair has a long E sound as in reach and teach. (Some EA words do have a short E sound, such as head.)

Yes, the word 'yet' does have the short e sound. Some other words that have the same sound are let, deck, and betting.

The sound in "been" is a short i sound (bin). This is practically a unique sound for the EE pair, although in French words they can have a long A sound (puree, soiree, toupee).

Yes, the word thread has the short e sound. Sometimes the combination 'ea' makes the short e and sometimes it makes the long e sound. Some other words that have the same short e sound as thread are bread, spread, and head. Some words where the 'ea' makes the long e sound are bead, leak, and clean.

Yes. The E has a short E sound as in rebel.Yes, the word 'web' does have the short e sound. Some other words with the same sound are set, sect, and heck.

No. This is the long O sound called the "circumflex" (ô).It appears in the words OR, or MORE, or FORWARD.(Some English users pronounce orangutan with a regular long OH sound.)

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