What are sore swollen lymph nodes?

The lymphatic system is the system in the body used to filter out infection and bad bacteria that are harmful to the body. When a lymph node is swollen, it is often being overworked and is trying to fight an infection. Typically when you have a swollen lymph node, there is some underlying infection that will either be fought off, will show itself in a less severe form, or will completely beat out the lymphatic system, and you will get the full blown sickness.

It can also be a sign of kidney problem, which affects the renal-lymphatics system. Could mean kidney infection, kidney damage/failure, kidney stones, cancer, lymphoma, diabetes, or diet (especially bad sugars: fructose and alcohol). Marijuana gets stored in the lymph nodes. I don't know if that would cause swelling, but it's good to know as a possibility.

Definitely go to a doctor sooner rather than later, and don't let them assume it's just a virus or bacteria. All other possibilities should be discussed, and tests should be done. It's important to be completely honest about everything you put into your body, including alcohol, marijuana, over-the-counter drugs, illegal drugs, and diet (especially bad sugars: fructose and alcohol). Patient-doctor confidentiality makes it safe to be completely honest.