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The lymphatic system is the system in the body used to filter out infection and bad bacteria that are harmful to the body. When a lymph node is swollen, it is often being overworked and is trying to fight an infection. Typically when you have a swollen lymph node, there is some underlying infection that will either be fought off, will show itself in a less severe form, or will completely beat out the lymphatic system, and you will get the full blown sickness.

It can also be a sign of kidney problem, which affects the renal-lymphatics system. Could mean kidney infection, kidney damage/failure, kidney stones, cancer, lymphoma, Diabetes, or diet (especially bad sugars: fructose and alcohol). Marijuana gets stored in the lymph nodes. I don't know if that would cause swelling, but it's good to know as a possibility.

Definitely go to a doctor sooner rather than later, and don't let them assume it's just a virus or bacteria. All other possibilities should be discussed, and tests should be done. It's important to be completely honest about everything you put into your body, including alcohol, marijuana, over-the-counter drugs, illegal drugs, and diet (especially bad sugars: fructose and alcohol). Patient-doctor confidentiality makes it safe to be completely honest.


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A cold sore itself can cause swollen lymph nodes.

Some symptoms of swollen lymph nodes include fever, runny nose, swollen limb, night sweats, sore throat, skin infections and some others depending of the location of the swollen lymph nodes.

It depends on where your body is swollen. Lymph nodes are everywhere.

Swollen lymph nodes are caused by inflammation, infection or cancer. You cannot drink alcohol when your lymph nodes are swollen because it contributes to the pain.

Yes, lymph nodes can cause your head to hurt. Especially if the nodes are swollen. They also can cause a sore throat, neck stiffness, and back ache.

No. Swollen lymph nodes are the sign of an infection. See a doctor.

You may be getting sick with a flu of some sort if your lymph nodes are swollen.

Genital warts typically do not cause swollen lymph nodes.

Yes, swollen lymph nodes could be a symptom of infection.

Gonorrhea typically does not cause swollen lymph nodes. But whether your nodes are swollen or not, you should get tested if you believe you may have an STD.

UTI does not typically cause swollen lymph nodes. If you have pain when you urinate and swollen lymph nodes in the genital area, see your health care provider ASAP for an accurate diagnosis.

body aches, swollen lymph nodes, headache, fever, fatigue and occasionally a sore throat

For swollen lymph nodes, I wouldn't relay on anything OTC. Get to your doc right away.

Blister at flea bite siteHigh feverChillsHeadacheSwollen glandsSwollen groin lymph nodesSwollen armpit lymph nodesSwollen neck lymph nodesLymph node ulcersExtreme exhaustionProstrationDeliriumthere you go :)

Swollen lymph nodes are called just that, swollen lymph nodes. They can be a sign of many different things wrong with a horse and should be checked by an equine very quickly.

Lymph nodes are the site of white blood cell production.

Swollen lymph nodes would be a symptom of a disease rather than the disease itself.

There are too many causes for swollen lymph nodes so you should note any other symptoms to help pinpoint the cause. Swollen lymph nodes can be caused by serious diseases or a simple infection.

If you have swollen lymph nodes at the base of your neck you must go to see your doctor immediately. This could be a critical condition that needs attention immediately !!!

Yes. Swollen lymph nodes are a very common symptom of allergies.

Yes, a yeast infection can cause your lymph nodes to swell.

Your lymph nodes get swollen in response to the effects of disease. These nodes are part of your body's primary defense against illness and swell and become painful when fighting bacteria or viruses.

The "knots" in your armpits are swollen lymph nodes and your throat may have swollen glands as well as swollen lymph nodes. This is very concerning since the lymph nodes swell indicating infection or major illness. Lymph nodes carry lymph fluid and white blood cells throughout our bodies. Certain infections, and certain cancers travel swiftly through the lymph system, thereby causing them to swell.

The answer is yes, any lymph nodes can get swollen. This most likely is a minor infection, but if the area get swollen and terribly painful, consult your doctor!

Yes, but not commonly. Swollen lymph nodes (as a result of an eating disorder) are more often cause by bulimia as opposed to anorexia.

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