Soybeans and Tofu

What are soybean rich in?

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Soybean is a protein-rich supplemental feedstuff, not corn. If you want to add more protein to an animal's diet (without having to use animal by-products, particuarly if you have ruminant animals to feed, not hogs or poultry) include a form of soybean or soybean by-product.

Yes, all beans are considered to be vegetables. Soybean is unique among pulses as it is also an oilseed, containing about 20% of oil. Only the edamame (young green soybean pod) qualifies as a vegetable, all other usages of the soybean involve some transformation, either from the whole beans, or from the protein-rich soybean flour after oil extraction.

Bean curd is another term for tofu - a protein-rich food made from curdled soybean milk.

Soy or soybean is the same thing, so soybean oil does contain soy since it is extracted from the soybean plant.

Yes, soybean is a legume.

i planted a soybean in the back yard

miso (fermented soybean paste)

Soybean Car was created in 1941.

The correct usage is "soybean".

There is no chemical formula for the product soybean oil. This is because soybean oil is not a chemical but a mixture.

Soybean oil is a kind of cooking oil extracted from soybean under the help of an oil pressing machine.

According to the ASA, U.S. soybean and soybean products exports totaled $7.1 billion in 2001.

yes there is acetic acid in soybean oil

1 Soybean Bushel = 27.2155 Kg

The Soybean Capital of the World is Decatur, Illinois.

Yes, soybean oil is a mixture of organic chemicals.

Tennessee Soybean Festival was created in 1993.

proteins rich food like milk, pulses, soybean, fish etc. help our body to grow taller faster.

the weight of soybean oil is 7.7 lbs per gallon

soybean is a common kharif crop, planted for an autumn harvest.

Yes, there are some soybean cheeses for people with lactose intolerance.

is soybean oil better than mustard oil

Yes, soybean oil is actually the main source of biodiesel.

advantage: soybean production lots of people love soybean over there!

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