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Stars from an astronomical perspective are made of helium, hydrogen, and oxygen. They burn for anything from a few million to tens of billions of years. Stars are huge, fiery balls of gas that give off heat and light. This is accomplished by the fusion of the nuclei of two hydrogen atoms to form a helium atom, in a process creatively called NUCLEAR FUSION. The sun is an example of the closest star to our planet. The nearest star, apart from the Sun, is over 40 trillion km (25 trillion miles) away. Order of the stages of a typical star: White Dwarf | Main Chain | RED GIANTS! Biggest star: Aldeberan, located on the tip of the horn of the CONSTELLATION (apparent picture in the night sky made of stars and other visible celestial objects) called Taurus the Bull. The hottest, brightest stars are over 40,000 degrees Celsius.The surface temperature of the coolest star is below 3,500 degrees Celsius. You can see them in the night sky and they appear as points of light that can be yellow, red, blue, orange, and white. A massive, dead star can form a BLACK HOLE, which is a celestial object with a gravitational force so great that nothing, not even light, can escape its pull.
Stars are suns like our Sun, only very far away. There are perhaps a trillion stars in our own Milky Way galaxy, and perhaps a trillion galaxies other than our own scattered throughout the universe.

Our Sun is perhaps a little larger than the "average" star, but certainly not higher than about the top third.

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Q: What are stars?
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