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Stars are mostly made of hydrogen

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Q: What are stars made out of?
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Related questions

What are moon and stars made of?

the moon and the stars are made out of moisture and dust

What is Orion made out of?

Stars - all constellations are made up of stars.

What is stars and planets made from?

planets are made by broken pieces of stars

Are stars made up of plasma?

Yes. Stars are made of plasma.

Are constellations made up of stars?

yes constellations are made up of stars!!!!!

The sun is made out of millions of stars?

The sun isn't made out of stars, it is a star.

When was We Are All Made of Stars created?

We Are All Made of Stars was created in 2001.

What are the stars of the big dipper made out of?

Stars in the constellation of Ursa Major. The stars themselves are made mainly out of Hydrogen.

What are stars maed of?

Stars are made of hydrogen and helium.

Who made the first catalog of stars?

Charles Messier made the first catalogue of stars

Are Stars are made mostly of nitrogen and oxygen?

No. Stars are made mostly of hydrogen and helium.

What else are stars made of other than hydrogen?

Stars are also made out of helium, calcium, and potassium. Neutrons stars and plasma stars are also common.

What is the Orion nebula made of?

It is made of stars

What are stars made from?

Stars are made from a lot of different elements, but when they are done they are mainly hydrogen and helium.

How are shooting stars made?

Shooting stars are not made - they are a natural phenomena [See related question]

What galaxy is made up of billions of stars?

All galaxies are made up of billions of stars.

What makes stars glow?

Stars are made of gas that is burning

Are stars made of galaxies?

No, the stars actually make the planets.

Is there iron in stars?

no there i no iron the stars are made of space dust

What is the relationship between galaxies stars and the universe?

Stars are made of hydrogen and helium, Galaxies are made of stars, a Universe is well, everything by God.

Where was iron made?

in stars

What is Virgo made of?


Where were stars made?

The Nebula

What in a galaxy made of?


Are stars made of rocks or ice?

Neither. Stars are made of gaseous balls of plasma, but can contain matter.