What are stars made out of?


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Stars are mostly made of hydrogen


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No, stars are not made up of clouds, they are made of (mainly) hydrogen plasma.

Stars - all constellations are made up of stars.

the moon and the stars are made out of moisture and dust

Yes. Stars are made of plasma.

planets are made by broken pieces of stars

Stars in the constellation of Ursa Major. The stars themselves are made mainly out of Hydrogen.

yes constellations are made up of stars!!!!!

The sun isn't made out of stars, it is a star.

Stars are also made out of helium, calcium, and potassium. Neutrons stars and plasma stars are also common.

Charles Messier made the first catalogue of stars

No. Stars are made mostly of hydrogen and helium.

Stars are made of hydrogen and helium.

Shooting stars are not made - they are a natural phenomena [See related question]

All galaxies are made up of billions of stars.

Stars are made from a lot of different elements, but when they are done they are mainly hydrogen and helium.

Stars are made of hydrogen and helium, Galaxies are made of stars, a Universe is well, everything by God.

Stars are made of gas that is burning

No, the stars actually make the planets.

no there i no iron the stars are made of space dust

yes__________________________________________________________________________Stars are made up of a super heated gas called plasma.

Neither. Stars are made of gaseous balls of plasma, but can contain matter.

First stars made the smallest elements, from hydrogen up and progressively larger stars made progressively larger elements

Stars are mostly composed of hydrogen and helium.

Plasma And Gas Like Regular Stars

Satellites are man-made, stars are not.

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