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Q: What are statistics about appendicitis in the Philippines?
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What is the statistics of divorce in Philippines?

Divorce is not allowed in the Philippines. Statistics? No rate.

What is the statistics of communicable diseases in the Philippines?

what is the statistics of communicable disease in the philippines?

What is the appendicitis rate in the Philippines?

Philippines incidence - 215,604 Estimated population - 86,241,6972

Does the U.S. Embassy have access to the national statistics records in the Philippines?

Everyone has access to the national statistics records of the Philippines. The National Statistics Office has a website that anybody can access.

Brief history of statistics in the philippines?

brief history of philippines

What is the incident rate of appendicitis in the Philippines?

Philippinesincidence - 215,604 Estimated population - 86,241,6972

When do we celebrate the National Statistics Month?

The National Statistics Month in the Philippines is every October.

How many Catholics are in the Philippines?

They are about 75,594,148 in the latest statistics.

How many Boy Scouts are there in the Philippines?

As of the most recent statistics (2010) the Philippines had 1,872,525 registered scouts.

How can the collection of tourist statistics be better in the philippines?

the tarsier in bohol

What is the recent vital statistics of the philippines?

Some are available starting from this link.

What is the statistics of broken families in the Philippines?

it is ugly the ugly people are lol

Where to get the document of singleness in the Philippines?

The National Statistics Office for an authenticated copy.

How do statistics begun in the Philippines?

Statistics are taken at the local, regional, and national level in the Philippines. This is mainly done by government workers that collect data via census taking and other information request protocols. Once all the information is gathered for that respective year, statistics are released to the general public at large.

What is the current percentage of agricultural land in the Philippines?

40.08 % based on 2009 statistics.

What was the populationof Philippines in 2000?

According to the National Statistics Office of the Philippines, the population census for the country in the year 2000 was: 76,498,735.

What is the effect of death penalty in the Philippines?

The effect of the death penalty in the country of the Philippines has had little effect on violent crime statistics. Violent crimes per capita are very high in the Philippines.

Where does appendicitis come from?

i want to know where the appendicitis come from? how do you stop the appendicitis?

What is meant by subacute appendicitis?

Appendicitis that is not yet as serious as acute appendicitis.

What is your reaction on appendicitis?

what are the reaction on appendicitis

How can you get appendicitis fast?

There is no way by which you can get the appendicitis.

What was the total population of Paranaque Philippines in 2007?

Results of the census of population conducted by the National Statistics Office of the Philippines last August 2007 show that the population of Paranaque City, Philippines totaled 552,660 people.

How long can you go with appendicitis with out knowing it?

The pain of the appendicitis is very severe. You can not practically have appendicitis without feeling the pain.

Is appendicitis a proper noun?

No, the noun appendicitis is a common noun, a word for any case of appendicitis in anyone.

Make a sentence using the word appendicitis?

He doesn't have enough money for appendicitis operation. He is suffering from appendicitis, which is an inflammation of the appendix.