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What are stratus clouds?

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Stratus clouds are the gray clouds that cover the entire sky and have uniform consistency. They usually do not produce rain besides a constant slight drizzle.

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What kind of weather do Stratus clouds bring?

Stratus clouds are low grey clouds which bring a drizzle.

Are stratus clouds higher alltitude than cirrus clouds?

Cirrus clouds are formed at a higher altitude then stratus clouds. Cirrus clouds are formed at about 8,000 m. Stratus clouds are formed under 2,000m. Fog is actually a stratus cloud that forms near the ground.

Stratus clouds are clouds?


Are stratus clouds low clouds?

Yes. Aside from fog (which is at ground level) stratus clouds are the lowest-lying of all clouds.

What type of weather is associated with stratus clouds?

Stratus clouds are not linked with a great deal of meteorological activity. Sometimes stratus clouds will produce light rain or snowfall. Some people refer to stratus clouds as high fog.

What are stratus clouds mostly made of?

Stratus clouds are mostly made of water droplets.

How does air movement affect the shape and texture of stratus clouds?

Stratus clouds are smooth layered clouds

Describe low clouds?

Low clouds are in the stratus group, consisting of stratus, nimbostratus, and stratocumulus. These clouds range up to 6,500-feet. Stratus clouds often resemble fog, and mist sometimes falls from the clouds.

Is fog a stratus cloud?

no the stratus cloud is not fog because stratus clouds are flat layered clouds unlike fog which are thin clouds that covers earths surface.

How do cumulus clouds and stratus clouds compare?

stratus tend to be blanket clouds. Cumulus tend to resemle cotton wool.

What are the most common clouds?

Stratus clouds.

What are wispy clouds called?

Stratus clouds

Which clouds are made of water?

Stratus Clouds

Can you have fact about stratus clouds?

Yes You can Have Facts on Stratus Clouds. I used

What is higher stratus clouds or cumulus clouds?

cumulus clouds

What clouds are considered to be sheet clouds?

cirrostratus and stratus clouds

What are high clouds?

Stratus, alto stratus, noctilucent.

Do stratus clouds bring bad weather?

Not necessarily. The word stratus means layered. If the stratus clouds are low enough they can result in ground fog. Stratus clouds can also produce a light, but steady rain or snow.

Beside tornadoes what type of weather does status clouds bring?

You mean stratus clouds? Stratus clouds can bring rain but not tornadoes.

Three types of clouds?

Cumulus clouds, Stratus clouds and Cirrus clouds

What do stratus clouds picturs look like?

Stratus clouds look like feathery strokes in the sky

What kind of weather indicates stratus clouds?

Stratus clouds may sometimes produce snow or rain.

Where are the stratus clouds found?

Stratus clouds are found In a low altitude place either after it has rained or before

what do stratus clouds bring down?

they bring down a little snow and rain

Are stratus or cumulonimbus storm clouds?

Cumulonimbus clouds are storm clouds.