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What are superstitions about bread?



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* Make the sign of the cross on a new loaf of bread before slicing it.

* Never turn a loaf of bread upside down after a slice has been cut from it.

* If you find a hole in a loaf of bread you cut, it symbolises a grave and meant that someone was soon to die. If a person found a loaf in this state, there would be days of discussion to guess who it might be that would be stricken down.

* Bread is not meant to be sliced at both ends at once - otherwise the Devil will be able to escape from inside the loaf and fly about the room.

* All loaves of bread must be marked with a sign of the cross before baking. The idea was that the cross would prevent the devil from sitting on the loaf - and thereby prevent him from cursing or spoiling the bread.

* When bread is cut, it is important that the knife does not cut into the board that the bread rests on. This is an omen of impending death.

* Whoever eats the last piece of bread has to kiss the cook, otherwise bad luck will befall the house.

* It is bad luck to cut an unbaked loaf.

* If you burn bread it means your sweetheart is angry with you.

* To prevent ghosts from haunting you, leave bread and coffee under your house.

* Eating bread baked by a woman whose maiden name is the same as her married name is a cure for many illnesses.

* If all the bread in the house is eaten, the next day will be good.

* If you put a piece of bread in a baby's cradle, it will keep away disease.

* Bread, if dropped, will always land buttered-side down.

* Cutting bread in an uneven manner is a sign that you have been telling lies.

* When a couple or group of friends are walking down the street holding hands and an obstacle comes between them, they must say "bread and butter" to keep the union, until their hands meet again

* It is bad luck to cut bread at both ends of the loaf.

* It is bad luck to break bread in anyone's hand.

* Never leave a knife stuck in a loaf of bread.

* If you drop a piece of bread on the floor, pick it up and make a wish, then the wish will come true.

* To dream of bread means happy events to come.

* If two people reach for a piece of bread at the same time means someone is coming to visit.

* It is bad luck to drop bread butter side down.

* It is bad luck to take the last piece of bread.

* If you take another piece of bread when you have one on your plate already, you will feed someone hungry in the near future.

* If a woman reaches for a piece of bread while she's still chewing on the last one, she will have trouble in the future.