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it is a saying of some persons

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Q: What are superstitions or superstitions belief?
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What is the view of science on superstitions?

Scientifically, superstitions are considered as a psychological need for supernatural belief

How age affects the belief in superstitions?


What is the superstitions and belief?

a practice were previously througth to been found out to have scientific bases

Give 5 examples of superstitions without scientific basis?

what are supertitious belief?

Is it foolish to believe in superstitions?

Yes, superstitions are nothing but a feeling or a belief that somebody has designed themselves. There is nothing true in a superstition. It is merely a feeling or made up belief to give somebody a sense of power and to have people who follow them.

How do you eradicate superstitions through education?

If children are taught discipline,devotion,dedication and hard work, the belief in superstitions will get erased. People who always expects over night wonders in their favor strongly believe superstitions.

Do superstitions about comets and asteroids have a scientific basis why?

No. By definition, a superstition is a belief that does not have a scientific basis.

When does a belief become superstitions?

Since I am not a philosopher, I shall refer you to the related link for a start. =================

Do superstitions about comets and asteroids have scientific basis and why?

No. By definition, a superstition is a belief that does not have a scientific basis.

Is the superstitious belief in India are of scientific importance?

Yes because scientists study superstitions to the extreme! Okay, not really! But they do study that. Superstitions have been going on for years.

The meaning of suoerstitous?

i Think your intention is 'superstitous' not 'suoerstitous' ths word means : having or showing a belief in superstitions. superstitions means : a belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance, or a false conception of causation

Give at least 5 superstitions belief?

fuuuck yall aass sukk diick

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