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My Mom had her periods while she was pregnant. She did not know that she was pregnant with me until she was 5 months along. She knew her body well enough to know when she was pregnant with her periods after that. My Mom had morning sickness off and on through out her whole pregnanies with my Sister's and Brother. My sister had her periods when she was pregnant, and she had just about every sign known to pregnanies. She was always visiting the toilet due do being sick even though she was having her periods. It is not uncomming to have a period the first month of pregnancy. Though some woman's bodies do not have periods at all during pregnanies. Though people say taking a test is not always the answer. My sister took test while she was on her period, and pregnant and it said that she was not pregnant. Though my Mom and Sister knew that she was. The doctors thought that my sister was nuts until she took a pregnany test and it came out saying that she was pregnant and she missed her period, and when they did a scan on her, they could not believe how far along she was... If you are worried, wait a month, and if you still get your period and you are having signs of pregnany, I would go to the doctor and have them do a blood test, and if that comes out saying that you are not, you may want to get a ultra-sound done...

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Q: What are symptoms of a pregnancy with periods?
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What are the symptoms of pregnancy if you're on NuvaRing?

Symptoms of pregnancy on NuvaRing are absent periods and positive pregnancy test.

What are pregnancy symptoms Can you have uti for a symptoms become pregnant?

Breast changes,fatigue, nausea and missed periods are theearly symptoms of pregnancy.

What do i do I am 20 days late on periods and no symptoms of pregnancy and negative pregnancy test?

Go and see a doctor!! Obvious...

Im having heavy periods but symptoms of pregnancy?

miscarriage, that's all i can think of

What can cause missed periods and pregnancy symptoms including large rounded stomach but not be pregnant?

i have the same question

How can you tell if your pregnant when your overweight?

Missing periods, nausea and tender breasts are a few early symptoms of pregnancy.

Can you have pregnancy symptons and not be pregnant?

i have three times noticed that i have all symptoms of pregnancy .every time my periods delay for 15 days and above .but i was not pregnant

Is backache a symptom of pregnancy before you missed periods?

no it is not if your are pregnant the pregnancy is not progressed enough for back aches but keep a close eye for other symptoms

Irregular periods and pregnancy?

irregular periods and pregnancy

Can you get two normal heavy periods each within 28 days of one another and have no symptoms for ten weeks and still be pregnant?

No. Two normal heavy periods and no symptoms of pregnancy sound like your definitely not pregnant.

If you took two pregnancy tests and have had two delayed periods and other symptoms can you be pregnant?

Yes you may be pregnant but if the tests were negative then your probably having irregular periods.

What is a timeline of pregnancy symptoms?

What is a timeline for pregnancy symptoms

How do you know the symptoms of pregnancy if you are on birth control?

They will be the same as if you were not. Your periods Will stop there is a likelihood of tender breasts and a bloated feeling. however the best way is to do or have a pregnancy test done.

If a man ejaculates and you have no symptoms of pregnancy and still have regular periods could you still get pregnant?

no Not unless he does it again and his timing is better.

Could you be pregnant while on birth control and having normal periods but also having pregnancy symptoms?

Very unlikely

Can you be pregnant if your 2 days late and have no pregnancy symptoms?

Always possible but it's normal for some girls to have irregular periods.

If symptoms occur what will you do?

If you get pregnancy symptoms, take a pregnancy test

Can you have symptoms of pregnancy while on NuvaRing?

Birth control medication does cause pregnancy symptoms. But yes you can have pregnancy symptoms and be pregnant.

Can pregnancy symptoms vary from pregnancy to pregnancy?

Yes, they can as every pregnancy is different.

Can nipple discharge arrest the menstruation?

Nipple discharge and absent periods is a combination of symptoms that always deserves a checkup. Take a pregnancy test first if you are at risk of pregnancy. If that's not the cause, there could be a hormonal imbalance that is causing this combination of symptoms.

What is wrong if you have had periods for the last 3 months but they have been very short and you have all the pregnancy symptoms but 3 pregnancy tests have been negative?

It can be two things. 1) Pregnancy or 2) Hormonal problems. Because your having pregnancy symptoms and negative pregnancy tests, you need to see your doctor for a blood test and a gynocologist incase its hormonal related.

Is there a complication if you missed your period twice or is it a sign that you are pregnant even if you do not have pregnancy symptoms and you do not feel like you are carrying a baby in your womb?

Hi, Not all missed periods are caused by pregnancy. A lot of missed periods that are not caused by pregnancy are usually caused by irregular periods, stress, stopping the pill or hormonal imbalance. Best thing to do is see your doctor and have a blood test.

If you have taken a pregnancy test and it comes back negative but you have missed 2-3 periods what could this mean?

Do you have any symptoms of pregnancy other than missed periods? I would recommend getting a blood test from your doctor to ensure accuracy.

You had two previous periods 3 negative urinary tests you have pregnancy symptoms you dont know what else to do?

get a blood test from your doctor

What does the IUD do?

The IUD, or intraiuterine device, prevent pregnancy. The hormone-bearing IUD can also decrease the symptoms of heavy or painful periods.