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The same as when your not on Birth Control pill. Birth control can cause pregnancy symptoms when you've recently started taking it within the last 3 months.

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Q: What are symptoms of pregnancy when you are on the birth control pill?
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Could stopping the birth control pill cause pregnancy symptoms?

If you're not taking the pill, it's always possible to get pregnant, fake symptoms or not.

I have all the symptoms for pregnancy but i changed my birth control pill 3 weeks ago. Are these symptoms still from changing my pill or could i be pregnant?

if you have had unprotected sex recently even if you are on birth control you could be pregnant. i suggest taking a pregnancy test :)

Does the birth control pill increase the risk of pregnancy?

The birth control pill decreases the risk of pregnancy. That is what it is intended to do.

Can stopping the birth control pill cause pregnancy symptoms?

Yes it is normal. You may still experience symptoms on and off for upto 3 months after stopping the pill.

Am on birth control no symptoms of pregnancy and neg pregnancy tests?

This is what you would expect to occur; but there are slight chances to become pregnant even when taking the pill.

Does stopping taking the pill mess up getting pregnant?

Taking the birth control pill lowers the risk of pregnancy. Not taking the birth control pill does not lower the risk of pregnancy. You are more likely to get pregnant when you are not taking the birth control pill.

Can pregnancy happen if on the pill?

Yes, even on the pill there is a chance of pregnancy, as there is with most forms of birth control.

Does Diane pill prevent pregnancy?

Yes, Diane is a birth control pill.

Does vitamin C affect the birth control pill?

Vitamin C does not change how well the birth control pill prevents pregnancy.

Do you have to take the birth control pill every day?

For the birth control pill to be effective in preventing pregnancy, you have to take it every day.

Does the birth control pill reduce the risk of pregnancy?

Yes, that is what the birth control is designed to do. It does not affect future fertility after you stop the pill.

Does a birth control pill help with premenstrual symptoms?


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