What are temperate grassland region's?

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What type of climate is perfect for a tornado to form?

Temperate. Most tornadoes form in temperate grassland regions.

Is temperate grassland the same as grassland?

the temperate grassland falls under the category grassland along with the savanna biome. usually when they say grassland, they DO mean temperate grassland.

What are the ten natural regions?

ten natural regions of the world: Tropical Rain Forests, Tropical Grassland,Mediterranean,Temperate Forests, Cool Forests, Cool Grassland, Desert, Tundra, Arctic, and High Mountain.

The two main natural vegetation regions in the southern part of Northern Eurasia are?

The dominant vegetation regions in the South are temperategrassland and desert scrub.

What organisms are common in the temperate grassland biome?

what are five organisms that live in a temperate grassland ?

What is the location of a temperate grassland?

Temperate grassland region is in Steppe, Veld, Pampas and praries.

What is the lifestyle of the human population in a temperate grassland?

life style of the people in temperate grassland

What is the temperate grassland region?

The temperate grassland region is located north of the Tropic of Cancer.

Where are the 6 biome regions of Saskatchewan?

Ther are only three:1. boreal2. temperate3. grassland

What is the meaning of temperate grassland?

A temperate grassland is a plain that receives moderate weather and rainfall. The flora of a temperate grassland is mainly grasses and weeds and some brush and small trees.

What is temperate grassland characterized by a great variety of grasses?

a temperate grassland characterized by a great variety of grasses

Some facts about grassland?

grassland are divied into two main part , temperate grassland, tropical grassland

Which biomes are typically found in the temperate zone?

temperate forest, temperate grassland, chaparral

What are different natural regions?

The natural regions include the natural vegetation region of mountain alpine forests,tropical forest,rain forest,deserts shrubs,grassland regions,temperate grasslands,marshlands,islands.

Can temperate grassland can be very windy?

Yes, it can be very windy in grassland

What biome is Kansas?

temperate grassland

What is the ecosystem in Italy?

Temperate grassland.

Are there detritivores in the temperate grassland?


Which area is not a temperate grassland?


What are the temperate regions of India?

you tell me where are the temperate regions of oriental region

Other names for grasslands?

- prairie (temperate grassland) - savanna (tropical grassland)

Is outback Australia a temperate grassland?

Parts of the outback are temperate grassland. Other parts range from eucalyptus bushland/woodland to arid desert.

What are tornadoes mostly attracted to?

Nothing attracts tornadoes per se, but they most often hit in temperate grassland regions. This has mostly to to with climatic factors.

How often do tornadoes and hurricanes happen in the Temperate Rainforest?

Hurricanes do not often impact temperate areas as the are mostly limited to tropical and subtropical regions. Tornadoes are more common than hurricanes in temperate climates, but affect grassland more often than forests.

What biome does a porcupine live in?

temperate grassland