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What are ten things you could find in a classroom?

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June 27, 2017 5:21PM

Anti-bacterial wipes, art pencils, American flag, atlas, books, backpack, book covers, bulletin boards, bullies, bookmark, bandages, binders, calculator, colored pencils, computer, construction paper, crayons, desks, dictionary, dry-erase boards, encyclopedia, flash drive, globe, highlighter, hand sanitizer, index cards, instructor, journalism class, kids, laptop, lunch box, loose-leaf notebook, microscope, magic markers, notebooks, overhead projector, organizer planner, paper, pen, protractor, pencils, post-it sticky notes, quiz, quiet time, quadrille notebook, ruler, rubber bands, room mother, scissors, sanitizer wipes, teacher, text books, tissues, thesaurus, uniforms, U.S. flag, USB flash drive, vocabulary words, whiteboard, waste basket, wipes, xylophone, yardstick and zippers are found in a classroom.