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Q: What are th concept about products of plants in preschool?
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Can plants be the producers of the savanna?

what are producers of the savanna? are they th plants that are in the savanna?

What are some distinguishing characteristics of plants?


What are th products of particular superiority in canada?


How much money in th US on beauty products?

Do plants provide animals with oxygen?

yes plants provide th whole world with oxygen

What do plants cells do?

It is what keeps th eplant alive

How does the climate of Singapore affects the plants?

Th weather in singapore affects the way the plants grow so only plants which can survive the heat (e.g.plants)

A place over grown with tropical plants?

It's th Jungle

What are th plants to get moshiling?

pink dragon black apple blue moon

What does the crux of the concept lie in the Fortune at Bottom of the pyramid?

It means thesupplier mostly consider those who have purchasing power than th

How does the concept of a field eliminate the idea of a action at a distance?

there is no contact between th objects,and the forces are acting at a distance putting this in terms of the field concept, we can say that the orbiting satellite and electron interact with the force fields of the object.

What do plants have that surrounds th cel l membrane and separates the cell from the environment?

The cell wall

How did people entertain themselves in th 1900s?

They wee on their plants to fertilize them and they t-bag their grandmothers

What do you call and animal that eats bot plants and meats?

Th animals that eat bothe plants and meat are called omnivores. Submitted by inderpreet K Sahota

Why is osmosis an important process for plants?

osmosis is important to plants because it is the way th plant gets water through its leaves and root hair cells

During th Daniel fast my church says to avoid wheat products why is that?

Gluten is bad, mmk?

What are some products made from major crops in Oregon?

th e major crops are wheat, and potatoes

Scientific concept of law differ from legal or religious sense?

The scientific concept of law is concerned mainly with what methods are possible to carry out. Th e legal or religious sense is more concerned with what methods are right, moral or humane to carry out.

Are elks carnivores?

no because they feed on plants or producers

What are 5 plants in the Amazon rainforest?

Trumpet tree, Clavillia, Suma, Curare and Coacoa tree... TH

What does transperation mean in th water cycle?

Transpiration is done by plants. Water is evaporated in this process.

What does the plant use to cook th eCO2 and H2O?

because all green plants work as producer

What is th definition of GDP?

Gross Domestic Product. It is the market value of all goods and products in a country in a year.

Why do plants lean toward the sun?

plants lean towards the sun to gain nutrients, that is an adaptation. They also use th sun photosynthesis plants lean towards the sun for photosynthesis. When they leann towards the sun it is an adaptation

Do all land plants take in water from the ground?

If I'm correct I would have to say no! not all plants take in water from the ground. There are plaints known as Air plants which absorb th moisture from the air. Does anyone agree?