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What are the 1008 names of lord vishnu?

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1ViswamHe who is the Universe itself2VishnuHe who is spread

everywhere3VashatkaraHe who is personification of Vedic

sacrifice(Yagna)4Bhootha Bhavya Bhavat PrabhuHe who is the master

of past, present and future5BhootakritHe who has created the beings

in the universe6BhootabritHe who takes care of all the beings in

the universe7BhavaHe who is everything that happens8BhootaatmaHe

who is the soul of every being in the Universe9BhootabhavanaHe who

nurtures every being in the universe10PootatmaHe who is detached of

every thing or He who has a clean character11ParamatmaHe who is in

every being but beyond every being or the greatest soul

.12Mukthanam Parama GathiHe who is the ultimate salvation of every

freed being13AvyayaHe who does not have different forms or He who

is always same.14PurushaHe who is inside every body15SakshiHe who

is the witness of every thing that happens16KshetragnaHe who knows

the body17AksharaHe who does not have death18YogaHe who can be

attained by yoga (meditation?)19Yoga Vitham NethaHe who is the

leader of all those who know yoga20Pradhana -PurusheswaraHe who is

the lord of nature and beings21Narasimha VapushaHe who is part

human and part lion22SrimanHe in whom Sri (Lakshmi or Goddess)

resides23KesavaHe who is served by Vishnu, Siva and BrahmaOr He who

has beautiful hairOr He Who killed Kesi the

Asura(Ogre)24PurushottamaHe who is the greatest among

Purushas(beings) orHe who is greater than those who are bound,

those who are free and those who are static.25SarwaHe who is

everything26SsarvaHe who destroys everything when the deluge

comes27ShivaHe who is pure28SthanuHe who is stable29BhootaathaHe

from whom all the beings evolved30NidhiravyayaHe who is never

destroyed (even at deluge)31SambhavaHe who is all that

happens32BhavanaHe who is the giver of every thing33BharthaHe who

is the basis supports all beings34PrabhavaHe in whom all things

were born35PrabhuHe who is extremely clever36EaswaraHe who controls

and rules all beings or He who is a natural ruler.37SwayambhuHe who

is born from himself38ShambhuHe who gives all pleasures39AdityaHe

who throws light on everything or He who is one but appears

different.40PushkarakshaHe who has lotus like eyes41MahaswanaHe who

has a great voice42AnadhinidhanaHe who has neither birth nor

death43DhathaHe who carries the world44VidhathaHe who creates all

actions and their results45Dhatur-UttamaHe who is greater than the

creator (Brahma)46AprameyaHe who is beyond rules, regulations and

definitions.47HrishikesaHe who controls his five

senses48PadmanabhaHe who has a lotus (from which the world evolved)

growing on his belly49Amara -PrabhuHe who is the chief of deathless

beings50Viswa-KarmaHe who has made this universe51ManuHe who thinks

(worries) of every thing52DwashtaHe who destroys every

thing53SthavishtaHe who is extremely fat54Sthaviro-DhruvaHe who is

ancient and permanent55AgrahyaHe who is not reachable by

senses56SaswathaHe who existed in the past, exists at present and

will exist in future.57KrishnaHe who is blackOr He who is

personification of truth, happiness and that which is beyond

us58LohitakshaHe who has red eyes59PrathardhanaHe who destroys

every thing in the end (deluge)60PrabhoothaHe who is full of wealth

and knowledge61Thrika-KubhdhamaHe in whom resides the three worlds

viz. Earth, Heaven and Hell62PavithraHe who is pure or He who makes

others pure.63Mangalam-ParamHe who does good to others64EasanaHe

who rules over (appoints) everything65PranadhaHe who makes beings

move66PranaHe who is the soul67JyeshtaHe who is elder to all

others68SreshtaHe who is better than all others69PrajapathiHe who

is the chief of all human beings70HiranyagarbhaHe who resides as

the soul (Brahmam) of this golden universe71BhoogarbhaHe who

carries the earth within himself72MaadhavaHe who is the consort of

LakshmiOr He who can be realized only by silence , meditation and

yoga73MadusudhanaHe who killed Madhu the Asura74EaswaraHe who is

supremely strong75VikramiHe who has the ability to destroy all his

enemies or He who has valour.76DhanviHe who is the supreme

archer77MedhaviHe who is the supreme intelligence78VikramaHe who

has measured the worlds Or He who rides on a bird (Garuda)79KramaHe

who has spread every where80AnuthamaHe who does not have anybody

better than him81DuradharshaHe who can not be cowed down by his

enemies82KridhagnaHe who knows good and bad of all beings or He who

gives salvation even by giving leaves and flowers.83KrithiHe who is

busy in his work or He who is personification of work.84AthmavanHe

who has only his strength as his basis85SureshaHe who is the lord

of all Gods (Devas)86ssaranaHe who removes sadness from the

unhappy87ssharmaHe who is personification of total

happiness88VishwarethaHe who is the seed to this

universe89PrajhaBhavaHe who is the reason for existence of human

beings90AahaHe who is as bright as the day91SamvatsaraHe who is

personification of the year92VyalaHe who cannot be caught like the

great serpent93PrathyayaHe who is personification of

knowledge94SarvadarshanaHe who sees (knows) everything95AjhaHe who

does not have birth96SarveshwaraHe who is God for

everything97SiddhaHe who is always everywhere98SiddhiHe who is the

desirable effect of everything99SarvadhiHe who is the primary

reason for everything100AchyuthaHe who does not slipOr He who does

not allow his devotees to slip101VrashakapiHe who is the

personification of Dharma and Varaha102AmeyatmaHe whose stature can

not be measured103Sarva Yoga VinisruthaHe who is devoid of all

attachmentsOr He who is known by all yogas104VasuHe who lives in

every being105VasuManaHe who has a good heart106SatyaHe who is

truth personified107SamathmaHe who looks everybody as

equal108AsammithaHe who can not be measured109SamaHe who is without

change at all times110AmoghaHe who gives all to his

devotees111PundarikakshaHe who is lotus eyedOr He who is like eyes

for those living in the heaven called Pundarika112VrishakarmaHe

whose actions are dictated by Dharma113VrishakrithaHe who is born

to uphold Dharma114RudhraHe who drives away sadness and the reasons

for it115BahusirasHe who has many heads116BhabruHe who carries the

worlds117ViswayoniHe from whom all beings are born118SuchisravaHe

who hears holy (clean) words of his devotees119AmrithaHe who does

not die120SaswathaSthanuHe who is perennially stableOr He who is

permanent and unmovable121VaroraohaHe who does not send back those

who attain him122MahathapaHe who is extremely

knowledgeable123SarvagaHe who goes (reaches) every

where124Sarvavid-bhanuHe who shines in the knowledge of every

thing125VishvaksenaHe who attacks the armies of Rakshasas from all

directions. Or He who attacks bad things from

everywhere126JanardhanaHe who troubles bad peopleOr He whom people

pray for benefits127VedaHe who is the Vedas128VedavidhaHe who knows

the meaning of Vedas129AvyangaHe who is beyond the reach of five

senses130VedangaHe who has Vedas as parts of his body131VedaVithHe

who examines (interprets) Vedas132KaviHe who sees (knows)

everything133LokadhyakshaHe who presides over the

Universe134SuradyakshaHe who directs the devas135DharmadyakshaHe

who presides over Dharma136KrithaKrithaHe who is the means and

result of every thing137ChathurathmaHe who is Brahma during

creation, Vishnu during the upkeep, Rudra during destruction and

Janardhana during Pralaya(deluge) of the world138Chathur VyuhaHe

who is Aniruddha when we are awake, Pradhyumna when we are

dreaming, Sangarshana when we are in Sushupthi and Vasudeva when we

are in Thuriya139Chathur DamshtraHe who has four protruding

incisors( as in Narasimha Avatara)Or He who has four

horns140Chathur BhujaHe who has four hands141BrajishnuHe who is in

the form of lightOr He who is the light142BhojanaHe who is in the

form which can be enjoyed like foodOr He who consumes food offered

to him by devotees143BhokthaHe who is the consumer of

nature144SahishnuHe who can pardonOr He who wins and

converts145JagataDhijaHe who was born before the world146AnaghaHe

whom no sin gets attached or He who is sinless147VijayaHe who is

wins148JethaHe who is always the victor149ViswayoniHe who is the

universe and its creator150PunarvasuHe who is in every being as its

controller151UpendraHe who is Indra to Indra himself152VamanaHe who

was born as VamanaOr He whom devotees can worship153PramsuHe who

grew big when measuring the world as Vamana154AmoghaHe whose

actions are never wasted155SuchiHe who cleans the mind of those who

pray Him156OOrjithaHe who is very powerful157AthindraHe who is

above Indra158SangrihaHe who destroys during the deluge159SargaHe

who is the personification of creation160DhritatmaHe who is birth

less and stable161NiyamaHe who appoints others162YamaHe who

controls others163VedyaHe who can be known164VaidyaHe who knows all

knowledge165Sada YogiHe who is lustrous always166VeerahaHe who

kills Asura Heroes167MadhavaHe who is the lord of knowledge

(Vidya)168MadhuHe who is like honey169AthindriyaHe who is beyond

human senses170Maha mayaHe who is an illusion to those great

illusionists171MahotsahaHe who has great enthusiasm172MahabalaHe

who is very strong173Maha BuddhiHe who has tremendous

knowledge174Maha VeeryaHe who even if there is reason to worry

never gets worried175Maha ShakthiHe who is very strong176Maha

DyuthiHe who has great luster177Anirdesya VapuHe of whom nobody can

tell that he is thus178ShreemanHe in whom godly wealth

resides179AmeyatmaHe who has immeasurable knowledge180Mahadri

DrikHe who lifted large mountains181MaheshvasaHe who is a great

archer182Mahee BharthaHe who lifted the earth when he was born as

Varaha183SreenivasaHe in whose chest resides Shree Devi184Sadam

GathiHe who is the ultimate goal of good people185AniruddhaHe who

can not be stopped by any body186SuranandaHe who makes Devas

happy187GovindaHe who lifted the earth(Go)Or He who is the chief of

cowsOr He who makes the word \'Go\' attain him188Govidam PathiHe

who is the leader of those who know Vedas189MareechiHe who is in

the form of light190DhamanaHe who punishes191HamsaHe who removes

fear of those who consider Him as themselves192SuparnaHe who has

beautiful wings193BhujagottamaHe who is the shape of a good

serpent194Hiranya NabhaHe who has a belly like gold195SuthapaHe who

has done great penance196PadmanabhaHe who shines in the belly of

the lotus of our heart197PrajapathiHe who is the chief of

people198AmruthyuHe who does not have death199SarvadrikhHe who sees

everything200SimhaHe who troubles sinners201SamdathaHe who adds

devotees to himself202SandhimanHe who adds all those who experience

Him to himself203SthiraHe who is permanent204AjhaHe who is inside

everything205DhurmarshanaHe whom enemies cannot defeat or

bear206ShaarathaHe who orders and makes others

obey207VishrutathmaHe who is the soul of all the good one is

told208SurarihaHe who destroys the enemies of devas209GuruHe who is

a teacher of all knowledge210Guru-ThamaHe who is the teacher of

teachers211DhamaHe who is light212SatyaHe who is

truth213SatyaparakramaHe who is truly a hero214NimishaHe who closes

his eyes (during Yoganidhra)215AnimishaHe who sees everything

without batting his eyelids216SsraghviHe who wears a

garland217Vachaspathi UdharathiHe who is the supreme

personification of knowledge218AgraniHe who takes one to a higher

life219GrammaniHe who appoints (controls) Pancha Bhutas220ShrimanHe

who shines221NyayaHe who is justice222NethaHe who drives the world

machine as its leader223SameeranaHe who in the form of wind makes

beings move224Sahasra MoordhaHe who has countless heads (all heads

of beings are his)225ViswathmaHe who is the soul of every

thing226SahasrakshaHe who has thousand eyes (All eyes are

his)227SahasrapathHe who has thousand feet228AvarthanaHe who

rotates (the wheel of life)229NivrithathmaHe who is not attached to

life230SamvrithaHe who is not visible due to net of illusion

(Maya)231SampramardhanaHe who destroys the world (in the form of

Yama and Rudhra)232Aha SamvarthakayaHe who makes day in the form of

sun233VahnniHe who is in the form of fire234AnilaHe who is in the

form of air235DharanidharaHe who supports the earth (in the form of

Adi sesha)236SuprasadhaHe who is mercy personified237PrasannathmaHe

who is forever clear headed238Viswa DrikHe who takes care of the

world239Viswa BhujaHe who eats up the world during deluge240VibhuHe

who has many forms241SatkarthaHe who worships those who do good

deeds242SatkrithaHe who is worshipped by good people243SadhuHe who

walks in the righteous path244JahnnuHe who prevents people without

Bhakthi from attaining him245NarayanaHe who resides in all things

that he createsOr He in whom all souls reside246NaraHe who shows

the path247AsangyeyaHe who is beyond counting or He who is

infinite248AprameyatmanHe who is beyond knowledge249VisishtaHe who

is the greatest250SishtaKrithHe who orders or he who protects good

people251SuchiHe who is blemish less252SiddharthaHe who has all he

wants253Siddha SankalpaHe who realizes all that he

wants254SiddhithaHe who gives devotees the ability to attain their

wants255Siddhi SadhanaHe who is 'wants' and the reason for

'wants'256VrishahiHe who shines like day257VrishabhaHe who showers

all wishes on his devotees258VishnuHe who measured the worlds in

Vamana Avatara259VrishaparvanaHe who can be attained through the

stair case of Dharma (right action)260VrishodharaHe who keeps all

beings in his belly during deluge261VardhanaHe who rears

beings262VardhamanaHe who grows like the beings whom He

grows263VivikthaHe who stands alone264ShruthisagaraHe who is the

ocean in which all Shrutis( Vedas) lead265SubhujaHe who has good

arms266DhurdharaHe who carries everything but not carried by

anybody or He who is impossible to carry267VagmiHe who is a great

orator268MahendraHe who is God to the Gods269VasudhaHe who gives

good pleasures and wealth270VasuHe who is wealth271NaikaroopaHe who

does not have one appearance272BrihadroopaHe who has a big

appearance273ShipivishtaHe who is inside a ray of lightOr He who is

sacrifice in a sacrificial animal274PrakasanaHe who makes

everything shine275OjastejodyuthidharaHe who has strength, valor

and luster276PrakasathmaHe who is the soul of luster Or He who

makes others shine277PrathapanaHe who emits heat278KriddhaHe who is

full (of knowledge, Dharma and renunciation)279SpashtaksharaHe who

is denoted by the sound of OM280ManthraHe who is the shape of Vedic

manthras281ChandramsaHe who is as pleasant as the ray of

moon282BhaskaradyuthiHe who has light like the

sun283AmruthamsurbhavaHe who made moon appear from the Ocean of

milk284BhanuHe who shines himself285ShasabinduHe who is like

moon286SureswraHe who is the chief of those who do

good287AushadhaHe who is medicine288Jagatha-SethuHe who is the

bridge for the worlds289Sathya Dharma ParakramaHe who is truth,

Dharma and valorous290Bhootha Bhava BhannathaHe who is the lord of

past, present and future291PavanaHe who cleans in the form of

wind292PaavanaHe who makes the wind blow293AnalaHe whom we never

get satisfied294KamahaHe who removes bondage of life295Kama KritHe

who satisfies wishes296KanthaHe who is attractive because of his

beauty297KamaHe who is desired by everybody298KamapradhaHe who

gives all wishes for those who wish299PrabhuHe who stands

tall300Yugadhi KritHe who created the divisions of time301Yuga

VarthaHe who makes time periods come again and again302Naika MayaHe

who creates many illusions303MahasanaHe who is a big eater during

deluge304AdhrisyaHe who is not visible305Vyaktha roopaHe who is

clearly visible (to yogis)306Sahasra JitHe who defeats thousands

(of Rakshsas-bad people)307Anantha JitHe who is for ever

victorious308IshtaHe who is liked by every one309AvisishtaHe who

does not have any one above him310SishteshtaHe who is dear to the

learned311ShikandiHe who wears the feathers of pea cock312NahushaHe

who ties souls by illusion313VrishaHe who rains (wishes of

devotees)314KrodhaHe who removes anger from devotees315Krodha Krit

KarthaHe who destroys those becoming angry (like Rakshasas)316Viswa

BhahuHe who has hands all over the universe (He who supports us

every where)317Mahee DharaHe who supports the earth318AchyuthaHe

who never changes319PradhithaHe who is famous320PranaHe who is the

soul321PranaadhaHe who gives strength322VasavanujaHe who is the

brother of Indra323Apam NidhiHe who is the ocean324AdhishtanaHe in

whom the world stays325ApramaththaHe who is always

watchful326PrathishtithaHe who has become stable327SkandhaHe who is

the ambrosia (nectar)328Skandha DharaHe who supports the path of

the righteous329DhuryaHe who carries the weight of the

world330VaradhaHe who gives boons331Vayu VahanaHe who makes even

the wind move332Vasu DevaHe who is in everything and plays

there333Brihat BhanuHe who has wide rays which go every

where334Adhi DevaHe who is the first reason of the

world335PurandharaHe who destroyed cities of Asuras336AshokaHe who

is never sad337StharanaHe who helps one to cross the sea of

life338StharaHe who gives strength to face the fears of

life339ShuraHe who has valor340ShouriHe who is a hero (He who is

shura, the son of Vasudeva)341JaneswaraHe who is God for all those

who are born342AnukoolaHe who is positively interested I every

one343Satha VarthaHe who was born several times (to protect

Dharma)344PadhmiHe who has lotus in his hand345Padhma NibhekshanaHe

who has two lotus like eyes346Padhma NabhaHe who has the lotus on

his belly347AravindakshaHe who has beautiful lotus like

eyes348Padhma GarbhaHe who is being meditated in the lotus of our

mind349Sarrera BritHe who takes many forms by his

illusion350MahardhiHe who has great wealth351HriddhaHe grows in the

form of universe352VridhatmaHe who is oldest353Maha AkshaHe who has

big eyes (all seeing)354Garuda DwajaHe who has Garuda(eagle) in his

flag355AthulaHe who has no equals356SharabhaHe who lives as soul in

beings357BheemaHe who makes everyone afraid of Him358Sama YagnaHe

who knows the time for action or He who treats all as

equals359HavirhariHe who takes share of Gods in a Yaga (fire

sacrifice)360Sarva Lakshana LakshanyaHe who has all known good

characteristicsOr He who is known to all known rules361Lakshmi

VaanHe from whom Lakshmi (goddess of wealth) never

leaves362SamithinjayaHe who wins in all wars363ViksharaHe who is

never destroyed364RohithaHe who took the form of red fish called

RohitaOr He who is red like the inside of lotus365MaargaHe who is

the way for eternal bliss366HethaHe who is the cause367DamodharaHe

who is known by knowledge got by self restraintOr He who was tied

by Yasodha in the stomachOr He who keeps in his belly the world

called Dhama368SahaHe who tolerates everything369MahidharaHe who

carries the world370Maha BhagaHe who is great in the Avataras (holy

births) he takesOr He who receives the best share offered by

devotees371Vega VanHe who is very fast372AmithasanaHe who takes

immeasurable food ( during deluge)373UdbhavaHe who is the reason

for the birth of the worlds374KsobhanaHe who during creation churns

Purusha and Prakrithi375DevaHe who plays in activities like

creationOr He who wins over Asuras376SrigarbhaHe who keeps his

wealth (of worlds) in his belly377ParameshwaraHe who is the most

efficient ruler378KaranaHe who is the instrument for creation of

the world379KaaranaHe who is the cause for creation of the

world380KarthaHe who is independent master381VikarthaHe who created

peculiar worlds382GahanaHe whose shape, strength and actions are

difficult to know383GuhaHe who hides everything by illusion

(Maya)384VyavasayaHe who is personification of

knowledge385VyavasthanaHe who is not bound by any

limitations386SamsthanaHe who has the best position387SthanadaHe

who gives positions388DhruvaHe who is permanent389ParardhiHe who

has great wealth390Parama SpashtaHe who is the limit of beauty and

self evidenceOr He who is extremely clear391ThushtaHe who is the

form of immortal bliss392PushtaHe who is always

complete393ShubekshanaHe who has a blissful sightOr He whose sight

gives all persons their wants394RaamaHe who makes others to be

happy with him395ViramaHe who is the ultimate end of

everything396VirathaHe who is not interested in worldly

pleasures397MaarghaHe who is the path (for Moksha or immortal

bliss)398NeyaHe who obeys orders of sages devoted to him399NayaHe

who makes everything work (lead)400AnayaHe who cannot be lead by

any body401VeeraHe who is personification of valor402Shakthi Matham

ShreshtaHe who is strongest among the strong403DharmaHe who is the

basis of every thingOr He who is worshipped by all faiths404Dharma

VidhuttamaHe who is greatest among those who know

Dharma405VaikuntaHe who keeps the five Bhutas ( air, water, sky.

Fire and earth) bound together at the beginning of creation orHe

who removes all obstacles in the way of devotees to attain

Him.406PurushaHe who is in front of every thing or He who washes

off all sins or He who is the soul in all beings407PranaHe who is

the soul of souls408PranadhaHe who gives life

(movement)409PranavaHe who is the holy sound (Om)410PruddhuHe who

is spread in the form of the worlds411Hiranya GarbhaHe who keeps

the golden source for all creations412ShatrugnaHe who kills Asuras

or He who controls sensual weakness by knowledge413VyapthaHe who

pervades in all beings as the cause414VayuHe who makes perfumes

spread or He who spreads to the places where he is

worshipped415AdokshajaHe who is never gets exhausted by use by his

devotees or He who never dries up416HrithuHe who is the

seasons417SudarshanaHe who has eyes like lotus petals or He who can

be easily seen by his devotees418KaalaHe who always keeps thinking

of everything419ParameshtiHe who by his power stays in the lotus of

heart420ParigrahaHe who is known in all possible manner by his

devotees421UgraHe who gives strict orders422SamvatsaraHe who makes

all things reside in Him423DakshaHe who completes all jobs

quickly424VishramaHe who provides rest for those who are tired (of

life)425ViswaDakshinaHe who is an expert in all things or He who is

more powerful than all others426VistharaHe who makes all the world

broaden in Him427StavaraStanuHe who is stable and he who makes the

world stable within Him428PramanaHe who is the law to support every

thing or He who is personification of Knowledge429BhijamavyayaHe

who is the deathless reason430ArthaHe who is loved by others

(because He is Sweet)431AnarthaHe who does not wish any

thing432MahakosaHe who is immersed in the five

continents433MahabhogaHe who is pleasures in life

personified434MahadhanaHe who has great wealth435AnirvinnaHe who

does not hate others436StavishtaHe who is spread every where in his

majestic form437AbhuHe who does not have birth438DharmayupaHe who

is like a pillar in which right action (dharma) is tied439Maha

makhaHe by whom yagas become great (by giving to Him)440Nakshatra

NemiHe who is like the zodiac441NakshatriHe who is like the moon

who is the chief of stars442KshamaHe who is perennially

patient443KshaamaHe who remains alone after the

deluge444SameehanaHe who likes his jobs like creation445YagnaHe who

is personification of Sacrifice (Yagna)446IjhyaHe who is being

worshipped by Yagas447MahejyaHe who is the greatest among those

worshipped by Yagas448KrathuHe who is personification of

performance of Yaga449SathramHe who is the form of Sathra Yaga or

He who protects good people (Sadhu)450Satham GathiHe who is the

ultimate goal of those who seek for salvation (Moksha)451Sarva

DarshiHe who knows every thing naturally or He who sees

everything452VimukthathmaHe who is the soul which has left all its

bondages453SarvagnaHe who knows all that is to be

known454GnanamuuttamamHe who is not born, ever existing, giver of

all that is needed and personification of right

knowledge455SuvrithaHe who has great penance456SumukhaHe who has a

handsome face457SuukshmaHe who is the smallest known thing from

which every thing came458SugoshaHe who sings (shouts?) good sounds

like Vedas459SukhadhaHe who gives pleasures to devotees460SuhrithHe

who has a great heart (mind)461ManoharaHe who steals our mind (by

his beauty)462JitakrodhaHe who is in control of anger463Vira BahuHe

who has heroic arms (to kill asuras)464VidharanaHe who tears off,

those who do sins465SwaapanaHe who makes all beings sleep by

illusion466Swa WasaHe who is not in the control of others or He who

lives within Himself467VyapiHe who has spread every

where468NykathmaHe who takes various forms depending on

need469Nykha Karma KritHe who does various jobs (like creation,

upkeep and destruction)470VatsaraHe who is the abode of

everything471VatsalaHe who loves his devotees472VathsiHe who

protects calves (all are calves /children to Him)473Rathna GarbhaHe

who is the ocean which keeps pearls within itself474DhaneswaraHe

who is the God of wealth475Dharma GupaHe who protects

Dharma476Dharma KrithHe who practices Dharma (in spite of His being

much above it)477DharmiHe who supports Dharma478SadhaHe who is the

ultimate permanent truth (Para Brahman)479AsadhaHe who is the

ultimate truth which is hidden (by illusion)480KsharaHe who is all

who deceives themselves as the mind, body and senses481AksharaHe

who is beyond mind, body and senses or He who lives in ones heart

as a permanent witness482AvignathaHe who is not one who does not

know483SahsramsuHe who has thousand rays484VidhathaHe who carries

the world and also those who carry it like Adisesha, Diggaja

etc485Kritha LakshanaHe who made the science of properties of all

aspects or He who is the grammar of appearance of every known

being486Gabasthi NemiHe who is in the form of the zodiac487Sath

vasthaHe who permeates in Sathva guna (kind hearted disciplined

life?) or He who lives among souls488SimhaHe who was born as a lion

or He who is as royal as a lion489Bhootha MaheswaraHe who is the

first and ultimate God of all beings or He who is God of

everything490Adhi DevaHe who was God before the Devas or He who was

the first God491Maha DevaHe who lived in renunciation and by Yoga

became the greatest truth (God?)492DeveshaHe who is the Lord of

Devas493Deva Brit GuruHe who is the teacher (guru) for Indra the

chief of devas494UttharaHe who saves all beings from the miserable

ocean of mortal life or He who awoke to help the Devas495GopathiHe

who rears the cattle (Pasu or Go can also be taken to denote all

mortals)496GopthaHe who is the saviour497Gnana GamyaHe who can only

be attained by right knowledge (Gnana)498PurathanaHe who is very

ancient499Sareera Bhootha BritHe who is the soul of Pancha Bhoothas

which is the basis of all beings500BhokthaHe who enjoys the truth

in himself or He who takes care of all beings501KapindraHe who is

Rama who is dear to all monkeys or He who has taken the avathara of

Varaha502Bhoori DakshinaHe who conducts Yagas and gives cash

benefits (Dakshina) to many503SomapaHe who drinks

Soma504AmruthapaHe who drinks the nectar of the bliss of the soul

(Athmananda)505SomaHe who in the form of moon helps plants to

grow506Puru JitHe who has won over several507Puru sattamaHe who is

the best in several forms508VinayaHe who punishes bad

people509JayaHe who wins every other being510Sathya SandhaHe who

never breaks his word (oath)511DasarhaHe who gives all to his

devotes or He who was born among the yadavas512Sathvatham PathiHe

who is takes care of the authors of the sastra of

Saathvatha513JivaHe who in the form of soul makes all

beings514Vinayitha SakshiHe who is a witness to obedience by others

to Him515MukundaHe who gives immortal bliss (Moksha)516Amitha

VikramaHe who is immeasurable steps or He who has greatest

Valor517Ambho NidhiHe who is the ultimate sojourn to devas,

Manushyas, asuras and pithrs or He Who has kept himself in the

ocean to carry the worlds518Anantha AtmaHe who is immeasurable or

He who is the soul of adi sesha519Maho Dadhi SayaHe who sleeps on

the ocean520AnthakaHe who brings about end of everything521AjhaHe

who is the beginning and in the form of Manmadha(God of

love)522MaharhaHe who is fit to be worshipped523SwaabhavyaHe who by

nature is not different or He who is usual524JithamitraHe who has

won the enemies inside and outside525PramodhanaHe who is always

happy or He who makes those devotees who meditate on Him

happy526AnandaHe who is the personification of

happiness527NandanaHe who makes his devotees happy528NandaHe who is

full of everything that is needed or He who has crossed the

ordinary pleasures529SatyadharmaHe who is the truthful

dharma530TrivikramaHe who measured the worlds in three

steps531Maharshi KapilacharyaHe who is the sage

Kapila532KrithagnaHe who is the world and the soul which knows the

world533Medhini pathiHe who is the lord of the worlds534TripadhaHe

who has three steps or He who is formed by three letters AA UU and

Ma (that is OM)535TridasadyakshaHe who directs (sees from above)

the states of wakefulness, sleep and dream536MahasringaHe who has

the great horn (in which he tied the earth traveling in a boat

during deluge)537Krithantha KritHe who destroys the world created

by Himself538MahavarahaHe who took the shape of Varaha

(boar)539GovindaHe who is attained by Vedic words540SushenaHe who

has a great army (the Stanzas in Upa Nishads are his army)541Kankam

GathiHe who has Golden Shoulders (Golden has been translated as

refined by some)542GuhyaHe who is known only by the secret

Upanishads or He who is in the cave of the mind543GabhiraHe who

appears majestic because of knowledge, wealth, strength and

valor544GahanaHe whose depth can not be measured545GupthaHe who is

hidden from mind and the words546Chakra GathadharaHe who keeps the

holy Wheel (representing mind) and Holy Mace (Representing

Philosophy) to save the world547VedhasaHe who creates or He who

gives immeasurable happiness and wealth to his devotees548SwangaHe

who is the instrument reason and cause for existence549AjithaHe who

cannot be won550KrishnaHe who is the colour of the black cloud or

He who is Krishna Dwaipayana the sage551DhridaHe who has no change

in character and ability552Samkarshano AchyuthaHe who draws beings

within Himself during the deluge553VarunaHe who is purple sun who

is about to set or He who hides everything554VaarunaHe who is

Vasishta who is the son of Varuna555VrikshaHe who is firm and

stable like the tree556PushkarakshaHe who has spread completely or

He who rained kindness from his eyes557Maha ManaaHe who performs

creation, upkeep and destruction by a thought in his great

mind558BhagawanHe who is the storehouse of wealth, Dharma, fame.

.riches., renunciation and Moksha559BhagagnaHe who destroys wealth

during deluge560AnandiHe who is the personification of

pleasure561VanamaliHe who wears nature as a garland562HalayudhaHe

who has plough as his weapon563AdhityaHe who was born as Vamana to

Adhithi564Jyotir AdithyaHe who shines in the zodiac565SahishnuHe

who tolerates everything566GathisathamaHe who is the truth and He

whom every one attains567SudhanvaHe who has the holy bow called

Saranga which is personification of our senses568Kkhanda ParasuHe

who has axe as a weapon to kill enemies569DharunaHe who is cruel to

those who prevent the right path570Dhravina PradhaHe who gives the

wealth asked by devotees571Dhiva SprikhHe who touches the sky or He

who shows his secret form by touch572Sarva Drik VyasaHe who writes

about all knowledge573VachaspathirayonijaHe who was not born and is

the Lord of knowledge574ThrisamaHe who is worshipped by the three

samas (Briht, Rathandara and Vamadeva branches of Sama

Veda)575SamagaHe who sings sama veda576SamaHe who is the sama

veda577NirvanaHe who is beyond all sadness578BeshajaHe who is the

medicine579BhisahkhHe who is the Doctor580Sanyasa KritHe who

introduced Sanyasa (renunciation) as the method for

salvation581ChamaHe who controls every thing582ShanthaHe who is not

attracted by bodily pleasures583NishtaHe who is the place where

everything ends584ShanthiHe who is the cause of removing

ignorance585PaarayanaHe who is in the high pedestal and never

returns to bodily pleasures586ShubhangaHe who has beautiful limbs

or He who carries out the Ashtangas, the path to

salvation587ShanthidaHe who gives peace588SrishtaHe who creates

everything589KumudaHe who is happy to be in the

world590KuvalesayaHe who sleeps on the ocean surrounding the

world591GohithaHe who does good to earthly beings or He who puts

limits to nature592GopathiHe who is the lord of all beings in the

world593GopthaHe who takes care of the world594VrishabhakshaHe

whose merciful eyes showers whatever is prayed for595Vrisha PriyaHe

who loves Dharma596AnivartheeHe who never returns from a war

without victory597NivrthathmaHe whose mind never attaches itself to

pleasures598SamkshepthaHe who shrinks the wide world during

deluge599KshemakrithaHe who keeps those recognized by Him

comfortable600ShivaHe who removes sins as soon as His name is

thought of601Shrivatsa VakshasHe who has Shrivatsa on his

chest602ShrivasaHe in whom Goddess Lakshmi lives603ShripathiHe who

is the Lord of Goddess Lakshmi604Shrimatam VaraHe who is greatest

among Gods605ShridhaHe who gives wealth to his devotees606ShrisaHe

who is the God of Goddess Lakshmi607ShrinivasaHe who lives in

Gentlemen (Shriman) or He in whom Goddess Lakshmi lives608Shri

NidhiHe who is the treasure of all strengths609ShrivibhavanaHe who

gives to all beings wealth according to merits earned by

them610ShridharaHe who carries the Goddess Lakshmi on his

chest611ShrikaraHe who gives all wealth to his devotees612ShreyaHe

who is the personification of perennial happiness613ShrimanHe who

is a gentle man614Loka TrayasrayaHe on whom the three worlds

depend615SwakshaHe who has lotus like eyes616SwangaHe who has

beautiful limbs617SsathanandaHe who has several types (hundred)

happiness618NandaHe who is personification of supreme

happiness619Jyothir ganeswaraHe who is the chief of lustrous

bodies620VijhitatmaHe who has conquered the mind621AvidheyatmaHe

who is not under the control of anybody622SathkeerthiHe who has

good fame623Chinna samsayaHe who does not suspect or He who sees

everything clearly624UudheernaHe who is greater than all

beings625Sarwata ChakshuHe who sees everything

everywhere626AaneesaHe who does not have any God above

him627Saswatha sthiraHe who is permanently stable628BhoosaHe who

slept on the ground (as Rama waiting for sea God to respond) or He

Who lives in idols on the Ground629BhooshanaHe who decorated the

world (by several births)630BhoothaHe who has existence631VishokaHe

who is never sad632Shoka nasanaHe who destroys sadness of his

devotees633ArchishmaHe who gives light to astral

bodies634ArchithaHe who is worshipped in all the three

worlds635KhumbaHe who is the basis of everything or He who is being

worshipped in temples in earth636VishudhatmaHe who has supremely

clean habits637VishodhanaHe who removes sins of those who think of

Him638AniruddhaHe who can never be stopped by His

enemies639AprathiradhaHe who has no enemies640PradhyumnaHe who has

great wealth or He who makes others sparkle641Amitha vikramaHe who

has immeasurable fame642Kala neminihaHe who killed Kala

Nemi643VeeraHe who is valorous644SowraHe who was born in the Sura

dynasty (Sri Krishna)645Shoora janeswaraHe who is God for heroes

like Indra646ThrilokathmaHe who is not different from the three

worlds647ThrilokesaHe who is the Lord of three worlds648KesavaHe

who gave rays to lustrous bodies or He in whom Brahma, Vishnu and

Shiva reside649KesihaHe who killed the Asura called Kesi650HariHe

who removes births and deaths with their cause or He who is

green651Kama devaHe who is passionately loved by his

devotees652Kama palaHe who takes care of desires653KaamiHe who

fulfills desires654KaanthaHe who has attraction655KrithagamaHe who

created holy rule books (agamas)656Anirdesya vapuHe whose looks

cannot be defined657VishnuHe who has spread all over658VeeraHe who

goes, spreads, creates, throws and eats659AnanthaHe who is

endless660DhananjayaHe who is Arjuna or He who wins the attraction

over money661BrahmanyaHe who favours penance,(Tapas) knowledge,

brahmanas and Vedas662Brahma KritHe who made penance

(tapas)663BrahmaHe who is Brahma the creator664BrahmanaHe who is

Brahmam665Brahma vivardhanaHe who encourages the ways to Brhamam

like Tapas666Brahma vidHe who knows Vedas properly667BrahmanaHe who

in the Form of Brahmins teaches Vedas668BrahmiHe who controls all

that is denoted by Brahma669BrahmangnaHe who knows Vedas as

Himself670Brahmana priyaHe who is liked by Brahmins671Maha kramaHe

who takes big steps672Maha karmaHe who does the great works like

creation, upkeep and destruction673Maha tejaHe who gives light to

stars or He who is the great star674MahoragaHe who has the form of

the great serpent675Maha krithuHe who is the great doer676Mahar

yajwaHe who shows the way by performing great sacrifices

(yagna)677Maha yagnaHe who is the greatest Yagna (sacrifice)678Maha

haviHe who is the greatest sacrificial offering in the

yagna679StavyaHe who is being praised by everybody680Sthava priyaHe

who likes being praised681StotraHe who is the song about

Himself682SthuthaHe who is the act of being sung about

God683SthothraHe who is the devotee who sings about him684Rana

priyaHe who likes war685PoornaHe who is complete686PoorayithaHe who

completes the wishes of his devotees687PushyaHe who removes sins as

one thinks about Him688Punya keerthiHe who is famous for removing

sins689AnamayaHe who never becomes ill690ManojavaHe who is as fast

as the mind691Theertha karaHe who created methods for salvation of

all beings in the world692Vasu rethasHe who is the golden essence

of Himself693Vasu pradhaHe who gives wealth to his

devotees694VasupradhaHe who leads His devotees to salvation695Vasu

devaHe who was born as son of Vasudeva696VasuHe in whom all others

live697Vasu manasHe who has a mind which lives in all

others698HaviHe who is the sacrificial offering in the yagas699Sad

GadhiHe who is attained by good people700Sad krithiHe who does good

action701SaththaHe who is personification of non differential

knowledge702Sad brithiHe who is Sat and Chit (Truth and Ultimate

truth)703Sad parayanaHe who is attained by those who know

him704Sura senaHe who lead an army of heroes705Yadu sreshtaHe who

is the greatest among Yadus (Krishna belonged to this

family)706SannivasaHe who is the ultimate place where scholars

go.707SuyamunaHe who is surrounded by residents of

Yamuna708BhootavasaHe who keeps all beings in his caring

sight709VasudevaHe who hides the world by

illusion710SarvasunilayaHe who is the form of Jivatma (the form of

God within every being)711AnalaHe who has unending

strength712DarpahaHe who destroys the pride of those who are

against Dharma713DarpadhaHe who gives self satisfaction to those

who walk in the path of Dharma714DrpthaHe who is supremely happy or

He who never gets proud of his strength715DurdharaHe who can be

brought to the mind with difficulty716AparajithaHe who can not be

won717Viswa MurthiHe who has the universe as his body718Maha

MurthiHe who has a big body719DeepthamurthyHe who has a body which

shines due to knowledge720MurthymanHe whose body when he is born is

not a result of Karma721Aneka MurthyHe who is born several

times722AvyakthaHe who is not clear or He who cannot be determined

to be a certain thing by any body723Satha MurthyHe who has several

forms724SathananaHe who has several faces725EkaHe who is

one726NaikaHe who appears as in different forms by

illusion727SavaHe who is the personification of soma yaga728KavaHe

who shines even among those who are sinners or He who is worshipped

as 'ka' indicating pleasures729KasmaiHe who can be investigated and

known730YasmaiHe who tries to help is devotees always or He who is

indicated by 'yat'731ThasmaiHe who is indicated by the word

'THAT'732PadamanuttamamHe who is in such a high position that the

most knowledgeable want to attain him733Loka BhanduHe who is a

relation of all beings734Loka NathaHe who rules over the

world735MadhavaHe who was born in the family of Madhu736Bhaktha

VatsalaHe who loves his devotees737Suvarna varnaHe who is of a

golden colour738HemangaHe who has a golden body739VarangaHe who has

beautiful body740Chandanam gathiHe who wears Golden armlets to give

happiness741VeerahaHe who is a hero destroying sins742VishamaHe who

cannot be compared to any one else743SunyaHe who appears as if he

is not there744GrithasiHe who does not have desires745AchalaHe who

is supremely stable746ChalaHe who moves in the form of wind for

example747AmaniHe who does not have pride and willing to be any

thing748ManadaHe who by his illusion makes people love their

body749ManyaHe who is fit to be worshipped750Loka swamiHe who is

the lord of the universe751Thriloka drikHe who carries the three

worlds752SumedhaHe who is having good causing knowledge753MedhajaHe

who is created in Yagas754DhanyaHe who has all facilities755Sathya

medhaHe who has a knowledge which is unalloyed truth756Dhara

DharaHe who carried the mountain757ThejovrishaHe who rains

light758Dhythi dharaHe who has shining limbs759Sarva Sastra

Bhritham VaraHe who is the greatest among those who are

armed760PragrahaHe who receives (the flowers .leaves etc offered by

his devotees)761NigrahaHe who keeps every thing within

himself762VyangaHe who does not have end763Naika SringaHe who has

several horns ( Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha are the

horns)764GadhagrajaHe who appears before by Manthras or He who

appeared before Gatha765Chatur murthyHe who has four

forms766Chathur BahuHe who has four arms767Chatur VyoohaHe who has

four Vyoohas ( Four gates)768Chatur GathiHe who is the destination

for four varnas (brahmana, Kshatriya, Vysya and shudra)769Chatur

AtmaHe who has four aspects of mind. Brain., thought and

pride770Chatur BhavaHe who is the reason for Dharma, Artha, Kama

and Moksha (right action, wealth, pleasure and salvation)771Chatur

Veda VidhaHe who knows properly the meaning of four Vedas772Eka

PathaHe who keeps all the worlds under one of his feet773Sama

VarthaHe who rotates the wheel of birth and death774NivrittatmaHe

who is always available everywhere.775Dur JayaHe who can not be

won776DurathikramaHe whose orders can never be disobeyed777Dur

LabhaHe who can not be attained except by devotion778Dur GamaHe who

is easily not known779DurgaHe who is difficult to attain due to way

side road blocks780Dura VasaHe who can be kept in the mind with

great difficulty781DurarihaHe who kills those adopting the wrong

path782ShubhangaHe who has a beautiful body783Loka SarangaHe who

understands the essence of the world784SuthanthuHe who keeps with

him the wide world785Thanthu VardhanaHe who broadens the

world786Indra KarmaHe who has the work like Indra787Maha KarmaHe

who created all great beings788Kritha KarmaHe who does not have a

need to do any thing789Kritha AgamaHe who created the

Vedas790UdbhavaHe who attains great births791SundaraHe who is the

epitome of beauty792SundaHe who is wet (has mercy)793Rathna NabhaHe

who has a beautiful belly794SulochanaHe who has beautiful

eyes795ArkaHe who is suitable to be worshipped by all great

Gods796Vaja sanaHe who gives Anna (food)797ShringaHe who was born

as a fish with horn798JayanthaHe who is the cause of

victory799Sarva VijjayiHe who knows all and wins over all800Suvarna

BinduHe who has limbs of the body like Gold or He who is the God of

Pranava (OM)801AkshobyaHe who should not be disturbed802Sarva

Vagesware swaraHe who is the chief among Gods who speak803Maha

HridaHe whose heart is full of the eternal water of

happiness804Maha GarthaHe who is the lord of illusion which is like

a big hole or He who is a great charioteer805Maha BhoothaHe who is

spread in all places always806Maha NidhiHe in Whom all wealth is

saved807KumudhaHe who makes the earth happy808KundaraHe who

recognizes results of good deeds809KundaHe who gave earth as Dana

to Kasyapa ( as Parasurama)810ParjanyaHe who is a cloud (which

showers comfort to the sad people)811PavanaHe who makes one pure by

mere thought812AnilaHe who does not have any one to order him Or He

who never sleeps813AmruthasaHe who eats nectar which is the

greatest happiness814Amritha VapuHe who has a body which cannot be

destroyed815SarvagnaHe who knows every thing816Sarvatho MugaHe who

has faces everywhere or He who can be approached from any

where817SulabhaHe who can be easily attained818SuvrithaHe who does

great penance819SiddhaHe for no reason is always Himself820Sathuru

JitaHe who wins over his enemies821Sathru ThapanaHe who makes his

enemies suffer822NyagrodhaHe who is above all beings in the worlds

below823UdhumbaraHe who is above skies or He who gives food to all

the world824AswathaHe who is like a banyan tree825Chanurandra

NishudhanaHe who killed Chanoora who belonged to

Andhra826SahasrarchiHe who has thousand rays827Satha JihwaHe who is

the fire God with seven tongues828SapthaidaHe who has seven

flames829Saptha VahanaHe who is the Sun God with seven

horses830AmoorthiHe who does not have shape831AnaghaHe who is not

touched by sins832AchintyaHe who cannot be known by thought

process833Bhaya KritHe who creates fear in bad people834Bhaya

NasanaHe who destroys fear in good people835AnuHe who is small like

an atom836BrihatHe who is extremely big837KrisaHe who is

thin838SthoolaHe who is stout839Guna BrithaHe who has the nature to

create, upkeep and destroy840NirgunaHe who does not have any

properties841MahaanHe who is great842AdhrithaHe who is not carried

by any thing843SwadhrithaHe who carries Himself844SwasyaHe who has

a beautiful face or He from whose face Vedas came out845PragvamsaHe

who belongs to the first dynasty846Vamsa VardhanaHe who makes

dynasties grow847Bhara BritHe who carries heavy

worlds848KhadhithaHe who is called as ultimate truth by the

Vedas849YogiHe who can be attained by yoga or He who sees his

essence always850YogisaHe who is the greatest among Yogis851Sarva

KamadaHe who fulfills all desires852AsramaHe who is the place where

beings can relax853SravanaHe who gives sorrow to sinners854KshamaHe

who destroys during deluge855SuparnaHe who is a tree of whose

leaves are the Vedas856Vayu VahanaHe who makes winds move857Dhanur

dharaHe who is a great archer ( in the form of Rama)858Dhanur

vedaHe who knows the science of Archery859DhandaHe who is the

weapon to those who punish and also is the

punishment860DhamayithaHe who controls and rules people861DhamaHe

who is also the patience when being ruled862AparajithaHe who can

never be won by His enemies863Sarva sahaHe who is an expert in

every thing864NiyanthaHe who makes people obey rules865AniyamaHe

who is not subject to any rules866AyamaHe who does not have fear of

death (caused by Yama)867Sathva vanHe who is brave and

valorous868SaathvikaHe who is soft natured ( Of Sathva

Guna)869SatyaHe who is good to the good people or He who is

available to good people870Satya dharma parayanaHe who holds truth

and charity (dharma) as important871AbhiprayaHe who is approached

by seekers of salvation872PriyarhaHe who is suitable for giving

away of our most cherished things873ArhaHe who is most appropriate

for prayers874Priya kritHe who fulfills desires (Of

devotees)875Preethi vardhanaHe who increases devotion of his

devotees876Vihaya sagathaHe who lives in the sky877JyothiHe who

glitters himself878SuruchiHe who shines beautifully879Hartha

bujhaHe who eats what has been offered to him through

fire880VibhaHe who is every where881RaviHe who is the

sun882VirochanaHe who shines in several ways883SuryaHe who makes

everything884SavithaHe who creates worlds885Ravi lochanaHe who has

the sun for his eyes886AnanthaHe who is limitless887Hutha bhujaHe

who eats what is offered in fire sacrifice (homa)888BhokthaHe who

consumes nature889SukhadaHe who gives his devotees the pleasure of

salvation890NaikajaHe who took several forms891AgrajaHe who is in

front of everything892AnirvinnaHe who does not have any

worries893SadhamarshiHe who pardons mistakes (committed by his

devotees)894Loka adhishtanaHe who is the basis of the

world895AdbhutaHe who is the wonder896SanaathHe who is from the

very beginning897Sanathana thamaHe who is older than the

oldest898KapilaHe who is of purple colour or He who was sage

Kapila899KapiHe who is the sun900AvyayaHe in whom all disappear

during the deluge901SwasthidaHe who gives all good things to his

devotees902Swasthi krithHe who does good903SwasthiHe who is good

Himself904Swasthi bukhHe who enjoys goodness905Swasthi dakshinaHe

who has the nature of giving good906AroudhraHe who is never

cruel907KundaliHe who is Adi Sesha or He who wears shining ear

globes908ChakreeHe who wears Chakra (the holy wheel )909VikrameeHe

walks beautifully910Urjitha SasanaHe who gives firm

orders911SabdhathigaHe who can not be reached by

words912SabdhasahaHe who can tolerate all sounds913ShisiraHe who is

cool like winter914SsarvarikaraHe who creates darkness like

night915AkrooraHe who is not cruel916PesalaHe who is extremely

handsome917DhakshaHe who is clever918DhakshinaHe who goes

everywhere or He who kills his enemies919Kshaminam varaHe who is

the greatest among those who have patience920VidhuthamaHe who is

greatest among those who know921Veetha bhayaHe who is not

afraid922Punya sravana keerthanaHe who increases boons to those who

sing about him923UthaaranaHe who makes you climb the shore from

ocean of misery924DushkrathihaHe who removes sins925PunyaHe who

gives rewards to good deeds926Dhuswapna nasanaHe who destroys bad

dreams927VeerahaHe who gives the suffering people of the world

salvation928RakshanaHe who protects929SanthaHe who is

personification of good people930JivanaHe who makes all beings live

by being their soul931ParyavasthithaHe who is spread every

where932Anantha roopaHe who has countless forms or He who is

Adisesha933Anantha shreeHe whose strength cannot be

estimated934Jithar manyuHe who has won over anger935BhayapahaHe who

removes fear936ChathurasraHe who is just937GabeerathmaHe whose

depth can never be found938VidhisaHe who gives special

favors939VyaadhisaHe who gives different works to different

gods940DhisaHe who as Veda, points out the results of different

actions941AnadhiHe who does not have a cause942Bhor bhuvaHe who is

the basis of the earth and its goal943LakshmiHe who is the luster

of the earth or He who is himself the wealth944SuveeraHe who has

been praised in several ways945RuchirangadhaHe who has beautiful

shoulders946JananaHe who creates people947Jana janmadiHe who is the

existence of all people948BheemaHe of whom all beings are

afraid949Bheema parakramaHe who creates fear in his

adversaries950Adhara NilayaHe who is the basis of the basis (five

elements)951AdhathaHe who drinks all beings at the time of deluge

or He who is the only one basis952Pushpa hasaHe who opens like a

flower at the time of primal creation953Praja garaHe who is always

awake954UrdhwagaHe who is above everything955SatpadacharaHe who

adopts good deeds prescribed by him956PranadaHe who gives

life957PranavaHe who is OM958PanaHe who accepts all offerings to

him and gives rewards959PramanaHe who is the lustrous

personification of knowledge960Prana nilayaHe in whom all souls

live961Prana britHe who nurtures beings962Prana jivanaHe who makes

beings live963ThathvamHe who is the real meaning964Thathva vidheHe

who knows his essence965Eka athmaHe who is the one and only one

soul966Janma mrutyu jarathigaHe who is above birth, death and

ageing967Bhurbhuva Swastharu stharaHe who is spread as a tree to

Bhuu Loka, Bhuvar Loka, and Suvar Loka968TharaHe who makes us cross

the sea of births and deaths969SavithaHe who has created

everything970PrapithamahaHe who is the great grand father (All

human beings are grand children of Brahma, the son of

Vishnu)971YagnaHe who shows results to those who conduct Yagna(Fire

sacrifice)972Yagna pathiHe who protects Yagna973YajwaHe who

conducts Yagnas974Yagna angaHe whose limbs are Yagna975Yagna

vahanaHe who carries forward Yagna976Yagna britHe who accepts

yagna977Yagna kritHe who created Yagna978YagniHe who is the head of

Yagna979Yagna bhujaHe who uses Yagna980Yagna sadhanaHe who

indicates Yagna as a method of attaining Him981Yagna antha kritHe

who increases the effect of Yagna982Yagna guhyaHe who is the secret

of Yagna983AnnaHe who is food984AnnadaHe who eats food985Athma

yoniHe who is the cause of all beingss986Swayam jathaHe who is the

cause of His own birth987VaikhkhanaHe who dug earth as a boar

(varaha)988Sama gayanaHe who sings Sama Veda989Deavaki nandanaHe

who is the son of Devaki990SrishtaHe who created the

world991KsitheesaHe who is the God to all worlds992Papa nasanaHe

who destroys sin993Sankha britHe who has a Conch (Called Pancha

Janya)994NandakiHe who has the sword called Nandaka995ChakriHe who

has the wheel called Sudharsana996Sarnga dhanwaHe who has the bow

called Saranga997Gadha dharaHe who has a mace called

Gowmodaki998Radanga paniHe who keeps the wheel in his hand ready to

use999AkshobyaHe who cannot be broken down by his enemies1000Sarva

praharanayudhaHe who uses everything as a weapon

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