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What are the 12 plagues of Egypt?

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There are only 10 Nile waters became blood frogs lice flies diseased cattle boils locusts darkness for 3 days firstborn death

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How many plagues of Egypt were there in the Bible?

God sent 10 plagues to the people of Egypt.

What are three plagues in Egypt?

There were ten plagues, three of the plagues were frogs, lice, and locust.

How many plagues did God send on Egypt?


What are the 7 plagues of Egypt?

Egypt had 10 plaques not 7.

What prompted the pharaoh to free the Hebrews?

The plagues which God brought upon Egypt (Exodus ch.7-12).

What plagues affected the Israelites?

The Israelites in Egypt were not harmed by the plagues (Exodus ch.7-12). Only after the Exodus, on a couple of occasions when some of them sinned egregiously, plagues smote some of the people (Numbers ch.17 and ch.25)

How many plagues were brought upon Egypt?

God afflicted Pharaoh and the Egyptians with ten plagues.

What did God send to Egypt?

Several plagues

How many plagues were there on egypt?

Ten plagues fell upon Egypt - one for each of their gods showing the supremacy of the Hebrew God - the God of Creation.

What are two of the ten plagues of Egypt?

Two plaques of Egypt were locusts and frogs.

When did the 10 plagues of Egypt occur?

The 10 Plagues happened when they did not react to the complainment for freedom from Moses and Aaron. God was protecting them by cursing the Egyptians with plagues.

How many plagues did God set on Egypt?


Where did Moses perform the Ten Plagues?

In Ancient Egypt

Who did the plagues in the bible affect?

It affected everybody in Egypt.

In what city in Egypt did Moses plagues descend?


Can you briefly trace the events that led to the Exodus?

The Israelites emigrated from Canaan to Egypt because of a famine (Genesis 46). At first they were respected and were under the protection of Joseph, a powerful Israelite; but later, the Egyptians enslaved them under a pretext (Exodus ch.1), and God brought ten plagues upon Egypt (Exodus ch.7-12), in accord with an ancient promise He had made to Abraham (Genesis 15). The plagues compelled the Egyptians to permit the Israelites to leave Egypt (Exodus 12).

What prompted the Pharaoh to let hebrews leave Egypt?

The Ten Plagues, especially the last one (Exodus ch.7-12).

How did the egyptians handle the 10 plagues of Egypt?

That is not stated. What is stated, is how Pharaoh and his advisers reacted to the plagues. In the majority of the plagues, Pharaoh hardened his own heart; and in the first two, even his advisers did the same. Only later did their attitude soften. See Exodus chapters 7-12.

What were the first and last of the ten plagues?

Exodus 7:19+20 relates the account of Moses turning the waters of Egypt into blood at the beginning of the plagues and Exodus 12:29-33 describes the final plague, the death of the first born, which finally sent the Israelites away from Egypt.

How long were the ten plagues of Egypt?

The Bible does not give the exact length of time that it took for the Ten Plagues of Egypt. However, it is estimated that the plagues were distributed over several weeks.Answer:Tradition states that the Ten Plagues, altogether, lasted a total of one whole year (Mishna, Eduyoth ch.2).

Why did God send the plagues on Egypt?

When the Pharoah held the Hebrews captive, God sent plagues until he sent then free.

How did Moses get the Israelites out of Egypt?

after the plagues pharoah let them leave

What happened after the israelites were slaves in Egypt?

God punished the Egyptians with ten plagues (Exodus ch.7-12), and Moses led them out at God's command (Exodus ch.12).

WHen did the ten plagues of Egypt start?

The ten plagues started after Pharaoh refused to listen to god servant Moses and his brother Aaron.

Why did the Pharaoh of Egypt finally decide to free the hebrews?

God brought many plagues upon Pharaoh's country (Exodus ch.7-12).