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Basically they are mechanical and electromagnetic

Mechanical can be transverse (waves on the surface of water] or longitudinal[Sound waves]

Electromagnetic is transverse by nature

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2. Half wave and full wave

there are two main types of wave 1. transverse wave and 2. longitudinal wave.

1. When you wave your hand. 2. When you do "The Wave" at a sport stadium. 3. When you go to the beach there is also a huge water wave.

1. Sound waves 2. Light wave

There are two types of waves: 1. Longitudinal wave e.g. Sound waves 2. Transverse wave e.g. light waves

I believe that it is an electromagnetic wave?

Longitudinal Wave,Transverse Wave,Orbital Wave

The three types of earthquake waves are the Primary wave the Secondary wave and the surface or Long wave

The various types of rectifiers are :1: half wave rectifier2: full wave rectifier3:bridge rectifiersthe rms voltage of half wave rectifier is v/sqrt(2)t

Longitudinal Wave,Transverse Wave,Orbital Wave

p wave s wave surface wave

An electromagnetic wave is not a mechanical wave.

Yes, wave interference occurs for all types of waves.

There are four types of seismic waves, the P-wave, S-wave and the Love and Rayleigh waves. Of these four types, the P-wave is a longitudinal / compression wave.

a wave is a phenomenon that transfers energy, not matter. there are 2 types of waves: transverse e.g. light and longitudinal e.g. sound, seismic im not that good at physics, but that's the best i can come up with, sorry ^^;;

-- Long-wave radiation -- Medium-wave radiation -- Short-wave radiation

Basically there are three types of inverters 1) Square wave Inverters 2) Quasi Square wave or Modified Square wave Inverters 3) True/Pure Sine wave Inverters The emerging trend among Inverters could be titled to Multi-Level Inverters which aim at the Increasing of Inverter Efficiency along with reduced Inverter Cost

there are two types of sound waves. (1) transverses waves (2) longitudinal waves


The three waveforms in the trigger circuit of an oscilloscope are the sine wave, square wave and saw tooth wave.

The two types of seismic waves that travel through the Earth are P and S waves. The P wave means primary wave and the S wave is secondary. The wave that travels around the Earth's crust is the L wave, which stands for the Love wave.Hope this helps :)

There are basically two types of rectifiers one is the half wave rectifier and the other is the full wave rectifies. The full wave rectifier is further classified into two types namely the bridge rectifier and the center tapped rectifier.There are also silicon controlled rectifiers nowadays.

For an electromagnetic wave the velocity of the wave is 300Mm/s.

All types of wave can interfere. Even matter can interfere as it too has a corresponding wave, though it is very small.

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