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  • 1. We are all free and equal

  • We are all born free. We all have our own thoughts and ideas. We should all be treated in the same way.

  • 2. Don't discriminate

  • These rights belong to everybody, whatever our differences.

  • 3. The right to life

  • We all have the right to life, and to live in freedom and safety.

  • 4. Slavery - past and present

  • Nobody has the right to make us a slave. We cannot make anyone our slave.

  • 5. Torture

  • Nobody has any right to hurt us or torture us

  • 6. We all have the same right to use the law

  • I am a person just like you

  • 7. We are all protected by the law

  • The law is the same for everyone. It must treat us fairly

  • 8. Fair treatment by fair courts

  • We can all ask for the law to help us when we are not treated fairly

  • 9. Unfair detainment

  • Nobody has the right to put us in prison without a good reason and keep us there, or to send us away from our country.

  • 10. The right to trial

  • If we are put on trial this should be in public. The people who trial us should not let anyone tell them what to do.

  • 11. Innocent until proven guilty

  • Nobody should be blamed for doing something until it is proven. When people say we did a bad thing, we have the right to show it is not true.

  • 12. The right to privacy

  • Nobody should try to harm our good name. Nobody has the right to come into our home, open our letters, bother us or our family without good reason.

  • 13. Freedom to move

  • We all have the right to go where we want to in our own country and to travel as we wish.

  • 14. The right to asylum

  • If we are frightened of being badly treated in our own country, we all have the right to run away to Another Country to be safe.

  • 15. The right to a nationality

  • We all have the right to belong to a country.

  • 16. Marriage and Family.

  • Every grown-up has the right to marry and have a family if they want to. Men and women have the same rights when they are married and, when they are separated.

  • 17. Your own things.

  • Everyone has the right to own things or share them. Nobody should take our things from us without good reason.

  • 18. Freedom of thought.

  • We all have the right to believe in what we want to believe, to have a religion, and to change it if we want

  • 19. Free to say what you want.

  • We all have the right to make up our minds, to think what we like, to say what we think, and to share our ideas with other people

  • 20. Meet where you want.

  • We all have the right to meet our friends and work together in peace to defend our rights. Nobody can make us join a group if we don't want to.

  • 21. The right to democracy.

  • We all have the right to take part in the government of our country. Every grown-up should be able to choose their own leaders.

  • 22. The right to social security.

  • We all have the right to affordable housing, medicine, education, child care, enough money to live on and medical help if we are ill or old.

  • 23. Workers Rights.

  • Every grown-up has the right to do a job, for a fair wage for there work, and to join a trade union.

  • 24. The Right to play.

  • We all have the right to rest from work and to relax.

  • 25. A bed and some food

  • We all have the right to a good life. Mothers and children, people who are old, disabled, all have the right to be cared for.

  • 26. The right to an education.

  • Education is a right. Primary school should be free. We should learn about the United Nations and how to get on with others. Our parents can choose what we learn.

  • 27. Culture and copyright.

  • Copyright is a special law that protects one's creations and writing: Others cannot make copies without permission. We all have the right to our own way of life and to enjoy the good things that "art" science and learning bring.

  • 28. A free and fair world.

  • There must be proper order so we can all enjoy rights and freedoms in our own country and all over the world.

  • 29. Every person has duties to the democratic society according to the law.

  • We have a duty to other people and we should protect their rights and freedoms.

  • 30. Nobody can take away these rights and freedoms from us

sorry i only know 13 check out google1.the right to equality before the law2.the right to have shelter3.the right to marry and have a family4.the right to have a eduction5.the right to protect the list of rights6.the right to be involved in the government7.the right to live8.the right to have freedom9.the right to work10.the right to health11.the right to eat12.the right to have a religion and change religion13.the right to nationality
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lets see:

the right to free elementary education (USA has not ratified this right)

cant remember more I know they are 26.

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human rights are stuff we are allowed to do no won can stop us from doing it

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Q: What are the 38 human rights?
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Who made human rights?

Eleanor Roosavelt made human rights the human delclortratiojn of human rights

What is are the human rights written on?

the human rights are written on the universal decloration of human rights

Who made rights?

Eleanor Roosavelt made human rights the human delclortratiojn of human rights

How many human rights are there?

There are thirty articles when it comes to human rights. This is within The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. They are rights of every human being.

Human rights of human person?

some answer of human rights pakistan

Why definitions of human rights vary?

We have different definitions of human rights because there are different human rights. The definitions of human rights are the meanings of the fundamental rights of a human in a country or organisation. GLAD I COULD HELP :)

What rights are guaranteed by international human rights law?

Obviously, human rights law has always something to do with humans rights. Anything that violates human is opposite to human rights law.

Are there human rights in Churchill?

Human rights are freedoms and rights that all humans are technically entitled to- therefore, there are human rights in Churchill.

Do you have human rights?

yes everyone has human rights

What did John Peters Humphrey do for human rights?

He created the 30 human rights which states our rights and called it Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

What are Nepals human rights?

Same as international human rights.

What does the United Nations of human rights do?

it protects our human rights.