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Shield volcano, cinder cone (ash) volcano, and composite volcano (aka stratovolcano).

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What are 3 kind of volcanoes?

There are 3 kinds of volcanoes which are found around the world. They are shield volcanoes, cinder cone volcanoes, and composite volcanoes. Many of the most beautiful mountains in the world are composite volcanoes.

How many types of volcanoes is there?

there are 3 different kinds of volcanoes: shield volcano composite volcano cinder-cone volcano

What are three kinds of volcanoes?

. Shield Volcanoes, Cinder Cone volcanoes, and Composite Volcanoes .

Why are your answers roung?

you say there is three different kinds of volcanoes when there are six different kinds of volcanoes

What kinds of rocks are found in volcanoes?

Igneous rock is found in volcanoes.

What is a fact about volcanoes?

Volcanoes eventually produce new land. There are three major kinds of volcanoes in the Earth

How many types of volocanoes are there?

There are actually quite a few different kinds of volcanoes in the world such as active volcanoes. These volcanoes include also underwater volcanoes and inactive volcanoes.

What kinds of landforms are there in Jupiter?

there are volcanoes and mountains

What different kinds of volcanoes are there?

There are three main types of volcanoes: Shield, Cinder Cone, and Composite.

How many materials are their in a volcano?

there are four kinds of volcanoes

What are 3 types of volcanoes?

3 types of volcanoes are shield, cone, and composite volcanoes.

What are all kinds of volcanoes?

The main types of volcanoes are cinder cone, shield, and composite volcanoes. there are also big,little, and meideium ones

Kinds of volcanoes?

scientists classify volcanoes in four general groups, Hawaiian, Strombolian, vulcanian, and peleean

What are the kinds of volcanos?

Fissure ventsShield volcanoesLava domesCryptodomesVolcanic cones (cinder cones)Stratovolcanoes (composite volcanoes)SupervolcanoesSubmarine volcanoesSubglacial volcanoesMud volcanoes

What are the three kinds of volcanoes?

Shield, Composite, and Cinder Cone.

Do all volcanoes shot out the same lava?

No, not all volcanoes shoot out the same lava. There are four different kinds of lava. 1.) Volcanic 2.) magma 3.) sedimentary 4.) diesel hope this helps!

Name three different kinds volcanoes monutains?

1. Composite cone 2. Lava domes 3. Ash and cinder cones.

What are the 3 classification of volcanoes?

The three types or classifications of volcanoes is Shield Volcanoes, Cinder Cone volcanoes, and Composite Volcanoes.

What are the 3types of volcanoes?

1. Shield Volcanoes 2. Composite Volcanoes 3. Cinder Cone Volcanoes

What kinds of volcanoes are most explosive?

A stratovolcano is the most explosive type...

How is the information on the volcanoes page organized?

The page presents four different kinds of threats that volcanoes pose and what to do before, during, and after an eruption.

What are the 3 types of valcones?

The three types of volcanoes are shield volcanoes, Cinder cone volcanoes, and composite volcanoes

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