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The Nucleus, Coma, and Tail


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The three main parts of a comet are the nucleus, coma, and tail. The nucleus is the head of the comet, the coma is the middle, and the tail is the end of the comet.

== == The 3 main parts of a comet are the Nucleus, Coma, and the tail. The Nucleus is the head of the comet, the Coma is the middle & the tail is the end of the comet.

There are 3 main parts; the nucleus, the coma and the tail

The coma, the nucleus, and the tail are the parts of a comet after the tail has formed.

the three main parts are the head, the coma, and the tail of the comet

A comet's 3 main parts are nucleus, coma and tail. The nucleus is the heart of a comet. A coma is the gas and dust that forms a cloud around the nucleus. The tail is a blazing streamer from the coma, it is million of miles long

The coma, nucleus, and the tail

Yes a nucleus of a comet is made of ice because a comet nuclei are loose collections of ice, we need to break down the three main parts of a comet a nucleus, coma, and the tail.

a comet that has the shortest period- 3 yrs. 4 mos.

The four parts of a comet are: Head- Nebulous envelope around the nucleus. Nucleus- Central portion of the head of a comet. Solid part of the comet that has holes filled with ices like water, carbon dioxide (dry ice), and carbon monoxide. Coma- A cloud which is the atmosphere of the comet and can extend for millions of miles. Tail- Dust Particles that trail behind.

That depends. What are you asking, the parts of a comet or the composition of a comet? For the parts, there is the nucleus, which is the very center of the comet and what it is actually made of, then the coma surrounds the nucleus, then the tail trails behind it. A comet's nucleus is made up of dirty ice and rock. The tail is often made of gas or dust. Sometimes the comet has two tails, one of dust and one of gas. Hope this helps! :)

Head: The front of the cometNucleus: Middle of cometComa: The coma is a halo of evaporated gas (water vapor, ammonia, carbon dioxide) and dust that surrounds the nucleus. The coma is made as the comet warms upTail: The end of the comet

A comet is made up of chunks of ice and dust with 3 layers.

The three main layers of the comet is nucleus, coma, and the tail.

a long term comet is over 1 year a short term comet is from 0-3 months

The three main parts of a comet are the Nucleus, the Coma, and the Tail. The nucleus is the comet itself. In deep space, the comet is frozen solid and almost invisible. As the comet approaches the sun, the Sun's light heats the nucleus of the comet and causes frozen gasses to melt or sublimate, forming a sort of atmosphere around the comet. This is the "Coma" of the comet. The sunlight causes the gasses around the comet to glow. But the gravity of the comet's nucleus isn't strong enough to hold on to an atmosphere, and the Sun's rays push the glowing gasses away from the nucleus, directly away from the Sun. This stream of glowing gas is the "tail" of the comet. It's important to note that the tail of a comet doesn't drag behind the nucleus; the "tail" goes straight from the nucleus away from the Sun, so the "tail" sometimes extends AHEAD of the comet. Because the material of the comet nucleus gets melted and loses mass every pass by the Sun, comets have a limited lifespan. At some point, each comet will break apart into pieces and disappear, leaving only a meteor shower in its wake.

It depends on the comet. Usually they appear yellow or white to the human eye. Parts of them may appear blue due to Rayleigh light scattering.

"Sozin's Comet." There are four parts to that episode.

The tail of a comet moves away from the Sun, because of the Solar Wind - a blast of particles traveling into space from the Sun. The ablated comet material (the tail) is dust, ices of various sorts, perhaps some water vapour, and the general debris of which the comet is made. I know of no particular name or subdivision of the parts of the tail, though one could classify them if needed to.

Recently, parts of a comet exploded near the ground in a populated area in Europe. Damages from the explosion was shown on tv. Parts of a building was torn off, glass windows were shattered near the scene.

Comets consist of 3 parts:The nucleusThe comaThe tailThe tail always faces away from the Sun. The Nucleus faces towards the Sun.

well idk this one. I suggest typing how big is a comet on the internet to find out! Hopes this helps <3

The tail. The tail is composed of gas and dust released from the comet nucleus when it approaches the Sun. Comet tails can be incredibly long, some as long as 150 million kilometers. As the comet recedes out into the Solar System away from the warmth of the Sun, it stops shedding dust and gas and the comet loses its tail.

Yes, Avatar ends after the Sozin's Comet episodes, in Book 3.first of all it's sozins comet and second sozins comet was the last episode of avatar.....they will be making 3 movies to tie up the loose ends, the first of which will come out in 2010 i believe

Comet tails are made of parts of the comet, such as ice and water vapor, pieces of rock and dust, and whatever else the comet itself happens to be made of that have broken or evaporated off due to solar wind. This is why the comet trail always trails in a direction that is directly opposite from the sun and not necessarily directly behind the path of the comet itself. A comet can also have two types of tails. A dust tail, and ion tail. The ion tail is made of electrically charged particles...ions. The center of a comet is called a nucleus.

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