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Why were the English colonies located on the seaboard?

The English colonies were on the Eastern Seaboard because being on the coast allowed naval trade between Colonial America and England, which made trade much easier and faster. Also, the Eastern Seaboard was and is the closest place to England in North America. Therefore, the Eastern Seaboard hosted the first 13 American states.

Why did the British colonies expand faster then the french colonies?

because of ;)

How did resources from the Spanish colonies in the Americas contribute to the decline of Spain?

The Spanish colonies in the Americas led to the decline of Spain because the Spanish had ships that were outmaneuvered and destroyed by lighter, faster English ships.

What is 'faster' when translated from English to Italian?

"Faster" in English is più veloce in Italian.

What is one reason why the European countries started colonies in the US?

Columbus sailed to america in 1492 cause he was trying to find a faster way to asia. but he found america and settled there when he sailed west.

Why are cars useful and givesome reasons.?

you can get to places faster

Why did the 13 colonies grow faster then new France?

France still had serfdom. The English colonists were free men (at least until 1863 when George III became king). (The Dutch in New York joined the English forces in overthrowing the Dutch government so they could live under English Law.) It was far easier to sell the idea of, "Come to America. Own your own farm. Live under English Law." Than it was to sell the idea of, "Come to new France and be a serf."

How do you outrun Lord English?

run faster

Why were cars made?

Answer to help get around and to make things faster for everyone there might be many reasons that cars were invented, to make things faster, to transport things further, or to kill the environment faster, people make things for all sorts of stupid reasons

How can one go to America from Bangladesh?

by Air faster

Which cheese molds faster Swiss or cheddar?

Swiss Does. Because Swiss Cheese Has holes In It, And Those Are Mold Colonies. But Swiss Cheese Molds Faster.

Aspects of southern colonies?

Some dialy aspectrs were that they had to work hard to plant crops. Life was harsh because disease spread faster in the southern colonies

List to reasons why the heart beats faster when not exercising?

1. You are moving at a fast pace so your whole body needs oxygen faster.

What part of Latin America will grow faster economically?


Why did the colonies gain extensive freedom in self government in the 1700s?

Because the American colonies were a month away, by ship. Nothing went faster than that, so the royal officials in London were unable to manage things in the colonies.

Which plant will grow faster indoors or outdoors?

ask .com is not accurate i dislike it reasons like this are reasons why i dont like to use it ...................................gosh and the answer is outdoor

Why did western europeans colonies grow faster than eastern European colonies after world war 2?

Colonization had stopped by the 1940's for all sides. Some countries still held onto colonies, but did not colonize new places.

What does OMLA mean in informal English?

It means 'hurry up/faster'.

Could Adolf Hitler have been stopped?

No. Yes if America join the war faster and America did know of the killing of Jews

Can you give two reasons why pouring a cup of hot coffee into a saucer results in faster cooling?

If you pour it in a saucer, it will spread out and there is less surface area and it cools faster.

How did Eli Whitney change America?

he made cleaning cotton easier and faster.

How did the steam engine change transportetion in America?

It made travel faster and cheaper.

What are some reasons the internet is good?

find answers and information quickly and help you get things done faster=)

What were the reasons for Columbus' exploration?

To get a faster route to India. That is why the first American settlers are called Indians.

How can chatting language improve your English?

It doesn't really... But it can teach you to type faster.