What are the 3 types of government in the world?


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Totalitaristic Gov.

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There are 3 types of state government

five types of monarchical governments in the world today

There are 3 types of economies are : - 1.government economies economies

the three types ofd limited government is separation of power, checks and balance, and federalism

Executive, legislative, and judicial

there are 5 current types of government, of which include communism, anarchy, republic, democratic, and monarch

There are many different types of government currently in power in the world including a constitutional democracy, an oligarchy democracy, a monarchy, a socialist government, and a theocracy. These are the five most common types of government.

what types of government does the brazil have

The four types of government are: 1. Legeslative 2.Federal 3.Provincal 4. Residential

3 types of government he wanted to use made many people think about government

They are The Legislative, Judicial, And Executive Branches

There are 30 types of soil in the world but, there are 3 main types of soil Sand, Silt , Clay .

government is a community which decides the rules. There are three types of government. 1)central 2)state 3)local.

3 different types of of society. Mayan, Aztecs, Incas.

The 3 types of battle were Land Like Gun Fights,naval and Aeriel

There are different types of government works. Socialism, Communism, Liberal Democracy Capitalism and more government system in the world. You have to be clear that which one you want to know?

I am pretty sure it's democracy and dictatorship/Tyranny

monarchy-England Democracy-United States Communism-China

the 3 different types of citizenship are legal and political, government , and religious

There were different types of government, as can be seen by observing the political sprectrum, during World War 2. Nazi Germany and Italy had a facist type of government, while governments like Russia's (the Soviet Union) were communist. Britain had a monarchy and democracy government. America and Australia were mainly a democracy

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