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What are the 3 types viruses?


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Computer Viruses, Macro Viruses, and Directory Viruses


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bacteria, protosomes viruses

There are many types of viruses. The names of viruses include the Apoi virus, Astrovirus, Bebaru virus, and the Bromovirus.

Please tell me that ........ Types of viruses by internet network?"

There are a few different types of computer viruses. These include email viruses, worms as well as Trojan horses. There are also boot viruses and stealth viruses.

There are various different types of computer viruses out there. For example, there are key loggers, which will log what the victim types.

why were viruses discovered later than other types of microorganisms.

Genetically engineered viruses are the common types of viruses that are helpful to humans. However, biological viruses are the viruses that typically cause harm to humans.

names of different computer viruses.

Computer VirusesComputer viruses are harmful pieces of software which can reproduce themselves and automatically spread to other computers and networks. Questions about computer virus techniques and specific computer viruses belong here.

file viruses boot sector viruses time bomb macro viruses e-mail viruses trojan horses worms

The types of computer viruses are the virus, the worm and the Trojan horse.

I guess probably no one can answer this question .. There exists plenty of types of viruses and trust me a lot of viruses exist :)

Bacteria, and Viruses.

Electron Microscopes are used to study viruses.

1. Bacteria 2. Viruses 3. Fungi 4. Protozoans 5. PPLO

There are two main types of viruses: DNA viruses or RNA viruses but not both DNA and RNA.

It depends on what you mean. If you mean types of viruses, there are:Virii,Trojans,and worms.

Because viruses originated from a variety of host cells.

They both require a host cell to reproduce and they are both types of viruses

there are two types of viruses -RNA and DNA viruses. Bacteriophage is an example of DNA virus,which attacks bacteria. Other viruses are HIV,H1N1,H1N2 etc.

There are many, but 2 "types" One type is for infection, the other is for viruses.

main types of computer viruses are, transient virus, resident viruus, stoned virus, time bomb, logic bomb, spoofing, trogen horce viruses, masquerading, deniel of service.

There are several different types of computer viruses, but a few include boot sector viruses, mass mailer viruses and file deleting viruses. Boot sector viruses affect the Master Boot Record in the first sector of the computer's hard drive. Mass mailer viruses replicate by emailing themselves to any email stored in an email program's contact list, and file deleting viruses delete critical system files.

This is not the case. There are hundreds of types of viruses which cause deadly diseases in plants.

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