What are the 3 voltages supplied by power supply?

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What is power supply?

Answer If it is a computer power supply it is the box that gives the computer its power from the outlet.

What is a power supply?

A power supply gives electrical power to all the components and parts of the computer. The power supply consists on several wires that connect to specific parts of the computer. Examples are the IDE/SATA CD/DVD Drive, IDE/SATA Hard Disk Drive, the motherboard, etc. Power supplies are only a computer ( Full Answer )

What does a power supply do?

...It "supplies the power" to whatever device you're referring to. Baffling, I know. Another answer: A power supply converts 120V or 240V AC power (sometimes called "wall", "line" or "mains" power) into various regulated DC voltages needed in a piece of electronic equipment. In a computer, fo ( Full Answer )

What does the power supply do?

A power supply does not create power or energy. This would be in violation of the Law of Conservation of Energy. Rather, a power supply changes the form of an available source of power or electrical energy into a form that is acceptable for use by electrical or electronic equipment. The input ( Full Answer )

What are power supplies?

Power supplies are typically thought of as electronic or electrical equipment which changes the form of a source of power into a form which is acceptable for use by equipment that performs a useful function. For example, in the typical home, power is available at electrical wall outlets in the fo ( Full Answer )

What does the power supply supply power to?

Everything in your computer requires power. The power supply has leads running to the motherboard to support CPUs, PCI slots and their respective devices, USB ports and optical drives. #2 --- A power supply does not really supply power in the sense of a reservoir, it is actually a power conver ( Full Answer )

How do you convert a 3-phase power supply to a single phase supply?

For three-phase, three-wire, systems, single phase is obtained by connecting the load between any two of the three line conductors (not 'phase conductors'!). For three-phase, four-wire, systems, single phase is obtained by connecting the load between any two of the three line conductors, or betwe ( Full Answer )

What Difference between a single-phase power supply and a 3-phase power supply?

A single phase power supply has two "hot" legs or conductors which have a sine wave that are 180 degrees apart.. A three phase power supply has three "hot" conductors which have a sine wave that are 120 degrees apart.. You can thank Nicoli Tesla, whose birthday is today for the three phase or poly ( Full Answer )

What voltages are supplies by the power supply on your system?

The power supply in a PC is a complex device using switch mode circuitry and transformers to generate +and- 12v, for modems and communications ports. +and-5volts for the logic circuitry,3volts for the processor. All these supplies are generated and electronically regulated. It is such a waste when t ( Full Answer )

What voltage supplied by Florida Power and Light would be the least expensive to run a 3 phase 750 KW motor?

Motors are rated in horsepower, not KW. A 750,000 watt motor, at 220 volt, would be a 1005 H.P. motor and about the size of a large pickup truck! I suspect you're asking about a 750 KW generator. You must not only supply the correct voltage and amperage to operate it, you must have a 3 phase power s ( Full Answer )

What is the Phase to neutral voltage on a 400 volt 3 phase power supply?

The line-to-neutral (not 'phase-to-neutral'!) voltage on a 400V3-Phase wye-connected system is 230V. Line voltage is the voltage as measured between any two(2) line conductors (hence its name!). Line voltage isoften referred to as the 'line-to-line voltage'. Phase voltage is the voltage as mea ( Full Answer )

What supply voltage does a computer need?

At Least, 115 volts. Which is standard from a wall outlet. If should not matter how many volts your computer needs, but the watts does. For most computers they need anywhere from 100-800 watts.

Does computer supply takes main power and transforms it to the voltages?

Your power supply unit, PSU. Takes AC power and distributes so much power to each connector. Each PSU, depending on the wattage of the unit gives each connector so much voltage. Each connector is designed for a certain piece of hardware that requires different voltage.

What is the nominal supply voltage?

The term, 'nominal', simply means 'named'. For example, the nominal supply voltage for a residence in the UK is 230 V . But this doesn't mean that the actual supply voltage is 230 V, because the supply voltage is allowed to vary by -6% and +10% of the nominal voltage. In other words, the actual ( Full Answer )

Why is 5 volts DC used as a voltage in a power supply?

The circuit designer typically picks a family of devices to implement the functionality of the circuit. The devices will fall into a range of voltages. Many integrated circuits operate at 5VDC, so it is an obvious choice for many applications.

How do you find out the power supply voltage from my wall outlet?

AC power, 120v 60Hz in the USA. Can be measured at the wall outlet with a DMM set on AC volts. usually, the power supply output is DC. Example: A 5 Volt DC power supply, the 120V AC from the wall outlet goes to a step down transformer (in the DC power supply) then, the stepped down 5Volt AC power go ( Full Answer )

What is better uninterruptible power supply or automatic voltage regulator?

It depends on the application, and on the implementation of the UPS. Some UPS devices function as an AVR by boosting the output voltage when the input voltage sags. A UPS will also help you during a complete power outage, which an AVR will not. A UPS however has batteries which need to be periodical ( Full Answer )

What is ripple voltage in 12 volt power supply?

A: Ripple is a residual voltage evident as voltage following the AC input frequency. The ripple magnitude is a function of not enough of both filtering capacitance or overloading the output. Increasing capacitance will reduce the ripple or reducing the loading

Why transformer is used in voltage regulated power supply?

A: It doesn't have to be a transformer it could be direct from the AC Line what a transformer does besides lowering or raising the voltage as required it also provide safety of isolation from the AC source

What is the effect of variation in supply voltage?

A: Depends on the circuitry involved an op amp normally has a 90 Db rejection from variation, Logic gates however are more sensitive to power supply variation for the simple point that triggering points changes which translate in false triggering and the circuits miss behaving

Does a low voltage supply increase power consumption?

Lowering voltage will lower power consumption, but there will come a point where the desired operation of the device will not be met. For example if you had a variable voltage like a dimmer on a light bulb, you can reduce the voltage to a point where the bulb no longer emits a useful amount of ligh ( Full Answer )

How is the voltage of the power supply for a series circuit calculated?

The circuit by itself doesn't determine the voltage of the powersupply. If there's some additional requirement that goes along with thecircuit, such as "The current through the circuit must be XYZ amperes.", or "Thevoltage across the third component from the north end of the circuit shall be ABCvol ( Full Answer )

What is amount of voltage supplied at night?

In theory, voltage should be the same around the clock. In practice you may get a tad higher voltage at nights, as there's less load on the system. With most people asleep, there aren't as many machines running.

How do you convert a 3 phase power supply to a single phase supply?

'Conversion' is unnecessary. A single-phase supply can be obtained simply by connecting the load across any two line conductors, or between a line conductor and a neutral conductor. The voltage rating of the load, of course, must match the voltage obtained from the supply.

How much voltage is there in 3 phase supply?

Most buildings with a 3 phase service feed are 277/480v. That's 277 phase to ground and 480 phase to phase. This is then transformed to 120/208v. Answer for European Systems In Europe, the nominal low-voltage three-phase distribution systems are 400 V line-to-line (i.e. line voltages) and ( Full Answer )

Which voltages are supported by a Toshiba power supply?

The input voltage range for the Toshiba power supply is AC 100V - 240V. The output voltage is DC 19V / output current is 4.74A. This power supply comes with a power cord and packaging will state voltage recommended for the product.