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The four types of dramatic tension are; the tension of the task the tenison of relationships the tension of surprise the tension of mystery Hope this helps.

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Q: What are the 4 types of dramatic tension?
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What are the three types of dramatic poetry?

the tree types of DRAMATIC POETRY are: 1)tragedy 2)comedy 3)dramatic monolugue

Which part of a dramatic plot builds tension?

Inciting incident

What is the purpose of the inciting incident in a dramatic plot?

To build tension

Why might a playwright employ dramatic irony?

It increases tension

Can A playwright can use dramatic irony to heighten tension?

apex : yes

What does dramatic tension create?

It is used to create rapt attention from the audience.

What does dramatic function mean?

Dramatic devices are element's of the play which allow the writer to build up tension or other intended effects.

Which best describes an inciting incident in a dramatic plot?

Action that builds tension

What are different types of tension?

Tension of the Task Tension of Relationships Tension of Surprise Tension of Mystery The 5th Tension Tension of the Task Tension of Relationships Tension of Surprise Tension of Mystery The 5th Tension

What is a comedy dramatic tension?

All of the usual dramatic tensions (relationship, surprise, task, and mystery) apply to comedy. It could be the surprise of a random object, or the tension of relationship between two characters in a funny way. Hope that helped :)

Baroque recitatives fulfill the Baroque desire for dramatic expression?

No. Recitatives build tension.

What literary device is used to ease some of the dramatic that has been established?

You have left out a word in your question. What I suspect you meant to ask is "What literary device is used to ease some of the dramatic tension that has been established." If that is what you are asking, the answer is comic relief.

Types of stress in details in physics?

Types of stress in physics are... 1) Tension 2) Compression 3) Torsion 4) Bending 5) Shear

Why does stories within stories create tension?

Use foreshadowing and other techniques to hint at it throughout the story, slowly building the tension, then arrive at the dramatic moment

How does the difference between the character's spoken words and internal thoughts affect the story?

It creates dramatic tension.

What are dramatic languages?

Dramatic Languages are also known as Elements of Drama. They are ways in which meaning can be made from drama. Dramatic languages consist of: Role relationship situation tension language focus time place space symbol mood and movement

What are different types of irony?

Some different types of irony are verbal, dramatic and situational.

What are the types of irony?


What types of poetry did he write about?

Robert Browning Wrote Dramatic Monologues And Dramatic Versus Also Humanistic Poetry!!

What are the types of weight loss surgery?

There is gastric bypass which is more dramatic. There are also less dramatic surgeries such as the Lapband.

How does the author use dramatic irony to create tension?

An example of dramatic irony is when the author uses Oedipus not knowing he was the killer and making a promise that he shall kill the person who killed his father.

Situational irony in Oedipus Rex sets up tension that encourages audiences to examine what important questions?


Reason why a playwright might choose to employ dramatic irony?

To increase tension & To help an audience identify with the characters

What are all the types of stress?

Shear, tension and compression are all the types of stress.

Types of irony?

There are several types of irony: situational, verbal, dramatic, socratic. What exactly are you asking about?