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1. advanced cities (including things such as homes, palaces, churches, or pyramids)

2. specialized workers (anything from farmers to doctors)

3. complex institution (schools, businesses, shops...)

4. record keeping (birth records, death records...)

5. advanced technology (anything from the wheel to computers)

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What are 5 elements to creating a great Civilization?

Advanced cities,Specialized workers,Complex institutions,Record keeping,and Advanced technology are the five elements of Civilization

What are the elements that make up a civilization?

the elements that make up a civilization is stop depending on the computer or phone and learn it

What are three necessary elements a civilization needs to thrive?

3 necessary elements a civilization needs to thrive are water, crops, trade routes

What civilizations need to have to be a real civilization?

There are 5 key elements needed to be a civilization. They are centralized government, organized religion, job specialization and social classes, arts, architecture, and infrastructure, and writing.

What were the four elements that made cities the center of civilization in Mesopotamia?

The four elements that made cities the center of civilization in Mesopotamia were political, religious, cultural, & economic.

What are four common elements of civilization?

Some common (though not necessarily universal) elements of civilization include a writing system, agriculture, a legal system, and art.

What are the seven elements of civilization?

An organized government is one of the seven elements of civilization. The other six elements are developed cities, social classes, records, advances in technology, formal religions, and specialized labor.

What basic elements of civilization did the Mayans not use?

The wheel

What are the elements all of civilization?

the 7 elements to a civilization arecitieshighly organized religionsspecialized jobscomplex technologysocial classeswriting and record keepinggovernments

What is better civilization 4 or civilization 5?


What are the elements of civilization?

The real elements of a civilization are: Advanced Cities Complex Institutions & Government Advanced Technology Writing system/ record keeping Social divisions/ a division of labor & specialized workers

What are the 6 key elements of a civilization in the Middle ages?

The 6 Elements Of Civilizations are: 1.) Centralized Government 2.) Organized Religion 3.) Specialization in Economic Activity 4.) Social Stratification 5.) Knowledge in Science, Arts, and Architecture 6.) System of Writing These are Correct Elements

What are the six elements of civilization?

the six element o civilization are SOCIAL POLITICAL RELIGION INTELLECTUAL TECHNICALLY EDUCATIONAL also now as sprite

How many different combinations can you get from 5?

1 of 0 elements 5 of 1 elements 10 of 2 element 10 of 3 elements 5 of 4 elements 1 of 5 elements A total of 25 = 32 combinations.

What is the primary elements of a civilization?

development of agriculture, food, drinks, kookies, and bookssssssss

What are three elements of civilization that the Romans borrowed from the Greeks?


What is civilazation?

Civilazation can only be created when the five elements of civilization are completed and put into action the five elements are 1) Centrilized government 2) Social class and job specialzation 3) Organized religon 4) Arts and architexture 5) Writing

Can you get civilization 5 for DS?


What is the most complete definition of a civilization?

A civilization is a complex culture in which large numbers of people share a number of common elements such as social structure, religion, and art.

What natural event provides enough energy for the nuclear fusion reactions that create the heaviest elements?

The violent creation of the solar system. There where much heavy elements on this planet before are civilization started its climb. These elements that we have now will deplete further and will not leave much left for the next civilization. It is a act of constant depletion.

Greco-roman culture which blends elements of greek Hellenistic and roman culture is also called classical civilization?

Yes, it is true that Greco-Roman culture blends elements of Greek Hellenistic and Roman culture is called Classical Civilization.

What are the 5 elements of literature?

the 5 elements are : Characters, Setting, Plot, Conflict, Theme

What are the 5 biotic elements in a pond ecosystem?

Name 5 abiotic elements in a pond ecosystem

How does law help a civilization?

Law helps a civilization because it is one of the elements that binds a people together. When people have this unity, they have a national identity and the freedom to develop the traits and characteristics of their civilization. Law or rules were/are the first element of a society.

What is a complex culture with a large number of humans that share a number of common elements?

A civilization is a complex culture in which large numbers of people share basic elements.