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Here are some tips for golf beginners.

1. Visit a practice range but only hit doing half swings with a 7-iron. Take it back so the club points straight behind you (3 o'clock) and swing to 9 o'clock. It will help you develop muscle memory during the most important part of your swing.

2. Don't move your head -- at all. These two things will help you get started!

  1. Take lessons.
  2. Take lessons.
  3. Take lessons.
  4. Take lessons.
  5. Take lessons.

Oh, and one more. "KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN" Not trying to be a jerk but this is a tough sport if you want to get good and have more fun.

I wouldn't necessarily say take lessons, especially if you are just a weekend warrior like a lot of players out there are. Lessons can cost countless amounts of your hard earned money and also, there is no guarantee that you will benefit a bit out of it. All I can say is always make sure that you are enjoying what you are doing, because if you can't do that then chances are it isn't the right thing for you. And also, don't make the same mistake I did years ago when I started playing, whatever you do, don't try to mimic someone else's swing for any club, that will only lead to trouble and since it isn't your original swing, there isn't much you can tell yourself about the swing or how to fix it. Good luck, and I hope you come to enjoy the game of Golf like the rest of us have.

1. Take 3-5 lessons per year

2. Buy used clubs, not new

3. concentrate and focus

4. practice putting as much as irons and driving

5. Don't cheat your score or you'll really never know how good you are

1.) Learn to put first for feel and distance control. 2.)Learn to chip form the from the apron of the green to understand how adding loft to the club effects the ball. 3.)Learn to pitch with a sand wedge for the same reason as #2 and learn this shot from 15-70 yards. 4.) Learn the longer shots first with 6,7 or 8 iron and contact the grass after the ball. 5.) Do not use a driver for the first year and save on a lot of frustration and lost golf balls. The Driver is the club that has ruined many a beginners swing.1. Hold the club as lightly as possible. Never squeeze the handle. You will snap hook it left or slice it right if you do, and you'll rarely know which one is coming next.

2. S-S-L-L-O-O-W-W D-D-O-O-W-W-N. Everyone knows that more clubhead speed equals more distance, so beginners (and some not-so-beginners) tend to swing as hard as they can. Fact is, solid contact with a "square club face" at impact will produce amazing distance even at slower swing speeds. Try it. You'll love actually playing from the fairway.

3. Think about swinging smoothly THROUGH the ball, not hitting the ball.

4. Concentrate your practice sessions on pitching and chipping from a variety of lies around the green (rough, fairway, sidehill, downhill, uphill) and from putting between three and six feet. Nothing will save you more strokes.

5. If you're a guy, "tame your testosterone" a bit. Don't play from the blue or black tees when you are just starting out. The middle tees will do just fine. Don't assume you need a stiff or XX shaft just because you weigh over 200 pounds. A regular shaft may work perfectly if you slow down and swing smoothly.

1. Work backwards(start putting then chipping then driving) 2. Take your time. 3. Practice as much as possible 4. Experiment with the right clubs for you 5. PracticeI think the best tip that I ever had was to practice, practice, practice. There are a number of golf tuition course and classes available. Previously, I had really struggled to play golf, however, once I started to practice with a trained instructor I began to have a lot more success. If you are serious about improving as a playing I can only suggest finding a good teacher and this will help you improve at golf much quicker than learning from a book or video.

Yeah, I agree with everything stated above. A good site I would recommend for references would be:

1) Know the basics of golf.(You can enroll on a class or have a professional trainor) 2) Observed what and how they are doing in the field. 3) take it slow 4) Be serious on what you are learning. 5) Practice more often. Just like in a singing contest,everybody starts on amateur.. GOODLUCK!

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Q: What are the 5 most important golf tips you would give to a new person just starting golf?
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