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Q: What are the 6 names of the handcuffs that Harry Houdini used?
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How do you use word handcuffs in a sentence?

Houdini used to carry keys for a variety of types of handcuffs.

What is the science behind Harry Houdini's tricks?

People said he used to knock the handcuffs at the right place and they snapped open. others says he used a wire glued to his feet to help open the locks.

What was Harry Houdini's favorite song?

Houdini used his favorite song in his show, that song was Pomp And Circumstance.

What was the secret code Harry Houdini used to contact his wife when he died?

Magical Cupcakes.

Did any of Harry Houdini's brother follow in his foot steps?

Yes! Harry Houdini's brother Theo or "Hardeen" used a lot of his tricks and followed in his footsteps. I know this because I just finished a long biography on him.

Does your Houdini memorabilia have any value?

It depends what kind of memorabilia. If it's handcuffs or restraints used in one of houdini's acts it is definatly worth something. If its a poster or something along those lines, probably still worth quite a bit of money, but not as much.

What name did Harry Houdini use while trying to debunk spiritualists?

He used his stage name Harry Houdini. He was not afraid to stop people he thought was ceating the public, so he was not afraid to use his well known name.

What is the Harry Houdini award?

Harry Houdini [March 24, 1874-October 31, 1926] was one of the most respected escapologists and magicians of all time. The Society of American Magicians' crest appears at the Houdini gravesite, at Machpelah Cemetery, in the Ridgewood section of Queens, New York. Each year, the SAM gives the Harry Houdini Award to whichever one of its assemblies has shown the most growth. The term, winner of the Harry Houdini Award, may be used facetiously. The recipient is someone who manages to wriggle out of an uncomfortable situation.

What was used to handcuff Harry Houdini for his trick in St. Louis?

It was a good handcuff and it took a locksmith a few years to make.

What are problems associated with the use of handcuffs?

Handcuffs are used to ...........people when there are going to jall did i answer ur questoin?

What are handcuffs?

Handcuffs are restraint devices that are used on a person when he is arrested or otherwise taken into custody against his will by the police.

Can you name an item used to restrain a prisoner?

# handcuffs #

What were Harry Houdini's dislikes?

Houdini's dislikes: Houdini had great disdain for those that used his art of trickery, to cheat people. He exposed frauds and cheats everywhere he traveled and because of this had many threats on his life. He exposed phoney spiritualists and gambling cheats throughout his long career. Houdini loved magicians but disliked those who copied the challenge escape that was his invention.

Was Harry Houdini double jointed?

Is it not true that Houdini was totally double jointed and could dislocate and re-align his shoulders. There was no one "secret" to Houdini's ability to escape from handcuffs, but a combination of technical knowledge, physical skill, and trickery. It all started with what one locksmith who knew him called his "remarkable knowledge of locks and locking devices." Houdini collected and studied locks all of his life and claimed that he had "photographic eyes" that helped him remember how each type worked and could be opened. Most of the time Houdini used a key hidden in or smuggled into the cabinet or jail cell, either on his person or by an assistant. Depending on how he was bound, Houdini would manipulate the keys with his hands -- sometimes using specially designed extension rods -- or with his teeth. But he also knew tricks for opening many of the simpler types of cuff without keys.

What item is used in the crazy man's handcuffs?

A Rubber Band

What are two devices used in a police station?

pistol and handcuffs

How can you put manacles in a sentence?

Handcuffs used to be called manacles.

What do detectives use handcuffs for?

Detectives use handcuffs in the same way that other law enforcement officers do. They are used for restraining prisoners they detain or take into custody.

Which profession most commonly uses handcuffs?

Handcuffs are primarily used by law enforcement officials such as police officers, and Highway Patrol officers. Their primary function is to restrain the hands of the individual they are being used on.

Did any of Harry Houdini's brother's follow in his foot steps?

Yes, his youngest brother Theo( everyone called him Dash), used to be his assistant. Houdini was ver competetive with other magicieans, and one of the only magicians he gave his blessing to was his brother. I do not remember his stage name, but I do know it started with an H and it sounded somewhat like Houdini. I hope I could help! =)

Is Prince Harry racist?

He has used racist names before, but was'nt intending to be directly racist

What software is compatible with Houdini?

The most common software program used in conjunction with Houdini is Mantra, which is production-class rendering software.

What songs were used in the movie holiday in handcuffs?

"Taking a Ride," performed by Kari Kimmel, and "Sleigh Ride," performed by Rebecca Poole, are two songs in the movie Holiday in Handcuffs.

What movies have used the Houdini software?

2012 by digital domain

What is the term for a type of illusion designed to trick the eye of the onlooker?

Harry Houdini, the famous magician, and many others, use the word misdirection for the term that leads eyes of onlookers into other areas and do not actually see the tricks that are used. Houdini said, What the eye does not see and the ear does not hear does not happen.