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old man cannot walk in darkness

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Q: What are the 7 different effects of load shedding?
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What are the 7 different effects of load-shedding?

There are probably more than 7 effects of load-shedding but here are 3 to get you started:Valuable power-generation equipment is protected from being damaged by excess power demand or "distribution network overload" conditionssocial-priority customers - such as hospitals, defence, police, national communications services and vital manufacturing plants - can continue to be supplied with power even though non-priority customers - such as normal domestic homes, offices and shops - may have to be subjected to power outages during a period of load-sheddingwhen part of a distribution network has to be de-commissioned for repairs or upgrades, load-shedding must first be done to remove all consumers from that part of the network to prevent them from drawing any further power until the network has been re-commissioned into use

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