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Bunyag, Kompirma, Santos nga Misa, Kompisal,Kasal,Orden sa Pagkapari,

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In Bisaya (also known as Cebuano), the language spoken in the Philippines, the 7 sacraments are referred to as the "Pitto ka Sacramentos." Here are the names of the 7 sacraments in Bisaya:

Balagan Bawtismo (Holy Baptism) - The sacrament of initiation through which a person becomes a member of the Christian community.

Balagan Eukaristiya (Holy Eucharist) - The sacrament in which bread and wine are consecrated and believed to become the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

Balagan Confession (Holy Confession) - The sacrament of reconciliation or penance, where individuals confess their sins to a priest and receive absolution.

Balanag Krisma (Holy Confirmation) - The sacrament in which individuals receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, usually administered by a bishop.

Balagan Unyon (Holy Matrimony) - The sacrament of marriage, which unites a man and a woman in a lifelong commitment.

Balagan Orden (Holy Orders) - The sacrament through which men are ordained as deacons, priests, or bishops to serve the Church.

Balagan Paglubong (Holy Anointing) - The sacrament of the anointing of the sick or last rites, administered to those who are seriously ill or near death.

It's important to note that while these are the Bisaya translations for the names of the 7 sacraments, the celebration and understanding of the sacraments are consistent with the practices of the Catholic Church.

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Q: What are the 7 sacraments in bisaya?
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