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There are many more than 8 types of metal. In fact the majority of the elements in the Periodic Table are considered metals. A few common characteristics of metals include a shiny appearance, being solid at room temperature, the ability to conduct electricity, and being malleable. A more detailed list is available here:

If you are looking for more general information on metals is an excellent resource. This page talks about how to identify a metal and provides basic information on the different metal classifications of the periodic table: Actinide Metals, Lanthanide Metals, Alkali Metals, Alkaline-Earth Metals, Rare Metals, Rare-Earth Metals, and Transition Metals.

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As you specifically mentioned the number 8, you may be looking more for information on Metalloids. These are elements that have the properties of both metals and nonmetals. There are 7 commonly accepted Metalloids. These are Boron(B), Silicon(S), Germanium(Ge), Arsenic(As), Tellurium(Te), and Polonium(Po). Some refer to 8 elements by including Astatine (At). See this article from Buzzle for more information:

To find the sources above I performed several Google searches using the search terms <types of metals>, <characteristics of metals>, and <metalloids>.

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Q: What are the 8 different types of metal?
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