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What are the Arctic fox's physical characteristics?


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May 26, 2016 8:48AM

"The arctic fox is a fluffy, thick coated fox with small ears and fur-covered feet. It has a small muzzle along with the ears to help prevent heat-loss which gives it a cat-like appearance. The arctic fox is usually thought of as to have white fur. Usually, this is not true. In the summer time, the average arctic fox actually has a greenish-yellow coat and during the winter, a creamy white color with white markings. There is however, a type of arctic fox that never actually turns white. He is a bluish-gray color year round. This variety known as the blue fox is most commonly found near the oceans and on islands where there is less snow. In western Greenland, as much as half or more of the arctic foxes are blue. In Canada, less than one percent are blue."