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The abdomen can be divided into four quadrants: the right upper quadrant, right lower quadrant, left upper quadrant and left lower quadrant.

It can also be divided into nine regions which, going clockwise in a spiral from the top right (as in the patient's right) are:

Right hypochondriac region, epigastric region, left hypochondriac region, left lumbar region, left iliac region, hypogastric region, right iliac region, right lumbar region, umbilical region.

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Q: What are the Areas of the abdomen- Quadrants and Nine Areas?
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How many abdominal regions and quadrants are there?

There are two schemes for assigning names to the various areas of the abdomen. One scheme uses nine regions, and the other uses four quadrants.

What are the four quadrants of the abdominal region?

The four quadrants of the abdomen are the right and left upper quadrants and the right and left lower quadrants.

Which body cavity can be subdivided into four quadrants and nine regions-?

The torso can be subdivided into four quadrants and nine regions.

What is an abdominal region?

A person's abdominal region is any of the nine areas into which the abdomen is divided.

What are the four abdominopelvic quadrants?

There are four abdominopelvic quadrants located in the abdomen. These quadrants are the right Upper (RUQ) , Left Upper(LUQ), Right lower(RLQ), left lower quadrant (LLQ).

How do you check a victims abdomen for tenderness?

Gently pressing all four quadrants

What are the abdominal regions called created by drawing two imaginary lines intersecting at the navel?

The abdominal regions created by drawing two imaginary lines intersecting at the navel is called the abdominal quadrants. There are four quadrants in the abdomen, separated by two imaginary lines running horizontal and vertical intersections at the navel. There are nine regions in the abdomen that can be imagined by a tic-tac-toe grid on the abdomen with the center of the middle section being the navel.

What is the hypochondriac regions?

You have nine so called as quadrants to define the location on the abdomen. You have two some what triangular quadrants, that are present on either side of the epigastrium. They are formed by a horizontal line going below the ribs on one side and two mid-clavicle lines on other side.

What abdominal region contains the large intestine?

The large intestine is found in all four quadrants of the abdomen.

What are the four areas of a Cartesian coordinate plane?

The four quadrants.

Does the abdominal quadrants include right left upper lower?

Yes, the abdomen is divided for further study into 4 quadrants Right upper, left upper, right lower, and left lower

What is an abdominal quadrant?

There are four abdominal quadrants in the human body. The quadrant is a section of the abdomen that houses certain organs.

Which body cavity can be subdivided into four quadrants and nine regions?

thoracic cavity

The different regions of the abdomen?

Abdomen is sectioned in 4 quadrants. Upper Right, Upper Left, Lower Left and Lower Right. Make an imaginary line across the umbilicus laterally and vertically.

The abdomen is divided into nine areas in which one is the hypo gastric?

yes the hypogatric region or area it that which is found just below the epigastic area on the adbdomen

What are the nine abdominal regions and four abdominal quadrants?

The four abdominal areas are right upper quadrant, right lower quadrant and left upper quadrant, left lower quadrant The nine areas are right and left hypochondric and epigastric. the next line is left and right lumbar and umbilical and the final line is left and right Iiliac and the hypogastric.

What are the internal organs located in the right upper quadrants?

The four quadrants indicate regions of your abdomen, not the entire torso, and not the back. The organs in the right upper quadrant (RUQ) are the liver, gall bladder, part of the pancreas, and the first section of the small intestine (the duodenum).

How many parts the abdomen is divide into?

Four quadrants. Patient's left upper quadrant, right upper quadrant, left lower, and right lower.

What are the regions of the abdomen?

nine regions:right hypochondriac, epigastric, left hypochondriac, left lumbar, umbilical, right lumbar, left inguinal, hypogastric, right inguinalAbdomen is sectioned in 4 quadrants. Upper Right, Upper Left, Lower Left and Lower Right. Make an imaginary line across the umbilicus laterally and vertically.

Why is it important for physicians to understand body quadrants?

So they can do what is referred to as surface anatomy. That means that they can know where organs are located in the abdomen to check their overall health or do surgery.

What four regions created by the x and y axes?

The four quadrants.The four quadrants.The four quadrants.The four quadrants.

What is the importance of knowing the four abdominal quadrants and the nine abdominal regions in a clinical setting?

i dont know hell

What do you call the center of the body?

The abdominal region. This is also divided into four (4) quadrants and nine (9) sections.

What are the quadrants of a coordinate grid called?

They are called "quadrants".

What is the medical term meaning Lower left side of the abdomen?

In terms of quadrants, it's the Lower Left Quadrant (LLQ). In terms of regions, it's the Left Iliac Region.